We Have School Shoes For Every Age And Occasion!

Spendless has kids’ school shoes for all ages and every occasion! 

Finding your child’s perfect pair will be child’s play!

There’s nothing more disheartening than shopping for a new pair and finding nothing that fits. Kids’ school shoes are the pair that children wear the most frequently, and getting the best fit is crucial. So, it should be no surprise that Spendless has given this some serious thought. Our solution is simple and effective: offer an enormous range of kids’ school shoes so no child will miss out! The shoes in our children’s collection fit an age range from toddlers to preteens to young adults, which can transition into our range for women and men without a hitch.  

Not only that, but you’ll notice that we design our kids’ school shoes with the most age-appropriate fastenings too. Any styles for young children come with touch-fastening straps, while buckled straps and laced uppers are the norms for pairs aimed at older students. 

Our sporty kids’ school shoes are up for anything!

After classroom styles, sportswear is the essential footwear for a student. After all, along with any mandatory PE classes, most children will join a sports team and need kids’ school shoes for practices and games too. High-quality sneakers and trainers are crucial because they control the comfort, performance, and safety of students during fast-paced, intense, and physically demanding activities. And, don’t forget that your children will get heaps of use out of active kids’ school shoes on the weekends and during the holidays too. After all, sneakers and trainers are the best footwear for any physical activity. If you like taking your children out camping or off to a holiday spot during their break, then sporty kids’ school shoes will keep them comfortable during long days of walking, hiking, playing outdoors, and having fun! 

Mary-Jane sandals are the fashion-forward pick for your daughter!

If you’re familiar with the Spendless shoe collection, then you’ll already know that we offer some fun alternative kids’ school shoes. Our Mary-Jane sandals, for instance, are glossy styles with trendy geometric cut-outs and a summery feel. While these stylish pairs are incredibly similar to conventional kids’ school shoes, they aren’t far removed from casual sandals or shiny ballet flats. So, there’s no reason why your daughter can’t wear her Mary-Jane pair on the weekends too if she wants. These kids’ school shoes are an easy match with summer dresses and skirts, which means that girls can get even more wear out of their pair! And, since these pairs are dressy enough to wear with a uniform, they could also be a good pick for children to wear to a party or get-together in a formal setting. 

Slip-resistant kids’ school shoes make the best work pairs! 

Does your teenager need a new pair for the classroom and a set to wear to work? Save your cash and buy two-in-one kids’ school shoes instead! Our slip-resistant footwear looks practically identical to classic uniform styles. While they are similar to kids’ school shoes, these non-slip pairs come with heaps of handy features too! Cushioning ankle cuffs, arch support, non-marking outsoles, materials with water and oil resistance, and non-slip soles are just a handful of highlights from these kids’ school shoes. Your teenager can spend a long day of classes with these on their feet, head straight to an afternoon or evening shift at work, and stay comfortable all the while. If your child has (or is looking for) a job at a supermarket, retail store, fast food restaurant, or a similar place, then add slip-resistant kids’ school shoes to your shopping list! 

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