Women's Casual Shoes That Can Take You from Your Desk to Dinner

Work has been stressful lately, and you unwind by spending time with friends. After-work dinners have been frequent because there's always something you must share with them that cannot wait. But instead of heading straight to them, you always worry about what you wear. Are your women's casual shoes suitable, or do you need to change them?


The stress of worrying if you're dressed right, over or under, can be addressed with Spendless. You can save yourself the trouble of carrying an extra pair of women's casual shoes to change into because whatever you get from Spendless is versatile, stylish, and comfortable enough to get you through the day.


You can rely on Spendless women's casual shoes to keep you feeling and looking your best. The brand ensures its collection caters to various preferences so that ladies everywhere can have the best time. While there are several kinds of women's casual shoes, such as sneakers, sandals, boots, flats, and wedges, let's highlight the one deserving of a spot in your closet if you love having dinners after work. We understand the need to unwind after a stressful day, and wearing the correct women's casual shoes makes an impact. Let's start!


Get to Know Ballet Flats 


While the brand has several options for women's casual shoes, a pair of Spendless ballet flats is all you need to take you from your desk to dinner. What are they?


These casual shoes are beloved fashion staples known for their understated elegance and versatility. Their timeless beauty comes from their simple yet refined and feminine design. The name ballet flats is a tribute to their origins in ballet, where dancers use lightweight and flexible footwear to perform intricate moves. Usually, this footwear has thin soles with closed, rounded toes, providing a low-profile silhouette. 


Ballet flats are an instant hit with ladies because of their simplicity and minimalism. Over time, these footwear became the choice for women of all ages. Ballet flats are suitable for various occasions, including work and dinner. With these pairs in your closet, you'll never fret about how you look again.


Which Should you get?


Spendless has several options you can choose from. Its collection of ballet flats is unlike any other, varying in designs and colours. You can choose women's casual shoes that look like Mary Janes, with round toes and straps across the instep. Textured ballet flats are also worth considering. Not only do these casual shoes look good, but they also add a tactile aesthetic you'd like to touch now and then. Spendless also has ruched ballet flats, characterised by their stretchable toplines, which hug your feet like a second skin. With all these women's casual shoes in the Spendless ballet flats collection, how can we choose one perfect from desk to dinner? 


Say hello to Halifax ballet flats, a mind-blowing option for your wardrobe! These casual shoes seamlessly blend classic and contemporary elements. Their chic design boasts a thin slingback strap with an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit. With a square toe shape that adds a modern touch to their gorgeous two-tone design, these shoes are a versatile option for your desk to dinner. Those stressful days will turn into happy ones with motivation from Halifax. 


But that's not all. Halifax is not only stylish and cosy, but it's also eco-friendly. These women's casual shoes are made with synthetic or vegan-friendly materials and can withstand wear and tear while being kind to the planet and animals. Vegan-friendly ballet flats have advantages, such as: 


  • Cruelty-free. Vegan-friendly footwear does not harm any animals during production.

  • Environmentfriendly. The production takes fewer steps and resources, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. 

  • More affordable. Because producing vegan-friendly footwear takes fewer steps and resources, it costs less.

How to Style Them?


Maximise the use of your ballet flats. While they are the best women's casual shoes for your desk to dinner, you can wear them everywhere. Their versatility makes them appropriate for various occasions. Here are some ways to style these gorgeous casual shoes:


  • Wear with a dress and blazer to work. Then remove the blazer so you're ready for dinner. 

  • On dress-down Fridays, wear jeans and a nice top with your ballet flats. Complete the look with accessories and a nice bag.

  • Finish your weekend errands in ballet flats, shorts, and a long-sleeved striped shirt. A crossbody bag will leave your hands free to carry other things.

How Should you Care for them?


Now that you've found the best women's casual shoes you can wear from the desk to dinner, the next step is to ensure they last a long time. Their longevity will depend on how good you are with their maintenance. Here are a couple of tips when maintaining your women's casual shoes:


  • Use water and stain protection spray at the onset. Spray this on your shoes upon unboxing, as this adds a layer of protection that prevents dirt and water from penetrating the material. It gives you enough time to wipe them all off. Please reapply weekly.

  • Keep your ballet flats clean. Please make it a habit to wipe them down every after-use. Ensure you get all the dirt, reaching the corners and crevices.

  • Maintain the shape of your casual footwear with shoe trees. However, a more affordable alternative is to place scrunched newspapers inside.

  • Moisture, like dirt, can harm your footwear. When they get wet, ensure you dry them naturally before storing them. Never put them under direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Also, scrunched-up newspapers can hasten the drying process because they have moisture-absorption features.

  • Proper storage will keep your ballet flats away from floating dust. Use shoe closets, racks, or bags to store them.

Transition Seamlessly from Desk to Dinner With Spendless Women's Casual Shoes!


In contrast to more costly brands like Hush Puppies and Colorado, our selection of brands offers affordable choices without compromising their quality, so you may browse our collection and find the perfect pair you've been seeking. Signing up for an account comes with numerous benefits, including a 10% first-purchase discount and updates about our discounts, sales, and new styles. Head to the nearest retailer or online shop and grab ballet flats now!