Unique Men's Boots Styles That Are Gaining Popularity This Season!

Are You Looking For A Something Different This Season? 


Are You Looking For A Something Different This Season?

If you are looking for a different style of men’s boots this season than the usual casual shoes, pull-on techniques you’ve been wearing day in and day out, season after season.

 Well, it's time to trade in those tired 6inch boot and sport shoes some unique styles that are gaining popularity this season!


With That, Let's Get Started…


Read on, and we will show you some unique 6inch premium boot styles that are slowly becoming the shoe style of choice amongst guys.



  • Lace-Up Men’s Boots



Lace up boot for men have been around for years. However, only recently have they been gaining the popularity that they deserve.

These high-top styles are trendy and stylish, and if worn correctly, their relaxed style can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe.

How? You may ask, well, we will show you just how you can incorporate this effortless style into your everyday wardrobe!

Our premium waterproof boot feature a high profile and laces that go all the way up to the top of the shoe, and although these shoes have a long line of laces, don’t be taken aback by this. We’ve got you covered!

These men's 8eye boot feature a functional side zipper that allows for quick and swift on and off motions and a handy pull tab.

You can find this style in a trendy black or brown hue, and their synthetic fabric finish gives a soft, smooth, shiny finish, which only adds to the appeal of these shoes.

You will feel completely confident wearing this style of mne's ankle boots , whether you wear them dressed up or down!

These men’s casual boots are great for everyday wear. Slip these shoes on with your cuffed slim-legged jeans, paired with a plain tee and oversized denim jacket.

Or, if you prefer to dress these men’s boots up, then don’t be afraid to pair them with your slim-legged chinos and a relaxed shirt.

This look is perfect for the office or a special occasion, and if you can wear these comfy men’s boots instead of your dress shoes, then it’s a no-brainer!


  • Military Men’s Boots



These 6inch premium boots have recently gained some popularity, with more guys adding this edgy shoe to their wardrobes; it’s the perfect subtle nod to grunge without looking full-blown punk!

Like our lace-up styles, these casual styles boots feature a higher profile and laces up to the top of the shoe. So when styling these kicks, the trick here is to make sure you choose the fitting pants to wear with these shoes. Unfortunately, if you don’t, the repercussions are a faux pas!

When choosing the fitting pants to wear with these comfort craftsman, remember don't let the pant legs hang too low or conceal the shoe’s portion. So choose a pair of pants that are hemmed higher up your leg or cuff your pants.

You want to make sure that you are showing off these burnished leather. Show off those chunky leather-looking men’s boots!

We recommend dressing these shoes in your everyday casual wear. For example, opt for some dark tapered jeans, a plain tee and a bomber jacket.

Or if you are heading out for a night out, then dress these sneaker boots up, throw on some dark tapered jeans, a knit and a woollen overcoat. Like our lace-ups, these shoes are versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

This military-style features a shiny and smooth finish, which gives these shoes a natural biker edge, as well as a handy side zipper and pull tab so you can quickly get these mens shoes on and off without fiddling with long laces.



  • Builder Styles



Another unique style that has recently won over the guy's hearts is builder-style men’s boots. These hardwearing ankle men’s boots are tough enough for work and are stylish enough for weekend wear too.


So, for those of you who need to wear protective builder styles to work, then these are the men’s boots for you! Get maximum wear out of these babies as they double for mens footwear for work and weekend shoes.


This lace-up style leather shoes feature a higher profile and padded ankle cuffs for additional protection and support.

Since these leather uppers boots are made for work, there are some fantastic comfortable features about these shoes, too, such as their built-in arch support and extra cushioning, keeping your arches and feet supported all day long.


These heeled boots are proven for outdoor wear, with the grooved soles they make for the best grip support on uneven and complex surfaces, so naturally, this builder style is a dream to wear outdoors.


Although this tanned style is excellent for work, it also doubles as a comfortable weekend shoe. However, just before you rush off to wear these men’s dress boot everywhere, again, just think about the pants you wear with these kicks!


We recommend keeping these men’s boots casual and relaxed with your weekend wear, so choose to wear a pair of fitted jeans that aren’t too long in the leg.

Again, since these shoes have a higher profile, you will want to show off these good-looking shoes! So keep your jeans hemmed or cuffed when wearing these men’s casual dress shoes.

Style these men’s boots with your tailored jeans, throw on a plain tee and finish it with an oversized denim jacket with a faux fur collar or a cool bomber jacket. These shoes are calm and relaxed, so allow the rest of your outfit to do the same!

Have We Convinced You Yet?


These styles may seem entirely out of the box. However, trust us when we say you should give these unique men’s boots a try for formal occasion also.

However you choose to wear these trending styles, you can guarantee that they will seamlessly blend with anything in your wardrobe.

Whether you choose military, lace-up or builder style men’s boots, you can guarantee that at Spendless Shoes, you can pick up a pair of black leather boot also at fantastic low prices!

Now that we’ve shown you some unique popular styles that Aussie guys are falling in love with, then why not jump on the bandwagon too?

Shop Spendless Shoes’ collection of unique men’s boots and discover why these fantastic styles are gaining popularity in the shoe market.