Women’s Flats are the Perfect Work Shoe for Winter

Winter is approaching, and the streets can be too slippery and dangerous to wear heels. As such, it’s best to look at the available women’s flats to know your options. These shoes are perfect for working in the winter because it’s like walking barefoot, where your balance and grip are at their best. 


So, not only will you remain safe, but you will also look good. Besides, your feet need the rest from all the inclines and pressure they get from wearing heels during the warmer months.


The women’s flats at Spendless Shoes come in various styles that can elevate your office look. And if you’re worried that these shoes can’t keep you warm in the cold months, we’ll share some styling tips to ensure you stay toasty and snug.


Let’s call in our team from Spendless Shoes to help us navigate the intricacies of wearing flats to work in the winter. If you’re ready to learn more, let’s dive right in! 


What to look for in classic ballet flats and other women’s flat shoes.


To answer this question, our team at Spendless Shoes gathered a couple of things you should look for when buying flat shoes for work in the winter. These qualities will ensure they’ll last through harsh weather conditions. 


1. Choose the leather ones. 


Leather women’s flat shoes can endure the wet snow and damp weather of the winter months. These shoes can protect your feet from the cold and support you as you walk on snowy or slushy surfaces. Wiping leather shoes of snow and slush is easier than cleaning canvas or cotton shoes.


You can go for leather women’s classic ballet flats. Spendless Shoes has some good ones for you. You’d want to wear this pair of classic leather women’s ballet flats because of their trendy pin-punched finish, shiny metallic décor on top, and easy slide-on design. 


In addition, these shoes have a leather upper, lining, and socks, which can withstand the wear and tear of winter’s natural elements. 


Another pair of leather women’s ballet flats you can select comes with rounded toes, so you can spread your toes naturally, which helps with balance. These shoes also have a slide-on fit and padded soles for additional comfort as you spend hours on your feet at work. Aesthetic-wise, these flat shoes will give other styles a run for their money with their three cute crossover straps and chic metallic feature. In addition, the glossy leather makes it ideal for the office and other workplaces.  


2. Look for straps or fastenings.


Choose flat shoes with straps across the top or any form of fastening that will hold them securely in place. Their presence will make it easier for you to navigate slippery surfaces during the winter.


When buying a style with straps or fastenings, you must try them on to guarantee they won’t irritate your skin and will do their job of keeping your pair in place. We’ve found a couple of styles at Spendless Shoes. 


Have you considered wearing Mary Janes to work?


These provide excellent cushioning and support for your feet—essential to surviving a winter workday. These have a classic finish with laser-cut florals, which add to the beauty of the footwear. 


More importantly, these women’s flats have a top-securing strap that seamlessly merges fashion and function. A giant flower sits atop the fastening to add more style to the Mary Janes. The material is leather, so these women’s flats can be your best bet for winter office wear.


A second style to consider is a mix between loafers and dress shoes. These women’s flats have lace fastenings on top, ensuring a comfortable and adjustable fit. 


The laces will ensure these stay in place, while the woven material on top of these women’s flats adds to the uniqueness of the footwear. You can dress them up or down and make the office your new runway this winter. 


3. Check for an excellent bottom grip. 


The slippery ground and surfaces are one of your worst enemies during the winter. The best way to ensure you remain steady is to check if the flats have excellent grip on wet surfaces. Can you feel friction when you try them on and walk them around the store?


A pair of loafers from Spendless Shoes will interest you because of their thick, chunky soles with grooves to grip surfaces. The rounded-toe design of these flats makes you feel comfortable all day, while the patent leather outer material will make you stand out. In addition, the stylish two-strap design on top adds something extra to your work look. 


What should I wear to keep warm while working in the winter?


After going through the things you need to check in women’s flat shoes, the next step is to figure out ways to style them, so you can keep them warm the whole season.


  • Partner your women’s flats with wool or fleece tights. Thicker ones guarantee you remain warm while going to work. Plus, it adds flair to your office look. For example, wear all black in contrast with a colourful office dress.

  • If your workplace is not overly formal, you may wear patterned socks or tights with your black flat shoes. Doing so will add colour and fun to the vibe.

  • If you need more warmth, we recommend wearing flared trousers to work as they add more coverage to your legs. Layering is vital when staying warm in winter.

  • Going for monochromatic looks with your flats is a thing during winter, especially if you want your socks or tights to remain unseen. 


Stay Safe and Stylish this Winter! 


Do not let the dreary weather stop you from looking your best at work in the winter. Head to the nearest Spendless store in Australia or our online shop and take advantage of the flexible payment systems that allow you to buy now and pay later! Add any women’s flats to your wardrobe to keep you looking and feeling good.


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