What Shoes Do High Schoolers Wear?

Is your child starting their first year of high school? Do you need help figuring out which sort of kids’ school shoes they will need? Spendless will guide you to the perfect pair for your studious little student! We have been helping families find kids’ school shoes for over thirty years now, so you can trust that we know what we’re talking about. Not only are our styles an instant match with your child’s uniform, but they also come in a huge selection of sizes! Plus, we have dozens of different kids’ school shoes available. Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Students wear all sorts of sizes 

Depending on their size, students could need kids’ school shoes from our adult or child categories. These categories flow directly from one to the other, so there are no awkward fit gaps when you make the transition. We know that children hit their growth spurts at different ages and stages, which means a flexible size range is a must for kids’ school shoes. As such, Spendless offers pairs for the littlest students and the biggest ones. It does not matter whether your child needs tiny, average, or enormous kids’ school shoes, because Spendless has all that and more! 

Most older students wear lace-up designs

Laced kids’ school shoes are considered the most mature and grown-up. With that in mind, it should be surprising that they are the prime pick for older children. You can get these kids’ school shoes in synthetic or leather material at Spendless, or a mixture of both! Despite being different material types, all of our styles have the same fundamental look. These kids’ school shoes have rounded toes, supportive soles, shiny material, and a sleek shape. Whichever version you choose to get, you know that they will look flawless underneath a freshly ironed uniform! 

But, while lace-up kids’ school shoes are the go-to for most students, Spendless also offers some excellent alternatives. We have buckled Mary-Jane sandals that will add a fashionable feel to your daughter’s uniform instantly. These so-called sandals have the same build and look like typical kids’ school shoes (and the finish is as shiny), but the geometric cut-outs take this design to the next level. You won’t be compromising comfort for aesthetic with this design either; the soles have the same support design and seamless comfort as the rest of our styles. Many older girls have opted to wear Mary-Jane styles in place of regular kids’ school shoes over the past year, so they’re a trending option this season! If your teen is looking for something fresh and trendy, then we highly recommend a Mary-Jane style.

Older children also need sneakers and trainers! 

Don’t neglect your child’s sportswear! It’s easy to forget active kids’ school shoes, but they are a staple style. Most students have weekly PE classes where they will need sneakers or trainers, and many teens also require them for team sports after hours or on the weekends as well. So, if you’re shopping for new classroom-ready kids’ school shoes, then be sure that you remember to get a new sporty pair as well. 

The ideal kids’ school shoes are ready and waiting for you at Spendless! 

If your teenager needs a new pair, then we’ve got just the thing! If material matters to you, then you’ll be glad to know that each style has that information listed in the description. Whether you need active kids’ school shoes or something to wear in the classroom, Spendless has got you covered. Our enormous spread of sizes will also make getting the right fit for your child oh-so-easy too. And, last (but not least), our kids’ school shoes are ultra-affordable! Honestly, why would you shop anywhere else?