Women's Casual Shoes You Won't Want to Take Off

When it comes to footwear, there are styles you like and love. The ones you love are women's casual shoes from Spendless, which you never want to take off. It protects your feet and stops you from going barefoot and risking injury from sharp objects, but it also improves your look and feel. These things motivate you to get up from bed and face whatever the day throws at you. Whether you feel good or bad, you turn to your favourite casual footwear and rely on it to make everything better for you.

Why do ladies love this footwear?

Various style options exist in the collection of women's casual shoes from Spendless. Each of them caters to different lifestyles and interests. Once you discover the kind you can't live without, we guarantee you will never remove them and insist on wearing them until you sleep. An excellent pair of casual shoes boosts your confidence, makes you comfortable, and improves your style. 

To help you learn more about the different kinds of women's casual shoes, our team from Spendless will give you a rundown of the in-demand ones, where you can wear them, and the clothes they complement. If you're ready, let's start!

Style 1—Wedge


Wedges are women's casual shoes famous for their style and practicality. Ladies love having this footwear in their closets because it offers an excellent alternative to traditional heels, providing height and support without the discomfort often associated with high heels. Because of the wedge-shaped soles, ladies choose these shoes for their outdoor special events, especially during spring and summer. This comfortable feature extends from the back to the middle or, sometimes, to the front of the footwear, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure on the balls of the feet, heels, legs, and lower back.

Imagine the ease of wearing these casual shoes for extended periods, adding some height without compromising comfort. Wedges provide stability and support, unlike heels with narrow bases, making them safer when walking on uneven or soft surfaces.

Most women's casual shoes in the Spendless collection are strappy open-toed sandals, but you'll also find some closed-toe high-top styles there. Lindsay is an excellent choice you need to add to your wardrobe. These casual footwear feature a buckled ankle strap and toe strap made of coarse weave fabric. Wear them with a white summer dress for beach parties and cocktails.


Style 2—Boots


Ladies love owning boots because these women's casual shoes provide a practical and stylish solution for different weather conditions. Wet and cold seasons cannot stop you from looking your best when you have boots around. They provide warmth and coverage, depending on the length of their shafts. At Spendless, three kinds are available: ankle, long, and knee-high. Each type has unique features and benefits.

Ankle boots are ideal for everyday wear all year. Pair this footwear with dresses and jeans. Meanwhile, long boots are perfect for colder weather, protecting the feet until the area below the knees. This footwear adds sophistication to shorter dresses, skirts, and shorts. Knee-high boots are what you'll call statement pieces, boosting your style to another level.

The excellent thing about the boots collection at Spendless is its base. These shoes have broad bases that offer top-notch stability, ideal for navigating slippery surfaces. Even the heeled options come with block heels, which provide stability, spread the load, and relieve pressure from the feet, legs, and lower back. Cher is a pair of cowboy boots from the Spendless collection. It features a suede-like material with trendy stitch detailing, pointy toes, block heels, and a convenient side zipper, which makes wearing this footwear a breeze. Wear Cher during outdoor music festivals with other bohemian pieces to complete the look. If you're not into boho, you can wear a plain minidress and let these shoes serve as the focal point.


Style 3—Sneakers


Ladies love the supportive nature of sneakers. These women's casual shoes make life easier for everyone, so it is no surprise that the sneakerhead community keeps growing across the globe. Sneakers are versatile, comfortable, and fashionable, offering various uses in sports, errands, travel, or daily wear. The beauty of having this footwear in your closet is that you get quick access to footwear that balances style and comfort seamlessly. You can easily pull off an outfit when you do not feel like putting forth much effort but still do not want to appear sloppy; simply retrieve your sneakers from the closet.

Unlike other footwear options, these shoes make long days on your feet tolerable. Sneakers provide ample support and cushioning, perfect when you aim for 10,000 steps a day. Wearing this footwear reduces the risk of injuries and discomfort while ensuring you always look at the top of your game.

The Spendless sneakers collection ensures you can find anything you need. The broad range of options caters to multiple needs and preferences. Three kinds of sneakers are available at Spendless: walking, trainers, and sports luxe. Walking sneakers are ideal for walking and light exercises. These shoes ensure ladies have a comfortable and safe choice when running errands.

Meanwhile, trainers are for strenuous exercises involving running, cardio, weightlifting, and HIIT. The last kind of women's casual sneaker shoe combines function and fashion. Sports luxe provides a chic and comfortable option to boost an athleisure vibe. 

Congo is an on-trend option from the Spendless collection. These women's casual shoes feature pinhole detailing on the top, adding visual interest when coupled with the black-and-white design. Congo's thick sole and laced upper provide all-day security and comfort. Because this footwear is versatile, you can wear them with all the outfits in your closet—skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and coordinates!


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