Women's Flats That Are Ideal for Almost Any Wardrobe

With fads and trends changing quickly, it's great to havewomen's flats that match whatever fashion comes up. But can you imagine how costly it can be to keep changing footwear to go with the new trends?


If you have the right pair of women's flats ideal for almost any wardrobe, you need not overhaul your shoe closet every time. The classic styles have endured and remain relevant and trendy today. 


You must find flat shoes that are ideal for almost any wardrobe. But do you have a clue where to get them?


At Spendless Shoes, of course!


Spendless knows what clicks and stays, so we want to share it. Our team at Spendless will give you a crash course on everything you need to know about them—colours, styles, and how to wear them with almost any wardrobe. 


Keeping up with the new kinds is good, but knowing what's there to stay and can match any wardrobe is better, especially for your wallet. So if you're ready to dive into women's flats, let's do it!


1. Colour


Some colours can last you a long time, matching almost any wardrobe fad that comes out, while others are cool now but will be less versatile in the future. So consider all these things when choosing them. 


Are you buying the pair because the colour strikes you, or are you planning and ensuring your wardrobe can outlive short trends and fads?


Either way is acceptable, but remember that vibrant-coloured flat shoes can limit what matches them. The classic colours available for the collection at Spendless are black, blue, brown, gold, green, leopard, natural, orange, red, tan, vanilla, and white.


Of the twelve colours, the three colours of flat shoes that will match any trend and wardrobe are black, brown, and natural because they are neutrals. 


Neutral colours can match well with almost anything. Women's flat shoes in any of the three classic colours can offset a more dynamic outfit or go well with a shade in the same tonal family.


More importantly, these colours are ideal for the workplace. But, of course, it would help if you had women's flat shoes to wear to work and all the events before or after your shift. 


Since some workplaces are still more conservative regarding dress codes, you must keep these colours in your closet.


However, adding colours that spice up your look is more than okay. If your clothes are more subdued and neutral, you need vibrant women's flats to inject more life. Let's look at some colours to consider:


  • Orange is the pop of colour you need when most of your wardrobe is in earth tones. Orange flats look great with clothes in tan or caramel brown. The colour also works well with white and blue.

  • If you want to make a bold statement with an all-black or all-white outfit, go with red flats. The pop of red adds an elegant but bold statement, which you can keep doing whenever you want an accent piece.

    Black and white clothes won't go away anytime soon, so having red shoes is an excellent choice!

  • Ladies rely on gold when they need to boost their elegance. That same idea goes with women's flats also. So wear gold to instantly level up an outfit for a dressier event.

    Compare our brand with styles from Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari, and other brands. Hands down, our low price points always win!


2. Styles


The huge range of women's casual flats covers a lot of styles. However, Spendless carries two famous types under this big umbrella: loafers and classic ballet flats.




If you've meant to add a pair of minimalist shoes to your wardrobe, you need a couple of loafers. These women's flats are a classic pair for almost any wardrobe. In addition, these shoes are the easiest to dress up or down. 


The only rule you must remember when wearing loafers is to have your clothes end around the ankles. Leave space between the tip of the shoes and your clothes, whether pants or dresses, because these beauties deserve to be visible.


Grouped with loafers are mules. These women's flats look like loafers; the only difference is that mules remain backless, more like heeled or flat sandals. When you wear mules, you expose the back part of your feet.


Women's classic ballet flats


We all need footwear that provides style and comfort to last the day (and night). Women's classic ballet flats are a constant in wardrobes because they're lightweight and flexible. 


The subtle elegance of these shoes makes them suitable for any wardrobe. Far from being flashy, these shoes can tone down a vibrant look and elevate a laidback vibe.


3. How do you wear them?


Knowing how to style women's flats brings you one step closer to staying fashionable through different fads or trends. So let's look at ways to style these shoes with varying wardrobes.


  • Jeans


Jeans and women's flats go together like cookies and milk. A timeless combination, this outfit is suitable for going on trips or casual Fridays at the office. Wear leather women's ballet flats with a white button-down shirt tucked into denim jeans.


Replace the button-down with a black round-neck shirt for a weekend errand look, complete with oversized sunglasses.


  • Dress 


People think wearing heels on date nights is the only way to go. But they have yet to try wearing a slip dress with women's loafers. This stylish look is comfy and eye-catching, ideal for getting your date's attention. 


For a casual weekend hangout, you can wear a mini dress and pair it with the minidress and socks combination.


  • Shorts


Travel comfortably and in style by wearing black denim shorts, a striped tee, and red women's flats. But, again, wearing a vibrant colour adds life to the look. 


Besides, you'd want to be visible in your travel photos, so wear shoes that pop! Complete the look with an online-exclusiveclutch from Spendless.

Wear Shoes that Match Everything!


Choose women's flats that match your wardrobe to ensure you'll never run out of outfit combinations. Head to the nearest Spendless store or shop online.