Types of Sandals For Different Events

You won’t believe how many women’s sandals we have waiting for you! Spendless has the trendiest styles of the season for the best prices


Take flatform women’s sandals out to have fun!


These playful flat platforms have a cosy fit and a fashionable feel, so you can dress them up or down. Do you have any special occasions coming up in your summer event calendar? If so, consider taking our flatform women’s sandals along! Since they have thick but flat soles, you’ll get a height boost without sacrificing your balance. 


Walking across the lawn at a backyard party or picnic will be no struggle, and wearing them onto the sand shouldn’t give you the wobbles either. In 2020, some of our most popular flatform women’s sandals are ones with braided rope detailing around the base. We know you’ll love the chill bohemian vibe these cosy platforms will bring to your aesthetic!


Self-tie styles are sure to keep you smiling!


Faux suede women’s sandals like ours make cute casual pairs and pretty party shoes. You will love the soft-feeling fabric and the adjustable fit. Since you can lace these women’s sandals however you want, you have total styling freedom. 


Unlike classic styles, you can rework the ties on these pairs until you’re happy with how they look under your outfit. Not to mention, your comfort is guaranteed. If you’re out for the evening, your feet or ankles start getting sore, it will only take a second to undo your women’s sandals and lace them up again in a cosier position. 


Who needs something new for work?


Ballet flats and slides are our favourite women’s sandals for the office. Are you allowed to have uncovered toes in your workplace? If so, you’ve got heaps of gorgeous women’s sandals to peruse in our collection. If not, we’ve got timeless and pointed-toed flats that will suit your corporate wardrobe flawlessly. One of our hottest new arrivals at Spendless Shoes is a mule-style slide with cute peep-toes and a tassel on top. 


How do you feel about women’s sandals with wedges?


Wedges are a great everyday pair! Women’s sandals like these are a popular choice for ladies since they come with glamorous décor and figure-flattering heels. Unlike stilettos or block heels, wedges boost your height without compromising your balance or comfort. 


Spending the day in these women’s sandals will never be a struggle, no matter how many errands you have or how busy you get! A lot of these pretty platforms have elastic straps and a sling-back fit, so they stay secure without adding unnecessary pressure onto your ankles.


Did we mention the fun décor that comes on these lovely women’s sandals? You’ll find wedges with sparkly diamantes, shiny metallic pieces, beaded patterns, and so much more! Who wouldn’t love to have a pair in 2020?


What about women’s sandals for a fun day at the beach?


If you’re off to swim, surf, sunbathe down at the shoreline, our beach thongs are the perfect pick. We have heaps of slide-on women’s sandals, and they all look fabulous with bikinis, swimsuits, and casual wear! When the weather is sunny, slide them on and enjoy yourself! The soles on our PVC women’s sandals are bendy and flexible, but they’ll protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells, and the occasional crab (no promises about seagulls though, especially if you have hot chips). Our thongs won’t take up much space in your bag because they flatten down, so they won’t have any trouble travelling. 


We have even more for you to see at Spendless Shoes! 


We know we’ve got the ideal women’s sandals for you and something for every occasion! Take some time to comb through our collection and get inspired!