Your Guide To Making 2021 School Shoe Shopping A Breeze!

As we are well into the school year, you've probably already done your classroom supply stock up of stationery, uniforms, lunch boxes, bags and everything in between! You're probably all shopped out, and the last thing on your mind is picking up some new kids school shoes


Children can be clumsy, forgetful and careless. It's no surprise when your little one comes home from the classroom's swimming excursion, missing a lace up school shoe or, if not, kids swimwear! 


So take the hassle and guesswork out of shopping and head on over to Spendless to find the perfect fit for kids lace school shoes. 


School Approved Kid's School Shoes


Our kids school shoes are recognised and approved countrywide by a range of schools! Jump onto our website and check out if your children's institution has approved Spendless Shoes kids school shoes. This helpful tool will never have you feeling unsure again. Take the stress out of choosing the right kid's school shoes. Simply find your child's institution and get the right fit! 


Your children spend a lot of time in school shoes, so make sure your little ones are comfortable all day long and will support them through their busy days of walking, sitting, standing, running and playing. At Spendless, our affordable lace up sneakers, in various styles like lace up, also boys school shoes in colours other than the typical kids brown or kids black. 


We have leather school shoes and kids mary jane school shoes for junior girls. (Even senior girls love our mary janes!)  Everything comes in a wide array of colours also. With such a huge selection, surely it will make your next shopping experience hassle-free. We guarantee Spendless will quickly become your one-stop-shop for children's school shoes in years to come! 


Unisex Classic Kid's School Shoes


Our unisex lace-up classic junior kids school shoes have to be among the most popular picks amongst parents and students. Not only do they look extremely smart with uniforms, but they are supportive and comfortable for your boys or girls to wear throughout their long days! Our unisex lace up shoes are made of leather, meaning they are long-lasting and hard-wearing to withstand the elements. Our leather school shoes are classic styles that are made with soft, flexible soles that will keep your children's feet comfortable throughout the day and keep up with their active lifestyles. 


These classic lace ups sneakers are great for children who are confident enough to tie their lace up shoes. The long laces make this process as easy as possible for your little ones. We've got girls school shoes such as mary jane shoes for your junior girls or boys school shoes for boys who haven't quite mastered tying their laces, then we recommend looking at our school shoes for junior kids with touch-fastening straps.  


Touch-Fastening Straps 


Our kid's school shoes with touch-fastening straps are perfect for the little ones who haven't mastered tying shoelaces quite yet. If junior kids have just started school, it can be daunting enough for them to be thrown into a new environment and routine with unfamiliar faces. So, feel better sending your little ones off, knowing that there is one less thing to worry about, especially something so minor like fidgeting with untied laces! 


What's great about our touch-fastening styles is that they come in a range of suitable styles for boys and girls. Whether you are looking for cross training kids school shoes, or Mary-Jane styles for your little girls, and classic black school shoes, then Spendless have you covered. 


Ranging in leather and non-leather styles, our smooth and shiny touch-fastening kid's school shoes are perfect for the classroom and beyond! These versatile and durable styles are made to withstand your little one's busy days. 


Look no further and pick up a pair of touch-fastening junior kids shoes for school at Spendless! 


Sports Shoes for School?


If it's not quite the classic kid's school shoes you are after, then we also have a range of kids athletic shoes that are great for those sports uniform days, sports days and after-school sports! Our lace-up and touch-fastening kids sneakers will help your little ones keep up with the fastest runner in the class! These styles are light and flexible, perfect for sports, and their comfortable soft soles and slightest wide fit will keep your children walking and running comfortably all week long. 


Although these kids school shoes have a sneaker or that cross training look, of course, they are still great children's school footwear for the classroom. Suppose your particular institution's rules and policy is a little more relaxed with their uniform. Why not opt to wear a pair of lace-up shoes or touch-fastening kids shoes throughout the week. 


What child doesn't prefer to wear sneakers instead of school shoes? And, they are styled just like popular brands but are easy on your wallet! Trust us. You'll love it, and your child will love you for it! 


Leather Or Non-Leather Kids School Shoes


All of our kids dress shoes for school are made in leather or non-leather materials. If you are looking for kids' school shoes where ethical sourcing has been thoroughly considered and are environmentally sustainable, look no further! However, we also know how quickly, and easily little ones can wear out their clothes and uniforms. That's why we've given you the option to purchase leather-made kid's shoes that are hard wearing and are made to withstand children's active feet!


Whatever you choose, black school shoes or brown school shoes — buy them knowing that they are affordable and durable. Do yourself a favour, take the hassle out of shopping for your children, and make kids' school shoe shopping a breeze this year. 


Whether you choose to come in-store or buy shoes online, we have made the whole process as easy as possible for you. Know the available stock in-store by checking stock levels of our collection of shoes online. Then make your way to your preferred store. Or simply shop for shoes online. Browse through the kids shoes and kids new arrivals — kid-free, no less! Our handy online size guide will help you find the perfect fit of school shoes for your children. 


So What Are You Waiting For? 


Quickly tick this one off from your to-do list and make your way to Spendless today. This year make Spendless Shoes your one-stop-shop for school shoes. We know how chaotic it can be shopping with your little ones, so we've made this shopping experience as easy and breezy as possible. (By the way, don't forget to get kids socks)!


Seriously take the hassle out of shopping with your kids. Also, mens new arrivals and womens new arrivals are waiting to be checked out! We've got them all —  mens shoes (mens casual), womens shoes (womens casual), and junior kids shoes! 


Head on over to Spendless Shoes!