Your Guide To 2021 School Shoe Styles!

Spendless has the kids’ school shoes that you need in 2021! Our fantastic spread of styles has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a typical classroom style or sportswear, we’ve got you covered! As well as offering an impressive range of classic and modern kids’ school shoes, Spendless also has an impressive selection of sizes and different materials on offer! 


We’re positive that you’ll find the perfect pair for your child this year, and we’d love to help you find their ideal match even faster. So, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to shop confidently for kids’ school shoes in 2021!


Would you prefer leather or synthetic material?


Our vegan-friendly kids’ school shoes are a huge hit with parents and students, but leather footwear is a much-loved option too. Luckily, the price point between materials is barely noticeable, so you won’t need to pay to decide either way! 


We have kids’ school shoes that will fit any student!


Not only are our sizes all-compassing, but Spendless also has variations with age-appropriate fastenings. Do you want to hear the details? Let’s begin by discussing the different sizes available. 


Firstly, our kids’ school shoes run from toddler sizes to preteen ones, and there are sixteen sizes available in full. Beyond that, our collection of women’s and men’s sizes connect straight over from our children’s range, which means that older or fast-growing students can make the switch without a fuss. 


As for our different fastening styles, Spendless offers lace-up, buckled, and touch-fastening kids’ school shoes. Touch-fastening and buckle sizes come predominately on our smallest pairs, given that they’re the easiest for young children to do-up independently. 


Lace-up kids’ school shoes are the go-to for older students, so they make up the bulk of our women’s and men’s collection too. Of course, we’re well aware that children grow at different rates, which is why you can also find small lace-up styles and large buckled or touch-fastening kids’ school shoes! 


What sort of styles do we have available?


At Spendless, our three leading styles for kids’ school shoes are classic uniform ones, Mary-Jane sandals, and sportswear. Our timeless styles are well-supported designs with glossy black material, rounded toes, and a slim shape. Mary-Jane sandals are similar to our basic kids’ school shoes but come with open tops, a buckled or touch-fastening top strap, and extra features (like laser cut-outs). 


As for our sportswear, Spendless has single-toned sneakers and brightly coloured trainers, so you can pick something that suits your child’s dress code easily. Beyond that, we have enclosed sandals, casual trainers, and pull-on boots for students too. Shop for kids’ school shoes with us, and you’re always spoiled for choice! 


Did you leave your shopping until the last minute?


Don’t stress, because Spendless can still help you get the kids’ school shoes you need! While we recommend two weeks as a safety buffer, we know life can get busy. But there are ways to ensure that you get kids’ school shoes as soon as possible. For online shoppers, all you need to do is select express shipping to cut down the delivery time to the absolute minimum.


If you want to visit a store instead, you can order your kids’ school shoes online using Click & Collect. With Click & Collect, you will be able to head straight to your local store once your order is ready, grab your package, and get going. We’ve made it oh-so-easy to get kids’ school shoes when you’re in a pinch, so there’s no excuse for sending students to class with too-small styles! 

You’ll find the ideal set at Spendless today! 


Check out our kids’ school shoes online or in-store in 2021!