Top 5 Men's Casual Shoe Styles to Consider

Are you on the hunt for a new pair of men's casual shoes? Well, look no further than the men's footwear brand, Spendless Shoes collection. We know about all of the ins and outs when it comes to men's casual shoes, so you are definitely in the right hands.


This look features a wide range of different casual shoe styles and designs which means there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you have not invested in a pair of men's shoes like boat shoes, canvas shoes, lace-up shoes, leather shoes, and leather slip-on casual shoe before, then now is the perfect time to do so.


This men's footwear style is best for the days when you are doing chores around the house or heading out for an outdoor play with family in the park. You will never doubt your outfit choice when you have a pair of men's casual shoes on your feet.


To help you decide on the best style of men's casual shoes for you, we have gathered a selection of the top five casual shoe looks to consider. So scroll down below and discover your new favourite pair of men's casual shoes.


1. Woven Loafers


If you are keen on changing your style, why not invest in a pair of woven leather loafers to help you achieve that goal. These wide fit men's casual shoes offer comfort, flexibility and style, which means it is everyday essential, and you can easily pair them with any outfit.


Woven leather loafers are generally worn in the warmer seasons due to their lightweight fabric and geometric cut-outs for a unique finish. This look allows your feet to gain maximum levels of breathability as well, so you can feel the warm breeze against your skin all day and night.


These wide fit men's casual shoes look best with a pair of ¾ chino pants, some mens accessories, and a loose-fitted button-up shirt or a sleeve top. Oh, and do not forget the sunglasses as well! When these pieces are styled together, you can achieve the ultimate everyday essential summer go-to fit.


Men's casual shoes allow you to enjoy a carefree style, so these wide-fit kicks will be the perfect addition and everyday essential no matter what look you decide to wear for the day. If you are worried about comfort, these woven leather loafers have got you covered.


A pair of men's casual shoes in this style will take you from morning until night with comfort and ease, so you will not have to worry about experiencing uncomfortable feet throughout the day. These are a worthy investment!


2. Slides


The ultimate laidback style of wide fit men's casual shoes is the male slides and slip-on shoes. These go-to mens footwear are perfect for your day-to-day wear. Slides and slip-on shoes offer plenty of comfort and accessibility when you need them most.


These wide fit mens shoes are a simple style of mens footwear to wear throughout the day as they can take you from the beach to the backyard with ease. All you have to do is slip your feet into the slides or slip-on shoes and go about your day.


If you are spending the day at home mowing the lawn and doing the washing, then a pair of slides and slip-on shoes will be the perfect choice for you. These wide fit men's casual shoes are the ultimate style of mens footwear to wear for a lazy day around the house, so you can sit back, do outdoor play, and kick your feet up to enjoy a movie or two on Netflix.


Slides are perfect during the warmer seasons due to their high level of breathability. However, these stylish men's casual shoes are also best to wear during winter and not midseason. To ensure you make the perfect transition, slip on a pair of warm, fluffy socks and continue to wear your pair of slides and slip-on shoes as normal. Some days you feel like choosing comfort over style!


3. Canvas Sneakers


A pair of men's casual shoes can take your day-to-day look to the next level. That's right; we are talking about canvas shoes! If you ever need a new pair of kicks but want to ensure they are comfortable for a long day on your feet, then try to reach for some canvas shoes.


These men's casual shoes suit a laidback look or a more sophisticated outfit depending on the occasion. If you are dressing for a laidback day with some men's accessories, then a pair of canvas shoes with some chinos and an oversized shirt or jumper will look perfect.


This look can get styled with various colours and patterns on your canvas shoes, making them ideal for flaunting. On the other hand, if you have a more formal event to attend, you can get away with a pair of men's casual shoes, then canvas shoes will help you achieve that look.


These men's casual shoes are an overall great style, so rock the pair you are wearing during the day and night!


4. Boat Shoes


Are you looking for a classy style of mens footwear that has a lot of versatility? Well, look no further as we have the perfect pair for you. 


Say hello to boat shoes – the ultimate casual style of mens footwear. These wide fit men's casual shoes are making a statement in the fashion world and for all the right reasons.


We love to wear a pair of men's casual boat shoes during the midseason to summer seasons as they are comfy, breathable, and super on-trend. But, despite these kicks giving us major laidback and chill vibes, they are a much more popular style to wear to special events.


So, despite a birthday party during the winter seasons or a boat party in the middle of summer, a pair of men's casual shoes will have you sorted. Men's casual boat shoes offer plenty of styles that you can rock with just about any outfit. Amazing, right?!


5. High Tops


Treat yourself to a super cool pair of men's casual shoes, like classic high tops mens sneakers. These wide fit men's casual shoes offer every guy a touch of style and class when they wear these kicks.


High-tops are among the most popular mens sneakers within the world of mens footwear, and they are hot property for many reasons. High-tops are inspired by men's footwear designed for basketball players, where ankle support, comfort, and bounce in the sole is a special feature in high-tops mens sneakers.


These wide fit men's casual shoes are also super stylish, with a range of colourways and patterns released with every new drop. These men's casual shoes look great in a laidback setting or a sporting environment. If you feel like trying something new, a pair of high-tops mens sneakers can also look great when styled with some men's accessories, denim jeans and a button-up shirt or a sleeve top.


Found Your New Favourite Style Of Footwear?


If some (or all) of our top five selections of men's casual shoes is ticking your boxes, then it is time to get your hands on some! Head to the Spendless Shoes website and add your favourite kicks, mens sneakers, casual boots, and casual shoe to your shopping cart asap!