Why Block Heels Are Becoming A Wardrobe Staple

Why are block heels becoming a wardrobe staple? We’re so glad you asked! Block heels are trendy, comfortable, and perfect for all sorts of occasions. Here at Spendless Shoes, we think these platform heels are a must-have in every woman’s shoe collection.


If you don’t believe us yet, we’re sure that you’ll be all-in for block heels by the time you’ve finished reading this helpful article. So let’s get started, shall we?


You Can Count On Reliable Comfort With Block Heels!


One of the main drawbacks of wearing stiletto heels is that they don’t offer adequate support for some people’s feet. In addition, tall stiletto heels put all your body weight onto two tiny platform heels, which can make it tricky to move around comfortably and freely.


On the other hand, block heels can help distribute your body mass evenly through your ankles and feet, which keeps muscle tensions and strain to a minimum. Stiletto heels offer only tiny points for people to stand, walk, and move around, making balancing uneven surfaces a struggle.


Block heels provide a wider surface area, and you can expect superior support and balance from broader platform heels. In short, you can trust our wedges and other broad-based styles to take excellent care of you! The taller your platform heels are, the more stress they place on your feet, ankles, and legs.


For that reason, we think block heels are the best choice for long events.


For example, do you have an all-day function coming up in the next few weeks? Will you be celebrating a friend’s or family member’s momentous birthday soon? Are you invited to an upcoming wedding?


If so, you will need casual shoes that can take you out from dawn until dusk (and even after that), which is why block heels will be perfect! Have we convinced you yet?


You Can Dress Up Or Dress Down Block Heels With Different Outfits!


Do you want to know another reason why block heels are a popular choice for our customers? These casual shoes are so versatile that you can style them with almost anything! As such, you can easily match your block heels with a casual look or a formal outfit, depending on what vibe you want.


We cannot tell you much about styling platform heels with a traditional look that you don’t already know, so we’ll keep this following bit brief! Block heels will look fantastic with all of your go-to formal outfits and party clothes.


Whether you love dresses, co-ord outfits, jumpsuits, playsuits, or some other ensemble for your events, these casual shoes are sure to work beautifully. 


The right pair of block heels will be the finishing touch to your look, so it’s only a matter of picking casual shoes that either complement your outfit or make it stand out more!


Now, what about platform heels for day-to-day wear? On a regular day, you can pair your new platform heels with your favourite jeans and a t-shirt. Even a short pair of block heels can make your everyday outfit more stylish in an instant and without it feeling forced.


Treat your platform heels like they’re an extra glamourous set of heel sandal, then work out the rest of your look from there!


There Are Heaps Of Gorgeous Winter Styles!


If you want to know which block heels are must-haves for your wardrobe right now, then we’re happy to talk you through the most popular winter styles at Spendless Shoes!


While our typical formal pairs are always a favourite pick year-round, some designs deserve a special shout-out during the colder months. We think the ideal styles are heeled boots for the best block heels for winter and autumn!


Our heeled boots come in a variety of different designs, so there’s sure to be something for everyone in our collection. We have everything from ankle-high styles to tall heeled boots available for you.


If you’re looking for trendy but tough heeled boots that can handle rainy weather, then our synthetic leather block heels are your best bet. Do you want extra warmth from your winter heeled boots? Block heels with faux suede material will probably be your go-to.


There are heaps of designs for you to browse through on our online store. How about some honourable mentions for our customer’s favourite winter block heels? This season, we’ve brought in versions of some of our most popular heeled boots in chocolate brown.


Are you a bit tired of typical black leather and tan leather shoes and want to try something else for a change? The rich colour of chocolate brown heeled boots is a super enticing alternative for block heels in 2021— why not give them a try?


Spendless Shoes Has So Many Other Designs For You To See!


We don’t think you’ll need many more reasons to add block heels to your shopping list this season, but we’re happy to tell you some extra ones! You’ll find everything from classic cocktail styles to 2021’s hottest casual shoes when you browse through our online store.


Formal styles block heels come with timeless diamante decor, trendy satin bows on the toes, and other glamorous features. In addition, we have casual boots, court shoes, sling-back styles, and pointy-toed block heels for ladies who need dressy workwear covering their toes.


Ladies who love designs with laidback summertime vibes will love our retro wedges, strappy heeled self-tie casual shoes, and slide-on block heels. We know you’ll find your perfect match at Spendless! So why else might you want to know about our block heels?


Let’s see if we can tick any more boxes for you. Are you a vegan? Almost all of our block heels are synthetic styles, which means they’re vegan-friendly. These get made without the use of animal products or by-products!


If you’re trying to do your part to help the environment by investing in sustainable fashion, then we know you’ll adore our block heels. 


Plus, the styles at Spendless are more fashionable and affordable than most vegan-friendly heel sandal on that market, so there’s that too! You can also find your desired size with our size guide.


Are You Convinced You Need Block Heels In Your Life Now?


Take home a pair of our gorgeous casual shoes and shoe care accessories, and they’ll become a staple in your wardrobe in no time!