Women’s Casual Shoes That Are Good For Your Feet And Your Bank Account!

When you think about women’s casual shoes that are good for your feet, you immediately think of flats over heels. Well, that’s not completely the case when it comes to our low heels! At Spendless, we have a huge range of women’s casual shoes from flats to heels that are both good for your feet and bank account. What more could you ask for in a pair of shoes? 


Stick around, and we’ll show you some great styles that are perfect for relaxed weekends. We’re sure you will find a pair or two that you will fall in love with! 



  • Kitten Heels 



If you automatically think that heels aren't classified as women’s casual shoes or are good for your feet, well, that is not quite the case! Compared to stiletto heels, kitten style low heels range from 5-8 centimetres in height, so this small incline isn’t a huge burden on your feet like a stiletto heel would be. No longer will you feel the pain of a high heel when you're wearing these heels all weekend long.


These women’s casual shoes are made to withstand sitting, standing and dancing all night long without causing chaos on your feet! These low heels are the perfect women’s casual shoes worn with your dressy or laid-back outfits. 


These low-heeled babies come in a range of heel shapes like a chunky block or sleek stiletto, or quirky cake stand, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a more laid-back look, then we recommend opting for a pair of block-shaped kitten heels paired with your cutoff jeans and a linen shirt slightly tucked in. 


Save the cake stand and stiletto shapes for night outs since they look fantastic when worn with dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants. 


Experiment with different strappy styles, textures and colours. Our range of slip-on and buckle up low heel styles make great women’s casual shoes. We’re sure you will find your perfect pair that you can easily slip into with any outfit choice. 


Trust us, you’ll find it hard to say no to one in every colour! 


2.                Wedges & Flatforms


Wedges and flatforms are a summer favourite, so why not add a pair to your wardrobe?


Unlike a kitten heel, these styles will feel slightly more comfortable on your feet than a heel would. This is from the steady platform heel that a wedge and flatform heel offers. So, if you struggle with heels altogether, then these are the heels for you, slip these babies on, and you’ll feel like you're wearing a pair of flats! 


If you are looking for a slip-on or buckle up style, at Spendless, we have you covered. We do not doubt that you will quickly find a favourite in a range of on-trend colours and designs. These women’s casual shoes are perfect for the office, weekend wear and even occasion and formal wear. 


Play around with woven and braided textures for a cool bohemian vibe, or opt for classic, smooth buckle up styles for work or special occasions. These styles are made for extreme support and comfort. Their cushioned soles and ankle buckles will keep you feeling secure and completely comfortable throughout the day. 


If heels aren’t for you, then do yourself a favour and grab yourself a pair of wedges or flatforms!


3.                Slides


As summer comes to an end, that doesn’t mean the hot weather has! So, you still have plenty of time to grab yourself a pair of slides as the season draws to an end. These women’s casual shoes are great slip-ons, especially when you're struggling to work out which shoes to wear! 


Our slides are another staple that looks great with anything you choose to wear them with. Whether it's jeans or wide-leg pants, skirts, dresses, shorts or jumpsuits, these versatile women’s casual shoes will go with absolutely anything in your wardrobe. Take these footwear staples from work to weekend wear ever so effortlessly, and with Spendless’ range of women’s new arrivals, you’ll find it hard to pick just one! 


These women’s casual shoes will keep your feet feeling airy, dry and comfortable throughout the day with their supportive soft soles, which means no aching arches here! 


Our trendy styles come in a range of designs, textures, patterns and colours, so you may struggle to find just one favourite to take home. Luckily, with Spendless’ incredibly affordable prices, you’ll be able to take home more than just one pair of women’s casual shoes! 


4.                Casual Sneakers


Versatile casual sneakers are perfect for weekends when you find yourself running around all weekend! Slip into a pair of these, and you’ll look fantastic running errands all day. We think these are a great alternative to wearing your gym sneakers and activewear. 


These women’s casual shoes can be paired with your favourite activewear, drop-crotch pants, or cut off jeans and will definitely keep you looking a little more put together than your old gym sneakers will. 


Whether you opt for a crisp white, pastel pink or black, whatever colour you choose, you can guarantee that these women’s casual shoes will look and feel fantastic. You can’t go past a pair of our sports-luxe casual sneakers at Spendless! 


Although these women’s casual shoes look great with your favourite weekend pieces, don’t be afraid of pairing these low-line sneakers with skirts and dresses for a trendy look. The styling options are endless when it comes to these footwear favourites, and what’s better is the price tag, no need to take out a loan for these casual sneakers!

How Do We Keep Our Prices So Low? 


That’s easy; most of our women’s casual shoes are made with synthetic fabrics and materials, meaning that most of our footwear is vegan friendly unless stated. By using synthetic products, we are in turn able to keep our prices so affordable. Feel better buying vegan-friendly footwear without doing too much damage to your bank account! 

So, What Are You Waiting For? 


Head into your nearest Spendless Shoes or jump online today and find a pair of women’s casual shoes that are good for your feet and your bank account!