Trendsetter: How to Wear Men's Boots with Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of men’s casual boots can be a challenge, but we know that every guy is up for it! Men’s boots are a must-have style in every guy’s wardrobe, so finding the perfect pair for you is super important. Wearing a pair of men’s casual boots is a style of casual shoes that can take your look to the next level.


These kicks provide you with plenty of comfort craftsman and style so, you will never have to worry about not looking your best. You will become the ultimate trendsetter in these seemingly designer shoes. If you are unsure of the best style of wide fit shoes to invest in and need some help, then you have come to the right place.


Our Spendless Shoes team have gathered a range of casual boots and casual shoes styles that are on-trend in the male fashion world. So for your elegant wide fit footwear option can pick from our selection of top boots and find your new favourite pair of mens shoes to wear.


But, of course, the best way to wear a pair of men’s casual boots is to rock them with some stylish jeans. 


Our selection of trendy wide fit men’s boots is just like chelsea boot and hush puppies that can pair well with any set of jeans, so you will be sure to look handsome as ever in these wide fit shoes. Take a read below of our top mens shoes picks!


Style 1 – Lace-up Boots


The go-to pair of men’s boots that every guy needs in his casual shoes collection is a pair of laceup boots. These men’s laceup boots are a super versatile and trendy style of shoe, so you can wear them on multiple occasions and change up your look.


Laceup boots are the style of casual shoes that you need in your life if you haven’t got them already. These lace up boot can pair well with just about any outfit, but we have a few favourites in mind.


These wide fit shoes look best when styled with a pair of jeans rolled up at the ankles. This edgy look gives your outfit a boost that you did not know it needed. If you prefer not to wear a pair of rolled-up jeans, then try to invest in some ¾ chinos.


These are the perfect alternative to jeans and look just as good when styled with a pair of wide fit men’s boots. Your outfit will go from 0-100 real quick!


Style 2 – Working-class Man


Men’s work boots are in, and the stereotypes are out. So say hello to the mens new arrivals shoe that is making headlines in the male fashion world. Men’s work boots are what everyone knows to be only a part of someone's work uniform.


But now, these wide fit shoes are stepping into the world of fashion, and we are obsessed. The classic tradie casual shoes are becoming a fashion statement where men’s work boots are now styled with casual attire. There is a range of ways these shoes can get styled, which shows just how versatile they are, especially the black leather, brown leather and suede boots.


A pair of men’s steel toe boots will have you sorted in your mens dress from the construction site to a fancy dinner with your partner. These steel toe shoes look best with some light denim jeans because the bright colours can complement one another very well.


If you are a guy who loves his black clothing, then choose to wear a pair of men’s steel toe boots with an all-black outfit like black leather jacket or so. This way, your steel toe shoes can be the star of the show, and your fit can simply blend in.


Style 3 – Men’s Ankle Boots


Do you own a pair of men’s ankle boots? If you are shaking your head, then we are about to enlighten you. Owning a pair of men’s ankle boots is a must-have for your shoe collection. 


These kicks are the perfect casual boots option for when you are unsure of what kicks to wear with your next outfit. These men’s ankle boots will look stylish with just about any outfit, but especially with a pair of jeans. Style these top boots with a dark pair of jeans and an oversized white t-shirt to channel that ultimate laid back vibe.


If you have a more formal event coming up, then a pair of men’s ankle boots can also suit your fit. So dress up in your mens dress like suit and tie, and watch how classy and sophisticated you look in your mens dress when you throw on a pair of these shoes as well. 


Your new go-to shoe will be these elegant men’s ankle boots in no time!


Style 4 – Fluffy Men’s Boots


Do you love to wear comfort craftsman shoes? Well, look no further than the super comfy and fluffy comfort craftsman men’s boots. These shoes are perfect to wear on your lazy days around the house or when you find yourself running a few errands.


Similar to slippers, these top boots are perfect for a lazy casual boots option day at home where you can lounge around freely without any judgement. A pair of fluffy men’s craftsman boots may look a little random when styled with a pair of jeans, but we believe that you can pull it off.


So if you need to head off to the designer shoes shops or pick up some takeaway for dinner and you can not be bothered getting changed, all you have to do is throw on your favourite pair of jeans and slip into your fluffy men’s boots. Ta da! Your look is complete!


Style 5 – Men’s Rain Boots


Men’s rain boots are one style of casual boots that does not make its way into the fashion world very often. These shoes are much more common to wear during the cooler seasons because they can protect you against rain and mud just like gardener boot.


These top boots can easily go with a pair of denim jeans, so you do not have to worry about your outfit not matching your kicks. If you find yourself stuck out in the rain, then you can easily throw on your pair of men’s rain boots and be ready to go about your day to do some outdoor play.


These wide fit top boots will ensure your feet stay dry and protected all day long and will not compromise your style. So, become the trendsetter you have always wanted to be! And style your jeans with a pair of men’s rain boots and watch the compliments roll in.


Do You Need A New Pair Of Men’s Boots?


If our suggestions have inspired you to invest in some new mens shoes, then this is your sign to do it! Head over to the mens boots online store, Spendless Shoes website and scroll through our craftsman boots styles on offer. You will easily find the perfect pair of men’s boots to wear with your favourite pair of jeans.