Winter School Shoes the Kids Will Love!

With winter fast approaching, parents must strengthen their children's protection against the cold. And with feet as the most accessible entryway for the cold to seep in, you need to look for kids' school shoes that will keep them warm and toasty. 


But, of course, getting sick is not an option, and our team at Spendless will help you keep it that way.


What do you need to keep your child warm and healthy during the winter?


The top answer would be to get your child some kids' school shoes from Spendless because they have the styles to keep your child warm and dry in the winter. Our team will describe the different types. 


While more kids' school shoes are available, we will exclude those that do not fit the colder months. Likewise, we'll shy away from those that have openings and laser cut-outs, as these will make your children feel colder. 


If you're ready, let's dive into it!


Style 1—Double-Straps


Double straps use touch-fastening straps to keep the footwear secure on your child's feet. These kids' school shoes for girls and boys are ideal for winter because the fastenings ensure they won't accidentally remove their footwear and cause them to slip and fall.


The touch-fastening straps, also called hook and loop, securely hold onto each other when pressed together. Although limited, this fastening provides the kids' school shoes with an adjustable fit for your child's comfort.


Winter weather is unpredictable, leaving behind damp surfaces your child can unknowingly walk on. But with these kids' school shoes at their feet, you can sleep peacefully at night because the soles have a good grip on the ground, keeping them steady and stable.


Moreover, the leather material is durable to withstand the wear and tear of the natural elements. It also ensures the kids' school shoes keep their feet warm and dry. With this style, your child can do his or her usual activities in the classroom and playground worry-free.


Style 2—Lace-Up


The second style of kids' school shoes for girls and boys will provide even more adjustability than the first. With laces as their fastening, your child can loosen the footwear to accommodate double socks. 


Again, we understand the need to keep your child thickly layered for warmth, and these kids' school shoes can adjust to make that happen.


Laces are the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes, so removing and re-lacing them to accommodate another layer of socks is possible. 


You will love these kids' school shoes from Spendless because they prioritise your child's comfort, from adjustability to support.


These kids' school shoes have padded collars to support and comfort your child's ankles. With damp surfaces everywhere, the risk of twisting their ankles is high. Knowing they are wearing footwear with this support will reassure you of their safety. 


On top of that, these kids' school shoes have reinforced toes and heels to protect them from natural elements. No one can predict what can accidentally fall on their feet, so it's great to have kids' school shoes with these features to ensure no harm can come their way.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots


Boots are the universal footwear for winter, so academic footwear for boys is available at Spendless. These kids' school shoes are versatile, and your child can wear them on weekdays and weekends when attending formal occasions in the winter. 


Also, because the boots reach the ankles, your child gets a lot of coverage—good news for children who get cold quickly.


These kids' school shoes use elastic side gussets instead of fastenings to provide a snug, comfortable fit. The side gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape, including additional layers of socks. 


In addition, the rounded-toe design guarantees their toes can spread naturally, which can impact their stability and balance. And we know how critical both are when the ground is slippery.


More importantly, expect traction from these kids' school shoes thanks to their sturdy and supportive soles. Having all these will ensure your young boy can continue his activities safely.


Style 4—Sneakers


Winter won't stop your child from participating in rough play via team sports or physical education (PE) classes. As such, you need kids' school shoes to ensure they can continue joining these activities and remain protected from accidental slips, which have higher chances due to the wet weather.


The available styles at Spendless come in various colours, which can liven up winter's dull and grey colours. 


These kids' school shoes have grooved soles for better traction and fastenings that keep them secured to your child's feet. With these attached to your child, you can worry less.


How to Protect School Shoes in Winter


While we can attest to the durability of the kids' school shoes from Spendless, it wouldn't hurt to add more protection so they can protect your little one in return.


  • Waterproof the kids' school shoes before removing them from the box. Doing this will help keep the natural elements away, as water can destroy the leather.

  • Be sure to dry the kids' school shoes once they get home. Never dry them on a radiator or direct heat sources. Natural air drying will do. You can hasten the process with the help of scrunched-up newspapers, as they have moisture-absorbing abilities.

  • Wipe the kids' school shoes down, especially if there are winter salts, as these cause the leather to crack. Always ensure you get everything off. Remove dirt, dust, or mud before they harden and destroy the material.

    Then, polish them to bring back some colour and life.

  • Invest in shoe closets or racks. Store the kids' school shoes properly, where dust cannot settle on them. But if you do not have enough floor space, use shoe bags to hang on the door instead.


Ensure Your Child's Warmth This Winter!


Make your child's learning experience this winter as warm and safe as possible with kids' school shoes from Spendless. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay later!


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