Women's Flats vs Heels...Which are Better for Work?

In the world of fashion, there is a big debate on what shoes are better for work. If you have not heard of the debate yet, you will find out with us. In addition, there is a debate about women's flats and heels. So the unanswered question of which footwear style is more suitable for work is constantly up in the air.


So the team here at Spendless Shoe brands shop has gathered a huge range of our favourite flat shoes and heels that can get worn to work. You will find that both of these styles are the perfect set of kicks for a day at work. Women's flats and heels are both a winner in our eyes! 


Settle your debate by looking at our range of flats under the Women category on our website. If you are keen to see what styles we have chosen, then take a scroll down below! 




Style 1 – Pointed-Toe


Check out our range of pointed-toe women's flats. These are the perfect shoes for every girl to wear for a day in the office. You will love how comfortable and wearable a pair of these shoes can look and feel on your feet. There is nothing better than rocking a set of these casual flats with your next outfit. 


We love what a pair of pointed-toe women's flats can do for your work look. These are the perfect shoes to wear if you need to look sophisticated and chic, without any pain associated with your feet. We know that these flat shoes can take your work outfit to the next level. We recommend styling these shoes with a pencil skirt and loose-fitted blouse. 


This outfit will make you look like a boss and give you the confidence boost you did not know you needed. You will never look back once you get these shoes on your feet! 


Style 2 – Strappy


Get your hands on a pair of strappy women's flats this season. You will love how comfortable and fashionable a set of these shoes look and feel on your feet. There is nothing better than rocking a pair of strappy women's flats with your next look. We are obsessed with the style of strappy flat shoes because they are super flattering on every girl. 


These shoes also encourage you to show some skin. The strappy detailing tends to sit around the ankle or the mid-calf area. You will love what this style of footwear can do for your workwear. 


These strappy flat shoes add an extra something to your look. These are the perfect pair of casual shoes to wear throughout the day. You will never want to wear a pair of heels again with these women's flats in your footwear rotation. So take this shoe to the checkout lane. 


Style 3 – Ballet 


Say hello to our range of women's ballet flats! These are the perfect kicks to wear with just about every outfit style.


You will love how comfortable and easy it to wear these classic ballet flats are. The women's ballet flats design will make everyone in the room have their eyes on you. These are super stylish and versatile, which means you can wear these shoes from the office to the bar with ease. We love what you can do with a pair of these shoes in your life.


You will feel like you are walking on air with a set of these shoes on your feet. We recommend styling these shoes with some ¾ work pants and a flowy shirt. This type of outfit is perfect for a day in the office and can ensure you look classy and sophisticated all day long. You will benefit highly from wearing these flat shoes in your life! 




Style 1 – Block heels


The debate of women's flats versus heels is a tough one to face, but we have the perfect options for you. When you step foot inside a pair of block heels, you know you have found the winner. 


We love what a set of women's flats can do for your comfort and style levels, but you will never look back when you start to wear a set of block heels with your work outfit. There is something we love about wearing block heels to a day in the office. These shoes are super comfortable to wear and can pair perfectly with every outfit. 


Block heels come in a range of colours and designs, which can sometimes look better in the heels version than flat shoes. So why not get the best of both worlds by mixing women's flats and block heels with STASSI. This shoe is sure to become your new favourite! 


Style 2 – Stilettos 


Take your look to the next level with our range of stilettos. These will become your new favourite shoes for your day in the office. Our range of stilettos can unleash your inner boss-babe in an instant. There is nothing better than wearing a pair of stilettos with your next work outfit. But, unfortunately, these are the type of shoes that do not compare to flat shoes. 


You will find that women's flats do not provide the same effect as a pair of stilettos can. These heels are perfect to wear to a day in the office or a night out with friends. The options are endless with stilettos in your wardrobe!


Style 3 – Wedges


Meet your soulmate with our wedge heels! These are the shoes you have longed for but have never met, until now! You will love what a pair of wedge heels can do for your day in the office. 


These heels are super fashionable, wearable, and comfortable on your feet. There is nothing quite like these heels, especially in women's flats. We love wearing wedge heels to work because they make us look and feel like a million dollars. In addition, these heels give you a confidence boost that is hard to find at the best of times. 


Finally, you will love the designs and colours of these wedge heels, which means you will not reach for your pair of flat shoes anytime soon! Purchase these heels the next time you shop online.


Ready to settle the women's flats vs heels debate?


If you have fallen in love with our styles from both categories, you have chosen a winning team. The winning team is that both styles are perfect to wear to work and get suited for the right event.


For example, you might wear heels when you have a day full of meetings and choose to wear women's flats for a casual day in the office. The choice is yours! Head to the Spendless store website today and press 'add to cart ASAP! Make your first purchase, continue shopping with us!