Women's Flats Don't Have to be Boring: How to Elevate Your Flats

Are you on the hunt for a new pair of women’s flats but do not know what style would suit you? Well, you have come to the right place. We know the perfect type of women’s flat shoes that can elevate your wardrobe and turn your boring casual shoes into a stylish and sophisticated women’s range of flat.


It is common for people to believe that women’s ballet flats are a very boring and monotone brown school shoes style, which is why it comes in and out of fashion so frequently. But we love to see this as a positive thing.


Women’s animal print flats are the perfect go-to shoe because it is always in and out of the fashion scene. This means that you have plenty of flexibility when choosing what style to buy womens flats online you would like to wear for the day.


If the shoes are not currently on-trend, you do not have to worry too much because wearing them off-season will encourage others to do the same. Become the ultimate trendsetter in a pair of women’s flats and see how easily your wardrobe goes from drab to fab!


Take a read below of some of our top picks of what will turn your womens shoe collection up a notch.


Pointed-Toe Design


Transform your flat sandal into a stylish pair of womens shoe by wearing the pointed-toe design. This look screams all levels of sophistication, just like nine west, which every girl wants to wear.


The pointed-toe design of these women’s range of flat is the focal point of your look, which means your outfit will easily blend into the background. Let your school shoes be the star of the show and flaunt your latest pair of pointed-toe women’s flats.


You will find that this style of ethical sourcing shoe is super comfortable, so that you can wear these straight from the office or school to after-work drinks with ease. This style of shoe is also perfect for any special event you have coming up.


If you prefer to wear comfortable shoes, then a pair of pointed-toe women’s flats online will have you sorted. The best part is that these womens flats online are very fashionable, so no more worries about choosing between style and comfort. It’s a win-win in our eyes!




Say hello to our lovely loafers. These womens shoe take the boring out of any work shoe. Loafers are generally worn in a work environment as they blend in perfectly with corporate attire. However, if you want to spice up your work look, try out a pair of these women’s flats or block heels.


Foot length heeled loafer is becoming quite the trend in the fashion world, and we are super in love with this. These shoes are a unique style of footwear, which is why they need to make their way into your wardrobe as soon as possible.


One thing that we love about loafers is that they offer a nice feel like heeled boots. This look is great for our shorter girls, and it further adds a touch of class to your outfit. You can find a pair of loafers to pair with just about any corporate look, which makes these shoes super easy to wear.


Loafers are an effortless style of women’s flats to have in your shoe collection, and they are super easy to slip in and out of on your busy days. You will not regret investing in some lovely loafers!


Simple Slides


Are you a woman who loves the simple things in life? Well, we hear you, and we totally agree. Unfortunately, finding an easy and simple pair of women’s wrap sandals can sometimes feel like a challenging mission, but we are here to help you out.


Wearing simple wide fit slides will have you feeling stylish and ahead of the game. These women’s flats can make your morning rush so much easier as you can slip in and out of these shoes with ease.  Slides also come in a range of designs, colours, and materials.


So there is plenty of versatility in these shoes. We love to rock a pair of slides in our day-to-day lives or at a casual day in the park with family and friends. It is super easy to find your next favourite pair of slides and flat boots from our store because of their wide range of designs. You will fall head over heels in love with these bad boys!


Strappy, Self-Tie Look


Ready to channel your inner ballerina? Well, now you can by investing in some strappy, self-tie women’s flats. These leather sandals offer elegance and style all in one. You will find that a pair of these women’s flats are the perfect style of shoe to invest in because they let you show off a little bit of skin as well.


This means that during the warmer seasons of the year, you have the chance to wear your favourite flowy skirt with your new pair of women’s active flex flats. Unlike lace up boots, the self-tie straps find their way around your calves so you can show off this super cute look with ease.


The ancient era inspires some designs of strappy women’s flats. This look was where Greek Goddesses wore low heeled sandals that wrapped around their entire leg. These women’s flats give you the option of rocking this style but at a much more modest level.


Platform Women’s Flats


Check out these super cool women’s flats. That’s right; we are talking about the platform design. These shoes are giving us some major nostalgia because they take us straight back to the ’90s.


If you want to bring back your favourite pastime trends, then a pair of platform women’s flats will help you do exactly that. These shoes are perfect for your day-to-day activities, just like wedding shoes and can get you from one place to another with ease.


Dress these shoes up or down and know that you will still look flawless in the outfit you pick. We love to rock a pair of platform womens shoe!


Boat Shoes


Boat shoes for girls are the perfect style of women’s flats that you need for your everyday fun. These kicks are stylish, comfortable, and super breathable, which is why they are the go-to shoe during warmer months of the year. Boat shoes are the type of women’s flats that everyone needs in their dress shoes shoe collection. You may not reach for these kicks every day, but we know that they will look perfect when you wear them during the summer seasons.


Boat shoes are super-breathable like nine west, thanks to the type of material used. Many of these women’s flats are made with canvas material that can feature some geometric cut-outs. This tip promotes breathability quite easily. You will love these new flat sport shoes in your wardrobe!


Need Some New Women’s Flats?


If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not you should treat yourself to some new womens shoe, then this is your sign to do it! Our top picks of fashionable designs will have you dreaming of a new pair of women’s flats for days. Head to the Spendless Shoes website and find your next favourite pair!