Ways You Can Make Your Flats More Comfortable

Women's flats are great everyday shoes. We know that wearing these shoes day in and out and being on your feet all day long can be painful and exhausting. So, we are here to help you find the perfect everyday shoes. Shoes that don't cause discomfort and give you some helpful tips and tricks to make your women's flats more comfortable in general. 


Comfort Is Key


To ensure your feet are kept completely comfortable throughout the day, the key you should be kept at the forefront of your mind is a cushioned sole. A cushioned soled shoe is guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable and stable all day long.


In saying that, we know what it feels like when shopping for supporting women's flats. It can lead you right to the elderly shoe section of the store. You find yourself sifting through bulky, heavy, unflattering and not to mention pricey shoe options. 


At Spendless Shoes, we have a range of women's flats that will keep your feet feeling well supported and comforted throughout the day in our cushioned women's flats. We have countless styles of supportive shoes, we are sure you will find the perfect pair suitable for every day, weekend and evening wear. 


Looking for a ballet, loafer, sandal, slingback, wedge, slip-on or sneaker style? We have a range of cushioned soled designs just waiting for you. Try them on and get comfortable! 


Ditch your rock-hard, stiff shoes and find something more flexible and long-wearing. You can effortlessly zip around in them and be completely comfortable while running errands! 




Slip-on sandals make great everyday women's flats. They are the perfect summer wardrobe staple. A peep-toe and open back design will keep your feet feeling fresh and airy throughout the day. Adding a touch of trend is the square-cut top of the shoe with a braided rope texture along the base of the heel is sure to turn heads. 


Our slip-on sandals will look fantastic with anything in your wardrobe! Wear them with your capri pants and jeans with flowy longline tops and blouses for a smart chic look. Perhaps pair them with your summer skirts and dresses for a carefree, relaxed look, perfect for those long summer nights down by the beach. 


These women's flats are an iconic summer style, and you can't go wrong with adding these comfortable designs to your wardrobe!  


If slip-on styles aren't for you and you require something with a little more support, then why not try a touch-fastening or slingback sandal? 


With the added over and around ankle straps, these add a ton of support to your ankles and will keep you feeling secure throughout the day. These numbers are great for ladies with unsteady ankles. Get yourself a pair of our supportive women's flats, and you won't find your ankles giving way anytime soon! 


These sandals have thick straps across the front of your feet and behind your ankles to keep you walking in complete comfort throughout the day. In a range of colours, designs, textures and embellishments, you will be sure to find the perfect pair for your next event. Pair these sandals up with your favourite dresses for a dressier evening look, or simply wear them with your jeans for a comfy everyday look. 


Amongst other things, these women's flats are wonderful for the warmer weather since they have excellent air circulation. The easy touch fastening straps will make it much easier to slip into a pair of sandals and start your day. 


Ballet & Loafer Styles 


Ballet and loafer styles are the definition of women's flats! 


So get yourself a pair of stylish and comfortable women's flats from Spendless Shoes. Our ballet and loafer styles are all so different, unique and versatile. Grab yourself a pair and wear them to the office, for everyday weekend wear or even your evening wear. 


These styles are suitable for both the warmer and cooler months, so you will be able to transition these women's flats into and out of seasons seamlessly. The cushioned soles in our ballet and loafer styles will guarantee all-day comfort. Amongst other things, the stylish designs will keep you coming for more! Whether you are on the lookout for an elegant and classic style or something with a little more edge, you'll find your favourite women's flats at Spendless Shoes. 


Find a slip-on style in hole-punched fabrics to keep your feet feeling airy throughout the day. You might also try a bold leather style with embellished or buckle detailing to keep your outfits looking stylish. 


Our cushioned inner soled ballet and loafer style women's flats are perfect for work or play, so treat your feet to the best support and ease of wear when you wear our ballet and loafer footwear styles! 


Slip-On Sneakers


Are you looking for the ultimate weekend shoe? We have the perfect shoe styles just for you, slip-on sneakers. 


Our slip-on sneakers are a great staple that can be worn with anything in your weekend wardrobe. These styles look best when worn casually with jeans or capri pants and a relaxed tee or flowy blouse. These styles can even be worn with your activewear, drop-crotch trousers, elastic bottomed cargo pants, and even your weekend tee-shirt style dresses. 


As we said, these women's flats are the ultimate weekend shoes. They can be worn with anything you desire and feel great! Our slip-on styles come in a range of colours, fun textures and heel designs. Take the hassle out of sneakers and ditch the laces! Slip into a pair of sneakers when you are on the go. 


Look trendy on your next girls' day out, and grab yourself a pair (or two) of our stylish and comfortable soft cushioned slip-on sneakers! 


Take the discomfort out of women's flats and start feeling comfortable in your everyday shoes. Save the discomfort for your heels! 

Get yourself into Spendless Shoes and get yourself some stylish women's flats today!