You Need These 3 Styles of Block Heels in Your Wardrobe!

Does your shoe wardrobe contain all the different possible footwear available? Block heels are the perfect fit for any occasion. The block heel has many styles and colours. The Range of the price depends on styles. Sometimes price low to high, price high to low.


You can choose the size of the heel. Heel height is suited to your foot.

If you've made a rundown of all the items and remember a pair with a thick-shaped back part with a large surface area, then you undoubtedly have a pair of block heels in the mix.  


This pair of shoes is perfect for women craving height and style but are allergic to pain. You can attribute the block heels' popularity to the clamour for less painful high heels. Although stilettos are attractive to look at, the discomfort they induce is a huge turnoff.  


Our collection at Spendless Shoes is your answered prayer. So say hello to your new and fabulous pair of shoes, and bid goodbye to unnecessary pain and injury! These heeled shoes can be your all-day wear.


They have various styles and colors, like yellow, nude, tan, brown, and gold. Tan colours have a lot of stock at the shop. The shop is always open late. It has a larger surface area to fit your favourite shoes.


Discover Why They are the Absolute Best!  


Block heels will never go out of fashion as long as women out there search for shoes that give them height and comfort. This modern shoe style straddles the line between cute and practical and looks good with a cocktail dress or a skirt for a chic, laid-back look.   


Moreover, block heels are multifunctional and appropriate for different functions like weddings, school formalities, or even a casual day at the park! Let's use weddings and formalities as an illustration. These gatherings last for hours and usually include dancing and mixing. 


Do you believe you can endure hours of wearing stilettos without feeling discomfort? As guests at these events, you will appreciate and love block heels for the ease and painless experience they can provide. 


The shape helps them distribute your weight evenly, reducing your chances of losing your balance. We don't want you to accidentally totter forward because you lost your footing.  


You can wear the same pair of shoes you used at your formal event to work. It demonstrates the versatility of our options at Spendless Shoes. 

Because of how solid your block heels are, you can rush between meetings without worrying about tripping. 


So admit it; you've run to meetings before to avoid being late!  

People do not know this, but buying block heels is a form of self-love.

Is that even possible? Yes. Because block heels can wear from day to night. The bag can be paired with all types of block heels.


Any bag, like a shoulder bag, handbag, or backpack bag, is suited for any heel. It gives your feet the stability and support they lack when wearing their stiletto counterparts.


 Plus, they serve as rewards for all your hard work. Before block heels came into the picture, stilettos ruled. Unfortunately, wearing stilettos badly affects your posture since you have to lean forward to maintain balance, which puts more pressure on your front foot. 


So do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a pair of block heels from Spendless Shoes to avoid all these unfavorable side effects. Must use, girl! For your top online shopping, let our brand shop be one of your top choices for having a new pair of shoes, for we have a quality and value of shoe products and services that can be ranked by brand z.


You Do You by Wearing What Works Best for You!  


Block heels look great with anything, but at Spendless Shoes, we think they look great with cute tops and jeans. You are ready to head on to a dinner date by adding a jacket. 


You can wear block heels to work by mixing them with skirts and sleeveless dresses. Block heels are heels that give easy steps to use. Easy steps for day-to-day work. Are you contemplating what to wear while hanging with your girlfriends over coffee or brunch? 


Grab your off-shoulder blouse and shorts because they go well with block heels. Then, complete and accessorize your look by adding a pair of earrings from Spendless Shoes! Do you want to look chic as you walk your dog down a cobblestone-lined street? 


Wear block heels with your ripped-knee jeans and tuck a loose shirt in at the waist. You can also match and style them with your black leggings and a cropped long-sleeved top. With the block heels at Spendless Shoes, the possibilities are endless.    


We will walk you through the three styles of block heels available at Spendless Shoes. Be ready to surprise everybody with how stunning you look in them!  


Style 1 - Platform  


Spendless Shoes has a range of platform block heels perfect for someone looking for comfortable elevation. You were designed with a thick-shaped back part and a platform at the front. As a result, you never have to worry about losing balance. 


You will feel like you're walking on air with these block heels.  

Are you worried that you might not find your size at Spendless? Please don't. Our block heels come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, and 11. 


Our size guide will help you compare women's, men's, and children's sizes from Spendless with their UK, US, and EU counterparts. Knowing your size in one of these systems will make it easier to figure out the best size for you.  


Style 2 - Strappy  


Treat yourself to a pair of strappy block heels that will make you feel like a fairytale princess on her way to meet your prince. The difference in your story is that these straps will stick to your feet like glue, preventing you from losing a shoe while you waltz the night away. 


You can enjoy the party until dawn, past your 12-midnight curfew.  

Make your choice from the various colours offered by Spendless Shoes if you want to stand out from the other princesses at the ball. 

We provide block heels in the colours white, clear, blue, black, brown, clear, gold, green, orange, pink, silver, tan, and brown.  


Style 3 - Enclosed Toes  


Our enclosed toe block heels are adaptable enough to go with both party dresses and jeans. They are ideal for elevating a casual outfit, at formal events, or on weekend trips. Enclosed toes typically scream "business." 


Your message is that people should take you seriously when you wear these block heels! It gives support to your foot and toe. More styles are available at the shop. We understand if you want to buy all three styles from Spendless Shoes by now. 


A budget is not a problem because our shoes are reasonably priced. In addition, you have the choice to purchase your block heels now and pay for them later because of our flexible payment options like Afterpay and Zip. So you deserve a bit of indulgence now and then! 


Don't worry about the price of this different variety of block heel shoes. Sometimes prices are low to high and high to low. But, most of the time, prices are on sale.


Show Yourself Some Love!  


We hope we have swayed why you should add block heels to your growing wardrobe. This block heel is all-day wear for every woman. You can never go wrong with choosing these brands. Sign up now; more signs, more sales.


Head to a nearby stockist or the Spendless Shoes online store! Search our page, sign up, and create an account to give you more benefits. The store is always on sale. Protecting yourself from getting hurt is an act of self-love, and that includes shoes! 


Save yourself from discomfort by purchasing Spendless block heels! 

We cannot wait to see your OOTD posts on social media!  

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