Which Mens Boots Styles Are Here To Stay?

Fashion trends come and go, but these men’s boots will be here forever! Do you want to know which styles are our all-time favourites? Well, keep reading!


Everyone loves our dressy styles! 

Are you familiar with Spendless’ elegant men’s boots? These pairs are almost identical to our dress shoes, other than the higher-cut ankles. Formal men’s boots are perfect for winter weddings and outdoor events because they provide extra protection and warmth for feet. Not only will they look good with suits and similar formal attire, but they will also keep your toes from getting frosty! The sturdy synthetic leather material on these men’s boots can tackle wet weather, prickly scrubland, and harsh conditions without faltering, so they are as practical as they are stylish! We offer many of our designs in both a shiny black and a glossy tan version, as these shades are enduring favourites with our customers. 


You can’t say no to casual styles!

Forget about wearing sneakers and trainers during winter and autumn. When the cold weather comes, you should trade your skate shoes for men’s boots instead! As we’ve said, these provide the best protection against the elements while still being fun and fashionable footwear. Our best men’s boots will look great with jeans and a t-shirt when you want to see your mates, and a matching jacket or blazer if you want to dress up for a dinner date or similar occasion. This season, we think everyone should try our biker/combat styles! Lace-up men’s boots like these can bring the attitude to your look and give it a bolder and trendier feel. 


Our work styles are time-tested favourites!

Do you work a trade or in settings where tough men’s boots are non-negotiable? Our hard-wearing safety shoes are the ones for the job! Work styles from Spendless Shoes are men’s boots with extra arch-support, steel-capped toes, thick soles with great grip, and other support. During a long shift, you’ll appreciate the extra padding and shock-absorbing features, which should prevent muscle strain after hours of wear. We have both lace-up and pull-on men’s boots in our collection of workwear— take your pick! 


Waterproof men’s boots will always be popular!

Do you have a trusty pair of rain-boots in your shoe collection? If not, we highly recommend getting your hands on our waterproof men’s boots. Since the material is water-resistant, it cleans up easily, so these are also great shoes to wear outdoors in the garden or shed. When you have jobs to do in dirty settings, you can trust that these shoes will still be salvageable after you’re done. A quick rinse with the garden hose, a wipe with a sponge (or wet tissue), or a scrub with a brush will clean these up in no time! These outdoorsy men’s boots are super handy. Ensure you get a pair this season. 


Slippers are a must-have too!

If there’s one type of men’s boots that will never go out of fashion, it is slippers! After all, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a cosy pair of slippers that they can wear around the house. While we do have fuzzy slides (a favourite in spring and summer) for you, our cosiest home pairs have to be men’s boots. These pull-on slippers are calf-high, lightweight, have a fluffy inner-lining, and soft material on the outside. We can’t think of a better pair of men’s boots to have on indoors, or better shoes to put on with your pyjamas and comfiest loungewear! 


These five designs are here to stay, and we're all for it! 

Which of these essential men’s boots is missing for your collection?