Trends and Tips in Buying Kids' School Shoes

Parents and guardians take seriously the task of shopping for kids' school shoes. The right pair of academic footwear is essential for a student's performance and overall well-being. However, finding the perfect balance between functionality and style can often feel exhausting for most adults. 

Thankfully, the proper guidance can transform shopping for kids' school shoes into a fun and exciting experience for adults and children. As a task that occurs potentially two or more times each academic year, shopping for academic footwear can become a seamless and enjoyable experience by understanding the essential features, the right timing, and the ideal brand that offers everything one needs for an excellent pair. 

Spendless has been providing parents and children with excellent options for years. Spendless kids' school shoes ensure children perform well in the classroom and playground while also relieving parents of the stress associated with this essential errand. 

Discover the latest trends and expert tips to turn this once-dreaded activity into a much-anticipated one. Let's start this enjoyable journey of shopping for kids' school shoes!




Gathering all the necessary information is essential to ensuring a smooth and successful mission before embarking on the quest for the perfect kids' school shoes. You want to be armed with vital knowledge to make the right choices. Don't worry—Spendless is here to guide you through it all, providing you with the essential checklist for finding the ideal school shoes. So, gear up as we learn the vital WHAT's you need to find the perfect pair of academic shoes for the little ones.


Tip 1—Comfort is Key

Always prioritise kids' school shoes that fit your child well. Looks are essential, but comfort is crucial for their classroom and playground performance. Well-fitted footwear ensures your child can pay attention in class, participate in activities, and enjoy playing with friends without discomfort. 


Tip 2—Find the Right Size

Get your child's accurate foot size to find kids' school shoes that fit right. You can achieve this by measuring their feet at home, ensuring you get the width and length of each foot separately. Alternatively, seek assistance from experts like podiatrists or trained in-store staff who can offer professional recommendations based on your child's foot type. Remember to get the accurate Spendless size because shoe brands vary.


Tip 3—Look for Grooved Soles

Choose kids' school shoes with grooved soles to provide the traction your active child needs. Whether walking on soft, wet, or uneven surfaces, kids' school shoes with treads will help them stay stable and steady, reducing the risk of slipping and accidents. Confirm this by flipping the footwear over, where you should see various shapes on the soles. These grooves produce friction so that kids' school shoes don't slip.


Tip 4—Consider Fastenings

Check the kids' school shoes for fastenings or closures. Touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces are usual options. Ensure your child can independently open and close the fastenings for easy wearability. Closures allow a customisable fit, so students can adjust the tightness of their kids' school shoes as needed. 


Tip 5—Roomy Toe Box

Select kids' school shoes with spacious toe rooms that allow your child's toes to spread naturally. Avoid tight options that can cause blisters or discomfort. A wide or spacious toe box, such as kids' school shoes with round or square toes, supports proper foot development, balance, and stability.




Timing is essential when shopping for kids' school shoes. The process can already be tiring, so you want to make sure you choose the right time to avoid adding unnecessary stress for you and your child. Many parents and guardians make the mistake of leaving their children at home, thinking it will speed up the shopping trip. However, involving your child in the process is a must. They should be with you so they can try different options and provide feedback on comfort and style to ensure they are happy with the final decision. 


Tip 1—Choose the Right Day 

Crowds are often a factor, especially when everyone is rushing to buy kids' school shoes at the last minute. Weekends can get crowded, so it's best to avoid them. On the one hand, weekdays are ideal, especially during off-peak hours when some parents are still at work. Finding a quiet time to shop with your child can make the experience more relaxed and enjoyable.


Tip 2—Time Your Shopping Trip 

Shopping for kids' school shoes in the afternoon is essential. By this time, your child's feet have swollen to their maximum size, which you must account for to ensure the footwear fits comfortably. Although shopping in the morning can get the task done early, avoid it because the swelling typically occurs later in the day.


Tip 3—Avoid Last-Minute Rush 

Avoid shopping for kids' school shoes during the last week of vacation, when many others are also trying to finish their back-to-school errands. These can result in crowded stores and long queues.




Spendless is the best place to shop for kids' school shoes because it understands that time is precious and makes the experience easy and enjoyable for the whole family. 


Tip 1—Shop at the Spendless Online Store 

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Tip 2—Enjoy Budget-Friendly Prices

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Tip 3—Use the Flexible Payment Options 

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Tip 4—Shop Now!

Follow all the shopping tips mentioned to make purchasing kids' school shoes at Spendless a breeze! 

Feel free to reach out to our in-store fit experts for assistance in finding the perfect fit. Take advantage of our clear filters and quick-view option to effortlessly browse through our range of brands. Our shoes can match well-known and expensive labels that you can only find at a brands shop. Continue shopping!