Why Waterproofing Your Boots Is So Important!

Throughout the cooler winter months, one of the most worn guys leather shoes has to be men's boots! Not only do these shoes keep your feet warm and dry throughout the wet season, but they are also one of the most versatile mens footwear that can be worn for any occasion. Since your favourite men's dress boot pair are always doing right by you in keeping you looking stylish and smart throughout winter's events, then maybe it's time you reciprocate the favour!


That's right, start taking better care of your favourite leather boots, and we are going to show you just how easy it is! Mens classic boots withstand tremendous elements, so it only makes sense that you take good care of mens boots by doing a few simple steps in waterproofing, cleaning and storing your mens casual boots.


Why Is It So Important To Waterproof Your Men's Boots?


You've probably heard it a lot over time when purchasing a new pair of men's black leather boots, "make sure you spray a waterproof protection stray over the shoes before wearing them", right? Most guys (and girls for that matter) probably don't do shoe care! You probably just throw the casual shoes on, and you're on your way. Well, although it may just sound like an old saying, there is some truth in it, and we are going to show you just how important it is to waterproof your pair of lace up boot before wearing them!


Regardless of how much you've spent on your premium waterproof boot, it's important to take good care of them! Whether you spend hundreds on a good pair of leather men's boots or fifty dollars, you want to take the best care of your shoes. Yes, these shoes are made to be worn and withstand the winter's elements, whatever the season throws your way! Whether it be rain, hail, snow or shine, your men's boots will need a little extra care from you to be kept in their best condition!


Spendless Shoes Protection Spray


So, of course, for shoe care, we recommend spraying your new men's boots with a protection spray, which will protect your shoes from water and prevent any stains. Of course, at Spendless Shoes, we have our range of protection spray that you can pick up with any purchase. Our protection spray will work on leather, suede, and synthetic fabrics perfect for your men's boots.


The solution is colourless and clear, meaning it is safe to use on any materials and different colours too, so whether you have brown, black, navy or tan men's boots, we've got you covered! The beauty of this product is that one little spray goes a long way, so you will be sure to get bang for your buck! Get plenty of use out of our protection spray for years to come and protect your hiking boots, craftsman boots, military boots, and sneaker boot as much or as little as you like with this handy protection spray.


Although it may seem like a product that only needs to be used once on a pair of men's boots, that's not always the case. Since these shoes do endure harsh elements, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the condition of your men's boots. If you notice that when it rains and water hits the surface. The water drops no longer beads off the surface and instead begins absorbing into the shoe. It's time to waterproof your men's boots again. 


So, if your men's waterproof boot does endure a lot of winters rain, then it's important to keep on top of waterproofing and do this every couple of months.


As we said, our protection spray can be used as much or as little as you require, so our 200-millilitre spray will go a long way!


Cleaning Your Men's Boots


At Spendless Shoes, the great thing about our men's boots is that they are made out of synthetic materials. The only leather made men's boots we stock are a part of our work range. Therefore, unlike leather fabrics, synthetic fabrics are a lot easier to take care of and look after. Synthetic fabrics are hard wearing, and unlike leather men's boots, they don't absorb stains and water as a leather shoe would.


The simplest way to clean your men's boots after wear is simply by wiping them over, using a damp cloth and gently wipe over the surface of your shoes, and leaving them out to dry in a cool, dim-lit room. It may seem like a good idea to keep your shoes out in the sun to dry out, but that's not the case. Leaving your men's boots out in the sun to dry will only leave your shoes looking tired and faded, so we recommend leaving your mens boots indoors in a cool, dim-lit room to dry.


The beauty of these shoes is that they are vegan friendly, meaning you don't need to worry about damaging the leather or suede boots, so you will easily be able to wipe over your shoes with a damp cloth. Once they've completely dried, spray over another coat of our protection spray.


A quick wipe over after wearing your favourite men's boots after a long day will keep them looking as good as new!


Storing Your Men's Boots


In terms of storing your men's boots, keep them off the floor; although it may seem like the easiest thing to do after a long day at work, it's certainly not the smartest! Throwing your shoes into the floor of your wardrobe will only make it hard to find the shoes you are looking for, and throwing shoes on top of each other will cause damage to your boots.


The best way to store your men's suede boots, heeled boots that you wear on a formal occasion, is in their original boxes. Doing this avoids any scuffs and movements from other shoes coming on and off the shoe shelf. However, if it's not possible to store your men's boots in shoeboxes, then keep them on a shoe shelf with other similar shoe styles.


Try and keep your men's boots stored together on a set shelf, rather than storing them with other everyday shoes like sneakers, runners and flip-flops. Keeping them on a shelf with similar shoes will help keep them dry and prevent outside elements from interfering. This will keep the dirt from the soles of your everyday footwear away from your beloved dress shoes and will, in turn, prevent any damage.


Now that we've shown you how important it is to keep your mens boots in tip-top shape, then give this guide a try with your favourite styles.


Follow Our Simple Tips To Keep You Men's Boots In Top Shape!


The next time you check out our online exclusives, womens new arrivals or mens new arrivals, or purchase a new pair of zip boots, ankle boots (boots mens), or any boots online, be sure to take the sale assistant's advice and pick up a bottle of protector spray, and we guarantee you'll be wearing your favourite top boots for years to come!