Top Hacks on Keeping Your Men's Sneakers White

Have you recently invested in a new pair of men's sneakers in grey? If you are nodding yes, then keep on reading because this article will be your lifesaver.


Men's sneaker in white usually feature a section of white material, or it may be the whole shoe that is white. Do not get us wrong; we love a white feature on mens shoes. However, this sneaker in white or sneakers in black can become dirty very quickly.


The team at Spendless Shoes have come together to provide you with our top hacks on keeping your favourite brands of outdoor play sneakers. There are a few good tips and tricks in our selection of hacks, so we are sure you will find something that works for your favourite brands, dress shoes or low mens shoes.


If you want to ensure that your mens shoes stay as white as possible when you wear them, then keep on reading. Our helpful tips will ensure you can keep your shoes clean, or at least know how to clean them if they get dirty.


Hack #1 – Avoid Mud And Water!


This hack involves a lot of common sense when wearing a pair of leather sneakers in white. Our first and foremost tip is to avoid wearing them through mud and water.


This tip is very straightforward, but it can easily slip through people's minds when they wear their white men's sneakers. So if you are wearing your new pair of mens shoes and you notice that you will have to walk through some mud, it is best to avoid it as much as possible.


Your pair of leather sneakers in white may not get impacted too much if you walk through the mud; however, if it has just rained or you notice the pile of mud is large, then you should avoid walking through it.


This tip also applies to rainy days. If you have places to be and the weather outside is not any good, try not to wear your new pair of leather sneakers in white. Heavy rainfall can dirty your mens shoes or leave a stain on them that results in discolouration.


If there is no other alternative path and you force to walk through the rain or mud with your white pair of men's sneakers on, then keep reading. We have the perfect selection of tips that can help you with your dirty leather sneakers in white.


Hack #2 – Freshen Up Your Laces!


This next tip may be uncommon for some, but replacing your men's sneaker laces can help improve the colouring of your white kicks. But, of course, we know that when you freshen up your pair of white sneaker, then you have to clean the laces that come with them too.


One of the best ways to do this is by placing mens accessories in the wash. Our best tip is to put your shoelaces into a mesh washing bag so they do not tangle up with anything else in the washing machine. If this tip does not work and your laces are still dirty, then try our next option. All you have to do is grab a medium-sized bowl and fill it with a cleaning concoction of dish soap, baking soda and a dash of bleach.


Once they are in the bowl, let them soak in the solution for a couple of minutes. If you notice the dirt is starting to come off of the laces, then you can rinse them with hot water and let them air dry.


If the solution is working but you need an extra nudge, find a pair of dishwashing gloves and start rubbing the laces in the soapy water. One thing to remember is not to run them through the dryer. It will leave you with laces that would be a perfect size if mice could wear shoes.


Hack #3 – Toothpaste Galore!


Another hack that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your mens shoes is to use toothpaste. This method is best when applied to the outer soles of your cupsole sneaker. You will be surprised with how clean your cupsole sneaker is once you give them a clean with some toothpaste.


All you have to do is find some toothpaste that is pure and white. But, of course, it also needs to contain hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you do not buy coloured toothpaste because this has a chance of staining your mens footwear. Using pure white toothpaste, grab an old toothbrush and start scrubbing on the dirty parts of your mens footwear.


The toothpaste should help remove any pesky dirt stains quite easily, and the toothbrush will help scrub it all away. Once you have finished this process, run a damp cloth over your pair of mens shoes to wipe them clean. Voila! You will have a set of mens court sneakers that look as good as new.


Hack #4 – Bleach And Wash!


One helpful tip we can give you when you clean your white men's sneakers is to throw them in the wash. This tip is a straightforward and super effective method for everyone to use. When you place them in the wash, make sure you add a dash of bleach to the mix. This tip will ensure that your mens footwear is squeaky clean at the end of the wash.


If you prefer not to put your lowtop sneakers into the washing machine, you can replicate this process by placing warm water, soap, and bleach into a bucket. Let the pair of mens sport shoes soak away for a moment and then dry them in front of some heat.


Your mens shoes will look amazing after this!


Hack #5 – White Shoe Polish!


If you own a pair of classic slipon sneakers that feature some essential leather material, then this tip will be super helpful for you. The best way to clean dirty leather design sneakers is to invest in some white shoe polish. This substance will help to remove dirt and stains from your mens shoes without any fussing around. All you have to do is take this white shoe polish and rub it into the essential leather material with a cotton cloth.


Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes so the material can soak in the product. Once this step is complete, you can easily buff out the polish with a soft cloth. Your running shoes or hi tops sneakers will be cleaner than ever after this step!


Do you feel like you are all caught up on how to keep your white leather sneaker nice and clean?


If our helpful tips have got you feeling prepared for when you may need to clean your white men's sneakers, then that means our job here is complete. Woohoo! Our Spendless Shoes website offers plenty of footwear and accessories for all your shoe needs, so head to the website today to discover more!