Ways To Get Your Children To Enjoy School More!

Do you want your child to enjoy being in the classroom more? Keeping students happy can be a tricky task, but our boys’ school shoes will always make kids smile! Do you want to know how? Keep reading, and Spendless will let you in on a few fast ways to make your child’s week more enjoyable! 


They’ll enjoy their week in comfy boys’ school shoes!

If your children are stuck in an uncomfortable pair for five days a week, they’re not going to be enjoying themselves! Not only can this be a bad distraction for them during class time, but ill-fitting boys’ school shoes can be a nuisance during recess and lunchtime too. The last thing that you want is your child getting cranky or upset because their feet are sore. But what can you do to provide boys’ school shoes with long-lasting cosiness? 


Firstly, you can pick the right size! 

Oversized and undersized boys’ school shoes can spell disaster for students! Pairs that are too big are a tripping hazard for kids and lead to blisters on the backs of their heels (because of all the slipping). Boys’ school shoes that are too small put kids’ at risk of foot cramps, squished toes, and blisters across their feet. These unpleasant outcomes are easily avoided if you pay careful attention to your child’s footwear. Put them in a pair of boys’ school shoes that fits properly, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any issues!

Spendless makes finding the best size straightforward and simple. Not only do we have an expansive range of boys’ school shoes that will fit toddlers, juniors, preteens, and teenagers (and adults if you swap into our men’s collection), but we also have a handy size chart to guide you. You can use the chart to compare different measurements (like US, UK, and EU sizes). As such, if you know at least one measurement for your boys’ school shoes, you can use it to make sense of the others!


Secondly, you can add extra cushioning using innersoles!

Most boys’ school shoes from Spendless already have built-in support features to reduce muscle strain and absorb movement-driven shock. Still, there’s no such thing as too much support from your footwear! Considering how many hours your kids will spend wearing boys’ school shoes during the year, we think you’ll be inclined to agree with that! Our innersoles and inserts are one-size-fits-all accessories that you can slip into your child’s pair. They’ll provide even more arch support for student’s feet, so they can keep going, going, and going! 


Picking the right style is super important too! 


Let your children pick the boys’ school shoes they like!

One way to avoid getting your child a pair that he doesn’t like is to get him to make the final pick. Create your son a list of options based on the style and size he needs (and the price that works for you), and let him pick the boys’ school shoes he thinks are the best. That way, you can buy with confidence, knowing that he’ll love the pair that shows up on the doorstep! 


Get them some fun sneakers or sporty boys’ school shoes! 

Does the dress code allow children to wear colourful boys’ school shoes for PE lessons and other physical activities? Our all-white and all-black trainers will keep kids covered if they aren’t allowed any bright shades or patterns on their uniform footwear. But, if students are allowed to get more adventurous with active boys’ school shoes, then we’ve got some excellent designs available in 2020! Vibrant trainers will add the fun back into your child’s wardrobe and add some fun to their uniform! 


What do you think?

Follow our advice and make boys’ school shoes even better!