Ways To Wear Your Boots Into Spring

You can wear your women’s boots in spring and summer too! Who says that the pair you get from Spendless Shoes are only good for half the year? Women’s boots from our collection are super versatile. We can tell you, with confidence, that once you have found a pair that you love, you will be able to wear it again and again (and again) to different settings. And, whether you prefer ankle-high, knee-high, or thigh-high women’s boots, Spendless Shoes has a multitude of designs for you to try out! Today, we want to give you some handy information about our styles and offer some fashion inspiration. Now, who’s ready to hear the details? 


Our women’s boots are trans-seasonal! 

The best part about these styles is the fact that you can put them on at any point in the year! Unlike other seasonal designs, many of our women’s boots can come out to play during any season, provided that you wear the right outfit. And, since we have everything from ankle-high to thigh-high shoes, we’re sure that you’ll find something that suits your needs and your unique style! Do you need some styling tips for your new women’s boots or want to figure out which design will suit your aesthetic the best? We’ll go through a few of the fashion basics to help get you started, right now!


What looks good with ankle-high women’s boots?

The types of clothes you match them with should depend on the height of the ankle. For instance, sock booties finish closer to the calf. So if you want to do these women’s boots justice, then you’ll need to keep your ankles uncovered; cuffed pants and shorter hemlines are the way to go! In contrast, the rest of our ankle-high designs will be no trouble with long jeans or pants. 

Can you wear skirts or dresses with knee-high women’s boots?

Typically, people take advantage of the extra warmth and put their knee-high style over the top of their favourite jeans. However, there’s no shortage of ways you can dress up calf-high women’s boots. A fun ruched style or lovely leather-look pair would be perfect with a long skirt, a blouse, and a bag or other accessories in the matching colour. 


How can you wear over-the-knee women’s boots?

While their soft and warm faux suede material makes thigh-high shoes a popular pick in the colder months, they look stunning in spring too! Since these ultra-long women’s boots cover your legs up to your thighs, you can easily pair them off with skirts, dresses, and other short-cut clothing. Not only will these combinations keep you warm in fair or frosty weather, but they are also a bold choice. The bold block-colour of these women’s boots will complement clothes with colourful prints and patterns (which are hugely popular during spring). If you want shoes that can turn heads, then over-the-knee shoes are a must-have! 


Should you pick a style with heels, or not?

Typically, most people would choose women’s boots with heels if they wanted to wear them as formal wear. Heels add another level of elegance and sophistication to a style. So we highly recommend picking a pair with platforms if you want to wear them out to parties, work functions, and other special events. Our women’s boots come with block heels, so you can trust these shoes to keep you steady and comfortable on your feet for ages. But, the most important thing is that you feel confident in your shoes. Flat women’s boots from our collection are as gorgeous as heeled ones, so base your decision on your personal preference. 



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