Women’s Flats That Are New This Season!

Are you seeking new items to spark your style? If you’re nodding fervently, your search ends at Spendless Shoes. The brand’s collection of women’s flats deserves a spot in your closet. Apart from ensuring you look fabulous when you leave the house, these women’s flats keep your feet and overall health happy. Without the pain and strain, you can get through the day with a smile.

While you can fall in love with the entire collection, we want to introduce you to new styles you must focus on. These women’s flats will dominate this season, and it’s best to get ahead of everyone else. The best part about shopping at Spendless Shoes is its affordability. You can get your hands on in-demand Spendless women’s flats without breaking the bank. This way, indulging yourself with exquisite items won’t make you feel guilty. At Spendless, you get more bang for your buck.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right into the new women’s flats this season. Give your wardrobe the makeover it deserves! Let’s start!


Style 1—Mesh Style


Mesh women’s flats are heading to the top of the shoe pack. This style will become the IT shoe of the season, gaining popularity as the year progresses. The sheer fabrics and mesh cut-outs will expose your feet but still leave them covered somehow. This kind of women’s flat adds depth to your style, pushing you more fashion-forward than you ever thought possible.

Wearing them is easy; you can pull any outfit from the closet. For colder days, match your mesh women’s flats with a leather jacket and slip skirt. Meanwhile, you can also wear these women’s flats with wide-leg jeans and a striped sweater. This outfit combination is perfect for lazy weekends with friends and family.

At Spendless Shoes, we have a couple of options you will grow fond of quickly. Andesine, Reflect, and Echo are mesh women’s flats in varying styles. Let’s meet all of them. Andesine combines various popular types, which makes it an excellent addition to your wardrobe. These women’s flats have a Mary Jane appeal with a round-toe style and a strap across the instep. Using Andesine is a breeze because it’s lightweight and breathable, thanks to the mesh material. Wear these women’s flats with stockings and socks, or go bold without. 

On the one hand, Reflect and Echo are more women’s ballet flats because they are slip-on and without any straps. Reflect has a lacy detail, making it ideal for brides who cannot stand on heels for long periods of time. Why compromise comfort on your wedding day when these women's flats will enhance your appearance? Meanwhile, Echo’s laser cut-out detailing is perfect for weekend alfresco brunches with the girls. These women’s flats are comfy, breathable, eye-catching, and cute!


Style 2—Embellished Style


Have you ever imagined wearing something with studs, appliques, crystals, or bows? If you didn’t think it was possible before, it’s time for you to experiment. Studded women’s flats are here for the long haul, and you should not get left behind. The excellent thing about this style is how it automatically becomes the accent piece of your entire look. These women’s flats add an effortless boost to your outfit, so you don’t have to spend so much time dressing up. 

Search your closet for that simple midi dress you’ve almost forgotten exists. It’s time to remove it from hiding because it perfectly matches your embellished shoes. You can put your hair in a messy bun and let all the attention go to your shoes. Another option is to layer these women’s flats with a blazer, T-shirt, and relaxed trousers. Remove the blazer when things get warmer for a more relaxed vibe. 

At Spendless Shoes, Corvette, Limitless, and Shade deserve your attention. These women’s flats have embellishments that instantly draw your attention to them. For instance, Corvette’s gold chain detailing will draw everyone’s eyes from a kilometre away. These women’s flats are slide-on mules with an open back, exposing your heel and ankle. Corvette is perfect for days when you have a lot of things going on and don’t have much time to dress up. Leave all your worries behind because these women’s flats can boost your look within seconds. 

Limitless and Shade are women’s ballet flats with rounded toes and a slip-on style. Both come with embellishments on top of the shoe; the only difference is the style and size of the stud. Limitless has one massive buckle, while Shade has a small, shiny, metallic décor. The first comes with ruched fittings clinging to your feet like the second skin. Meanwhile, the second option has a pin-punched finish, adding breathability and a visual aesthetic to its style.


Style 3—Mary Jane Style


While Mary Jane is not exactly new, spanning decades in the fashion scene, these women’s flats have seen upgrades and fresher takes on the classic and timeless style. Besides, you must agree that they’ve always been cute and a staple option in the wardrobe. The round-toe design and the strap across the instep are well-loved.

But you can now take that style further with some twists from Spendless Shoes. Check out Arabesque, Olena, and Lyra from the women’s Mary Jane flats collection! You can liken Arabesque to a ballerina’s shoe with its light, flat, and flexible design. These women’s flats are the epitome of minimalist style, but people will take notice once you wear them with a dress and a pair of stockings or socks. Lyra is more like Arabesque but with a thick platform sole and a more robust frame.

Meanwhile, Olena is a boost in style with its laser-cut florals all over the shoe. These shoes took it one step further by adding a flower on the top strap, ensuring they remained locked and secured. Ladies would love that Olena has cushioning to absorb the impact of their every step.


Add New Options of Flat Shoes to Your Wardrobe!


Elevate your style this season with women’s flats from Spendless Shoes! Head to the nearest retailer or shop online now! Please add a water and stain protection spray to ensure your shoes last longer!  

Here at Spendless, you can find a huge range of flat shoes that are both comfortable and protective, perfect for all-day wear. Our brands' classic colours and designs are just two examples of our excellence. In the making of our shoes, we use only the highest quality leather and breathable materials at a more affordable price that can match what famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari can offer. Whether you're looking for loafers, flat sandals, brogues, casual flats, or classic ballet flats, you may find shoes in bold statement colours.