What Your Women’s Flats Say About You!

What you wear, including your footwear, can speak volumes about your personality, often revealing more than you might realise. Whether you’re outgoing or more laid-back, your choice of shoes can convey a lot about you. While it’s commonly said not to judge a book by its cover, paying attention to these details can provide insight into how you can interact with others.


So, what can we conclude about ladies who prefer wearing women’s flats? At first sight, they prioritise comfort and effortless style, whether they prefer ballerina shoes or loafers. Busy ladies always favour practical and versatile women’s flats, showing others they are determined and proactive in all their endeavours. If you have a long list of tasks and things to do, your first choice would be something that can make you mobile and cosy.


Does this description resonate with you? Does your shoe closet have countless women’s flats? What styles do you own, and where did you find them?


If your women’s flats are from Spendless Shoes, it’s safe to say that you appreciate quality and value for your money. The brand has been offering an excellent collection for years, ensuring that each pair combines comfort, style, and versatility to accompany you anywhere without feeling overdressed or underdressed. In choosing women’s flats, ladies choose based on colour, texture, design, or shape, revealing something about themselves and what they like. Let’s go through the different kinds and discover what each says about those who wear them.


Women’s Classic Ballet Flats


These timeless shoes embody more than just comfort; they represent simplicity, elegance, and an appreciation for comfort. When you favour women’s ballet flats, you prioritise lightweight and flexible footwear that doesn’t compromise any essential aspects. Your graceful and poised demeanour mirrors that of ballerinas, and you approach daily tasks with a practical and composed mindset. 


Adagio women’s flats from the Spendless collection likely resonate with you. It features a classic slip-on style and an adorable bow detail on top of the shoe, making it an all-around option for the season. Wear these women’s flats with all your favourite outfits, ensuring an excellent experience. 



Loafers are known for their minimalist and preppy vibe, often associated with women who exude meticulousness, perfectionism, and a keen attention to detail. These robust and firm women’s flats mirror the determined nature of those who wear them, as they do not easily break or give up. Ladies who love loafers perform every task at the highest standard possible. These women’s flats are dependable and can see you through challenging weather and situations, like the ladies who wear them. 


Rely on Spendless’ Lion to get you through your daily plans. These women’s flats are perfect for work events or social gatherings, boosting your height via the chunky soles. With a patent leather outer material and simple detailing, you will come across as a polished woman ready for whatever the day brings.


Bold and Bright


Ladies who gravitate towards bold and bright women’s flats exude a daring personality, showing a willingness to try new experiences. Fearless of judgement, these ladies choose colourful shoes to make a statement, stand out, and infuse every outfit with a pop of colour. These ladies are admirable, filled with vibrant energy and always the life of the party, which you can tell by their choice of women’s flats. 


Two options from the Spendless collection immediately pop out because of their shades: Arabesque in red and Calgary in pink. Arabesque reminds you of Mary Janes, women’s flats with a round shape and a delicate strap across the instep. These red beauties will call for attention from a kilometre away. Meanwhile, Calgary loafers feature a spacious, rounded square-toe shape, suede-like finish and gold buckle details across the top. A touch of pink always takes any outfit to the next level.


Patterned or Embellished


Your appreciation for artistry shines through when you choose patterned or embellished women’s flats. You gravitate towards items that convey unique expressions of style, making them ideal for ladies who see shoes as an extension of their creative spirit. Women’s flats with these visual or tactile aesthetics resonate with you, reflecting your keen attention to detail and appreciation for self-expression. 


Calypso and Echo from the Spendless collection deserve your attention. Calypso women’s flats are ideal for work and play, offering all the features typically expected from loafers. But what sets them apart is the charming cut-out design, which creates a perfect silhouette with your foot. Echo presents a similar vibe, as these women’s ballet flats feature laser cut-out detailing that elevates the shoe to a new level of elegance.


Caring for Your Shoes


Your women’s flats are an extension of your style, so treating them with the same care and attention you give yourself is essential. Following a few simple steps, you can keep your shoes looking as fresh and new as the day you first wore them. 


  • Find the perfect storage for your women’s flats somewhere that will keep them from floating dust and moisture. An excellent shoe closet, rack, or bag will do the trick.

  • Protect your women’s flats the day you get them. Spendless has an excellent water and stain protection spray that adds an invisible shield to your shoes. It keeps dirt and fluids from seeping through the material long enough for you to get home and wipe them off. Ensure you re-apply it weekly.

  • Rotate your shoes. While we understand you have a favourite pair of women’s flats, they also need time to rest and breathe—more reason for you to pick up another pair from the Spendless collection. Look for something that also imbibes your personality, or maybe it’s time to experiment with a different one.

  • Keep the moisture out. Besides dirt, moisture can shorten the lifespan of your favourite women’s flats. If they get wet, dry them naturally. Avoid direct heat or sunlight, which can ruin your shoes.

Get to Know Yourself via Spendless Flat Shoes!


Visit Spendless for a huge range of stylish and timeless flat shoes that are both comfy and durable. Compared to famous brands like Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari, we provide shoes made of high-quality leather and breathable fabrics at a lower cost. Flat sandals, loafers, brogues, casual flats, and classical ballerina flats are just a few of the shoe styles available in bold, statement-making, classic colours. Head to the nearest Spendless retail store or shop online to find women’s flats that express who you are!