When To Buy 2021 School Shoes!

When is the best time to buy your boys’ school shoes? Let Spendless guide you through the process. We’ve got the most affordable, comfortable, and classic boys’ school shoes for students in 2020. Keep reading for all the inside tips! 


When was the last time you checked the fit of your boys’ school shoes?


If the last time that your child wore their uniform pair was at the end of the previous semester, then they’ve had weeks to grow out of them! As such, you should always check to see how well your boys’ school shoes are doing before they start-up in the classroom again. 


Have your son put on his uniform socks, tie up (or buckle, or stick down the tabs on) his boys’ school shoes, and stand up. Then, press down on the top of your child’s pair to see until you can feel where his toes are sitting at the end. There should be at least a centimetre gap left between his longest toe and the end of his boys’ school shoes, or they’ll feel too cramped and start causing discomfort. If your son doesn’t have that much room left, then it’s time for a new pair! 


Don’t forget to check sporty boys’ school shoes at the same time!


Sneakers and trainers are the other must-have pair for most students. Along with regular boys’ school shoes, your son will be in and out of sneakers all week for PE classes and extra-curricular activities. While you can get away with ill-fitting classroom pairs for a little while, you can’t do the same for sportswear! 


So, we recommend that you get your child to try on all of his boys’ school shoes at least two weeks before the beginning of the term, just to be safe!


Keep an eye out for our sales!


Boys’ school shoes from our shelves are already incredibly affordable, but we can’t say no to a great sale! If you’re hoping to make the maximum saving the next time that you buy your son a new set, then you should watch out for our promotion periods and special discounts. Typically, we tend to run these sales in the weeks before the start of the new semester, so that everyone has a chance to get boys’ school shoes at a bargain price without having to rush into stores. 


If you aren’t on our email list or following any of the Spendless social media accounts, you should seriously consider getting on board! That way, you’ll be the first to know about sales for boys’ school shoes (and any other styles) as soon as they come up!


Want to save yourself some cash this season?


We all know that kids grow way too fast, and that means keeping up with their boys’ school shoes can be a difficult and expensive endeavour. Luckily, Spendless has a few ideas that should help you keep up with your growing child, and ensure that you save a bit of cash here and there. 


Our solution is this: buy boys’ school shoes that are a size or two bigger than what your child needs, and fill the space with innersoles while they’re still growing into them. Our full-sized fabric, gel, and foam innersoles will make up the empty areas in your boys’ school shoes when you first buy them. 


The padding will prevent the oversized pair from slipping, sliding, or unbalancing your kid. Not to mention, students will get to enjoy extra padding and comfort underfoot, so they’ll be extra cosy in their new boys’ school shoes anyway. With innersoles there to compensate for the larger size, you can pull off this scheme successfully! 


Get your boys’ school shoes at Spendless this year!


You won’t regret it!