What School Shoes Are Best For Kids?

What boys’ school shoes are the best for your kids? Good question! There are a lot of factors to consider here, including the design, the price of the pair, and your child’s age. Let us make finding the ideal boys’ school shoes a bit more straightforward for you this season. In this article, we’ll go through the main things to think about before you start shopping for a new pair. Now, let’s get to it! 

Affordable boys’ school shoes are the best kind! 

You know it’s true! Given how quickly students grow out of their footwear, an affordable price is always something to prioritize. At Spendless, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality boys’ school shoes for the lowest cost. There so many other uniform items to buy throughout the year, and if you have more than one child, then the costs start to stack up and up. As such, the best boys’ school shoes in our eyes will always be affordable ones. 

Leather or synthetic? 

Material is a hot topic for debate when it comes to boys’ school shoes. Both artificial and animal-derived materials have their benefits and weakness, after all. At Spendless, we have mostly chosen synthetic boys’ school shoes. Why forgo leather, you ask? Well, leather products can be susceptible to water damage and scuff easily. When you consider how roughly kids can treat their boys’ school shoes, it makes sense to back synthetic designs. These styles are much more difficult to scuff and mark than leather, which is always a bonus. After all, you want the best endurance from your child’s new pair! Also, synthetic boys’ school shoes require minimal maintenance and are effortlessly easy to clean. 

Still, keep it in mind that we also offer pairs made with leather uppers or lining. Combination boys’ school shoes utilise the softness, flexibility, and extra breathability of leather to the best effect. In the end, the choice is all up to you, and we clearly label the material of each product for your convenience. 

Should you look at lace-up or touch-fastening boys’ school shoes?

When it comes to choosing the type of fastenings your child needs, it is best to think in terms of age. 

For instance, if your child is a preteen or younger, then our touch-fastening boys’ school shoes are the way to go. Laces can be tricky for young children to do-up by themselves, which means there’s a risk that poorly knotted ties will come loose and make them trip over. Touch-fastening boys’ school shoes pose no trip risk and they also adjust easily for the best comfort and fit. 

As children get older, there is an expectation that they will make the switch from touch-fastening styles to lace-up ones, which are generally seen as more grown-up and mature. With that in mind, we recommend that you move your kids to laced boys’ school shoes by the time they hit double digits, even if your child still has small enough feet for touch-fastening styles. Laced styles offer the most versatile fit adjustment too, which means you can rework them to suit your child’s feet completely. Young adults lead busy lives and usually spend longer in their boys’ school shoes because of extra-curricular activities or after-hours practices too. As such, they will undoubtedly benefit from that extra versatility from their lace-up footwear. 

So, how are you feeling?

Have we answered all of your burning questions about boys’ school shoes? Are there still some things you want to know before your next shopping trip? If you want more information about our styles, then we recommend reading some more helpful articles! Or, you can skip ahead and browse our collection of boys’ school shoes and decide for yourself!