Women's Casual Flats Are the Perfect Addition to Your Wardrobe!

Is it that time of the year when you feel like adding something new to the closet?


Staring at the same set of clothes and footwear can strongly urge you to upgrade, and we agree. Sometimes, it takes a new pair of women's casual shoes to create new wardrobe combinations.


If height is not a factor, how about adding a pair of flats? These casual shoes combine style and comfort seamlessly, keeping your feet natural and stable. The perk of adding flats to your wardrobe is the unparalleled comfort only they can provide. Without the pressure and incline of heels, your feet can stay natural, providing more stability and balance.


These casual shoes also come in various forms and contemporary designs that add character to your daily look. For instance, a day on the beach is heaps better when you wear slide sandals. These flats keep your feet well-ventilated during a warm, sunny day. Plus, this footwear is easy to remove, enabling you to jump in the water whenever possible.


Loafers are the best women's casual shoes for work. They are a minimalist classic that complies with strict uniform requirements. These flats will keep you cosy through stressful meetings and presentations.


However, knowing the best casual shoes is not enough; you should also find the best brand to get them from. Spendless is a reputable shoe brand providing ladies with an unparalleled collection of flats. Learn what the brand has to offer by reading this article. Let's start!


The Spendless Collection of Women's Casual Shoes


Finding a pair of flats that suits you is easy at Spendless. The brand's collection of casual shoes caters to everyone's varied tastes. Are you a beach lover? Do you spend most days at work? Is travelling to new places a hobby?


While these questions classify your tastes and lifestyles, we know that looking stylish and feeling comfortable are priorities, whatever your preference is. That is not a problem because all the women's casual shoes at Spendless give ladies fashion-forward and cosy options, making dressing up daily a breeze. The brand's well-curated flats collection has colours, styles, and sizes for everyone.


Colour Options


The Spendless flats collection is available in ten exciting colours: black, blue, brown, leopard, natural, orange, tan, vanilla, and white. This footwear complements your look, tying the items together. Black has the most options, and understandably so. Black flats are more appropriate for workplaces with strict dress code requirements. Plus, this shade goes well with all other colours. The adaptability of these footwear is like no other. You can wear them to work for the day, then head straight to dinner or drinks after your shift.


While black is a universal favourite, adding vibrant colours to your closet is a good alternative. Orange, blue, or leopard colours will boost visual interest. All eyes will zoom in on your colourful flats, making them the main attraction of your outfit.


Style Options


As mentioned, several kinds of flat footwear exist. These pairs cater to a specific taste and lifestyle. The easiest way to group them is via closed and open toes. The closed-toe women's casual shoes at Spendless include loafers, ballet flats, and Mary Jane. Meanwhile, slide sandals are among the open-toed flats in the collection. Let's give a brief description of each.


  • Loafers are flat, slip-on footwear that usually features a broad sole and a minimalist upper covering the top of the foot. The lack of fastening attracts ladies who love the convenience of slipping them on and off within seconds. These pairs come in various options, like flat or chunky soles.
  • Ballet flats are comparable to ballerina footwear in flexibility and being lightweight. These shoes have flat soles and usually come with a round-toe design. However, there are pointy options, too. Ballet flats are a practical choice for daily activities, whether out for brunch, finishing a project at work, running errands, or out on a date. The simplicity of this footwear contributes to its timeless design, enabling it to last longer than newer trends.
  • Mary Jane is another timeless classic. These styles have been around for years, becoming a school uniform staple for young girls finding their way. Mary Jane's unforgettable design, with its round toes, open-top, and single strap or band across the instep, has made its way to wardrobe closets across the globe. Girls in every generation have worn this footwear at least once.
  • Slide sandals are ladies' casual shoes for open-toed aficionados. These flats expose the toes, sides, and back of the foot. Because of their design, these styles are popular in warm weather or for trips to the beach, keeping your feet well-ventilated. These flats are your best bet during the summer months when you want to bask in the season's glow.


Size Options


Inclusivity means providing women's casual shoes that fit various sizes. The collection of flats at Spendless comes in sizes 5–12, with half sizes available. The only catch is that you must know your accurate Spendless size, as shoe brands vary. With the help of our handy size guide, you can quickly convert your size from the US, UK, or EU system.


To account for the growth, shop in the afternoon when your feet are at their maximum size. This way, you can ensure that your footwear fits you perfectly and won't cause discomfort in the future.


Boost Your Wardrobe with Spendless Women's Casual Shoes!


The Spendless brand makes high-quality, comfortable, durable shoes without breaking the bank. We can compete with big brands like Hush Puppies and Colorado. When you browse our website, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to find the perfect pair of shoes.


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The best way to elevate your style is with any pair of Spendless women's casual shoes. You can create new looks and combinations that will make everyone notice. Take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or check our online store now!