What To look for in Men’s Work boots

At Spendless we have a range of men’s work boots which are perfect for all workplaces and these can be easily found on our website! Are ready to find your best fit?

If you head to our Spendless website, you will find our men’s category which includes the sections of dress shoes and men’s work boots. Both these sections have a vast range of styles which are perfect if you are based in an office environment or if you are out and about and on building sites all day. We know how import men’s work boots are in the wardrobe, whether it is an everyday pair or for a special occasion. So, let’s get to it!

Dressy styles

Under our dress boots section (which is in the dress section), you will find a range of boots that are ideal if you are employed in a more corporate setting or a casual setting. Our dress styles include a heap of colours such as black, dark brown and tan. Like our men’s work boots, you can find shoes here that are lace-up or pull-on. A pair of these with some fitted pants, nice shirt, or stylish blazer will give a bold but easy-going air.  Our suave Chelsea boots have the same great elastic side panels you will find on our pull-on men’s work boots, and they help provide a cosy fit. These are trendy and flexible casual or formal wear and are quick to take on and off.

On the job

Within our website in the men’s category, we also have a men’s work boots area which are ideal if you find yourself on bustling building sites all day. These are excellent, and most of them include leather for a durable and comfortable fit. Black and wheat are the power couple when it comes to colours for men’s work boots.


Lace-up work styles are a fast and stress-free addition to your collection. These have tough soles to protect your vulnerable feet from pointy objects and harmful substances. Laces mean a smooth adjustment to the fit of your men’s work boots, while custom metal eyelets prevent wear and tear over time from constant tying or tightening.


At Spendless Shoes, our men’s work boots also come in great pull-on kinds too. Pull-on men’s work boots slip on as quickly as anything with helpful tabs to assist in the process. You are more likely to get away with wearing these casually than lace-up styles, so they are not necessarily limited to the worksite either.

Safety features

Our footwear also includes safety features such as steel capped toes, which provides both peace of mind and protection for long days at the construction site. No one ever tries to drop heavy stuff on their toes, but with these men’s work boots you can stop the worry if it happens accidentally. Big feet or small, you need to protect your toes, and steel caps one of the best ways to do that.

Our men’s work boots also have PU outsoles which are slip resistant and shock absorbing. Oh, and they also received their Australian Safety Standard certification- this means they are an affordable must-have for anyone who requires safety shoes or extra protection for feet on their construction site.

Finding a great pair of men’s work boots should be simple, and with our Spendless website, you can be sure that you will find the right shoes for you. Order online to have your men’s work boots delivered at your door in no time!