Why the Casual Men's Shoe is Making a Comeback!

Is there a kind of men's casual shoe that you've been fawning over for years?


We bet you have had that footwear at the back of your closet all this time, and you've been waiting for its comeback for a chance to wear it again. Is it the footwear that saved several sailors and boatmen from going overboard?


You're in luck because men's casual boat shoes, or topsiders, are returning in full force. But, to be honest, the style never left. 


It stayed in the background while people focused on newer and shinier trends. The preppy look is back, and it's time to whip those topsiders out.


Why do you think these men's casual shoes are back in style?


Let's call the team at Spendless to answer this question. The brand has showcased various men's casual shoes over the years, topsiders included. 


What characteristics does the footwear have that guys can't seem to let go of and are now rejoicing for its comeback? If you're ready, let's start!


Getting to Know the Men's Casual Boat Shoes


If this is the first time you've heard of topsiders, here's a little background on this decades-old style. In the early days, sailors and boatmen needed footwear to keep them from slipping and falling while standing on slippery boat decks


Every aspect of the design of these men's casual shoes addressed an issue that sailors had. For instance, you will notice metal eyelets on either side of the footwear, which help drain water and prevent the shoe from waterlogging. 


Over time, these casual shoes slowly went from sea to land. While the style remains a top choice for guys who love nautical activities, more are wearing topsiders on laidback weekends out to town. 


This men's casual footwear keeps the wearer safe from accidental slips and elevates their style by a few nautical miles.


Reasons for the Style's Comeback


Men's casual boat shoes are back for the same reasons their popularity never truly faded. Look at why guys are creatures of habit when this style is concerned.


Timeless Design


If you've seen early photos of these men's casual shoes, you will realise that they have withstood the test of time. Their classic and unassuming style remains unchanged, even when newer, flashier footwear emerges.


Comfortable men's casual footwear will always be a top rating. More guys are leaning towards footwear that can keep them cosy throughout the day. With the topsiders' slip-on style and ease of wear, it's no wonder guys always reach for them.




Guys are confident that these casual shoes will hold up under trying circumstances because they have demonstrated their ability to withstand the harsh sea elements. Investing in topsiders is wise because you know they'll last a long time and give you more bang for your buck.


Vintage and Retro Vibe 


The timeless design of men's casual shoes has a vintage and retro vibe. Since it did not change over time, you get to wear the same style that some did decades ago. The charm of this footwear helped in its continuous revival over the years.


Nautical Influence 


Guys who love the sea and the activities that involve water will constantly connect these men's casual footwear to those hobbies they love most. These casual shoes can take them back to their favourite pastime, making them more memorable. 


Better with Age 


Men's casual boat shoes look better the more you use them. The longer this footwear is with you, the higher its appeal gets. So, if you've been hiding your men's casual footwear all these years, they're likely at their prime now and deserve some limelight. 


Various Styling Ways


Styling these men's casual footwear is a breeze, with countless options. While the most common way to wear topsiders is with nautical and preppy clothes, fashion is about experimenting, finding your style, and being confident about it. 


Wear these men's casual footwear with white jeans and a graphic print shirt if you want a trendy, laid-back style. 


On the other hand, if you prefer an effortless look, wear your faded jeans, fold them at the ankle, and head out the door. Protect your eyes and accessorise with aviator shades like any handsome boater or sailor! 


The versatility of these men's casual footwear makes them ideal for various occasions. You can wear them for relaxed gigs or beach and garden weddings. Pair these shoes with suit trousers and a linen shirt for a dressier occasion. 


For a more nautical vibe, which is what they're famous for, wear topsiders with shorts and a striped shirt, but make sure to wear invisible socks from Spendless to avoid blisters. You can enjoy the sea breeze and walk around the dock safely.


Care and Maintenance


Your men's casual boat shoes look better with age, so set aside time to guarantee they last long enough for you to experience that. Here are some care and maintenance tips to ensure you can prolong their life:


  • Keep your casual shoes clean by giving them a good wipe afterwards. Remove all the visible dirt, reaching into crevices and corners to catch hidden mud.

  • If you constantly wear your topsiders during water activities, you expose them to natural elements that can make them wet. Moisture is the enemy of your footwear, causing a breakdown of its materials or bacterial and fungal growth.

    Since we don't want that, you must dry them thoroughly before storage. Dry your men's casual footwear naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters. Use scrunched-up newspapers to hasten the process because they have moisture-absorbing capabilities.

  • Invest in a shoe closet or bag to store your topsiders. Leaving them lying around exposes them to floating dust, which can destroy your topsiders.


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