Women's Casual Shoes You’ll Find Yourself Reaching For!

Are you a creature of habit? Do you like to keep wearing the same things repeatedly, or at least most of the time?


You are not alone. Several people are the same, especially if they find the perfect pair of Spendless women's casual shoes, which they keep reaching for and wearing. Which one is yours?


People favour the style of casual shoes that fit their lifestyle. They choose footwear they can always wear because it is comfortable, versatile, stylish, and affordable—characteristics of all Spendless footwear.


Our team at Spendless Australia would like to give you a rundown of the available women's shoes and the lifestyles of those who typically reach for them constantly. 


Through this exercise, you might find the style of women's shoes that fits your lifestyle and becomes your constant.


Sneakers for an On-the-Go Active Lifestyle


Constantly moving ladies need casual shoes that can easily take them through all their activities. One of the main reasons you'll keep reaching for a pair ofsneakers is that they remain supportive while you juggle your activities.


Expect these to keep you comfy doing errands, running marathons, and going to the gym for your HIIT workouts. Spendless has all kinds of sneakers that fit your lifestyle.


These include walking, sports luxe, and trainers. Most walking sneakers are slip-on, ideal for running errands and achieving 10,000 steps. 


On the one hand, sports luxe casual shoes use fastenings—laces for low-tops and zippers for high-tops. Lastly, trainers use laces for an adjustable fit, keeping you relaxed as you work out.


With eleven different colours, you will go gaga over all of them. But if you plan on making this the pair you'll constantly reach for, we suggest a colour matching most of your clothes.


You'll be wise to compare our brand with brands like Colorado and Hush Puppies as you browse our collection, but we're sure you'll be amazed at Spendless' low price point!


With sneakers at your feet, you can walk, run, and jump without worrying about injuries. Instead, there's peace of mind knowing that the shoes serve their purpose.


Sandals for a Fun Outdoor Lifestyle


Do you love travelling and hanging out at the beach?


Beach bums, or ladies who spend much time enjoying the beach or sea, need shoes that they can easily remove. On the other hand, if you love to go swimming or feel the sand on your toes, you will likely reach for a pair of sandals.


These are perfect for outdoor activities during warm weather because they keep your feet fresh. In addition, the open design allows air to circulate, preventing sweaty feet.


Several styles of these shoes are available at Spendless: comfort sandals, slides, thong sandals, and rubber thongs. Each brings comfort, so your style will depend on your preference.


Do you sometimes feel tired because your shoes are heavy and you carry more weight? 


The best part about these is how lightweight they are, making them perfect for travelling. Whether as a backup or the primary footwear, sandals will not take up space and weight in your luggage, even your feet.


As for colour, you will always have choices, as Spendless has sixteen colours available for sandals. Wearing any style will leave you feeling good and great while you frolic outdoors.


Flats for the Working Girl


If you spend more days at work, you crave shoes that support your feet and leave them in their natural position, reducing strain on your feet and body. 


Offices and workplaces are more lenient now regarding dress codes, so more women are wearing flats to work.


Girl bosses spend much time going from one meeting to the next and keeping an eye on operations, so they need comfortable casual shoes. Are you a working girl needing footwear you can keep reaching for and using?


If yes, you're in for a treat, as Spendless has two kinds of flats available: ballet flats and loafers. Ballet flats for women are comfortable—a casual pair that look like the pointe shoes ballet dancers used to wear. 


They are flexible and light. However, a stressed girl boss would love how ballet flats do not give them additional strain and fatigue.


Loafers are ideal for the workplace. Also, these are stable, which is essential for professionals who are always on the go.


You don't want to trip as you rush from one presentation to the next, do you? This footwear will grab everyone's attention without even trying.


A beautiful pair of red flats from Spendless will likely be the women's casual shoes you'll wear on laidback Fridays with an all-white or all-black ensemble. These flats will be the focal point of your work outfit and the best way to end the workweek.


Wedges for the Outgoing Girl


The outgoing girl loves spending time with people dear to her—at brunches, picnics, barbeques, and movies. Her friends and family can count on her to be present. Are you "her"?


These activities require shoes laced with fun vibes, much likewedges. They are flirty and comfy without even trying. Wear wedges with a halter midi dress to brunch to inspire a girly mood where the conversation flows.


Enjoy bonding time by watching a movie in skinny capri pants, a denim jacket over a white top, and a pair of wedge espadrilles. Wedges are versatile, allowing you to head to dinner after the movie for more conversations and drinks.


These are ideal for spur-of-the-moment outings like picnics and barbeques, where they won't get stuck in any ground surface like backyard soil—no risk of tripping with wedges on your feet. Summer won't be the same without them!


Which One Are You?


We've described four different lifestyles and are wondering which one you have. Are you just one or a combination of all?


If you combine all three, you get all the styles available. You can improve your shoe game by visiting a Spendless shop near you or shopping online. It gives you more choices to reach for and increases your wardrobe rotation.


A Spendless store has many rewards, not just the low price but the wide range of comfy styles. We'll provide many benefits. When you sign up for our email list, you can receive updates on upcoming sales and select discounted items. Get 10% off your first purchase, so take a pair to the checkout now!