Too Many Shoes? Check Out Our Tips For Shoe Storage!

One of the most common problems that ladies who love shoes like women’s flats or heeled get to the point of not having enough room to store their most prized possessions!


Regardless of your problem, whether it's owning too many shoes, or not having enough space to store your shoes, we are going to show you some top tips to keep your favourite shoes.


Women’s flats are typical shoes that every lady owns more than one pair of, and since they are small, lightweight shoes, they can easily get lost amongst a pile of clothes and shoes.


Unlike a chunky pair of leather boots, which uphold a presence, a delicate pair of women’s flats doesn’t hold such a presence and can easily get lost amongst the womens shoe collection.


Do yourself a favour and get a little spring cleaning done as we enter a new season, its time to store away the summer slides and pull out the warm winter boots!


And although it may be time to start rotating your summer into the winter wardrobe, one shoe that seems to remain is your women’s flat shoe. These versatile shoes will get you through year-round wear, and since they have to be one of the most worn shoes in your wardrobe, then start taking better care of your most-loved casual flats.


Better storage of your women’s flat sandals will prolong their lifetime, meaning you will be able to love your favourite shoes for years to come!


Shoe Hanger


Unfortunately, space is something that we all struggle with in one way or another in our homes, whether it's lacking storage space in your kitchen or lacking space in a bedroom, meaning you have limited room for clothing.


When your struggle with space in a bedroom, it makes it incredibly hard to keep your clothing and shoes organised and neat, and one thing that seems to be forgotten a lot of the time is shoe storage.


So if you do struggle with womens shoe storage in your wardrobe, why not look at a hanging alternative?

You can pick up a hanging shoe storage solution from a home storage or hardware store. A shoe hanger is a large bag that looks a lot like a large garment bag. However, this hanger may lack zips gains in ‘shoe pockets’!


You can find shoe hangers with 16 pockets on either side of the hanger and can be hung up on either a clothes rail or behind your bedroom door.


A shoe hanger is a perfect organiser for ladies who struggle with space in their bedrooms. Even if you don’t struggle with space in your wardrobe, this organiser is still a great storage option for women’s shoe care.


This will keep your lightweight footwear paired and in pristine condition. No longer will you be forever searching for the other shoe or wondering how your new animal print flats got so scuffed after only just one wear!




If you are lucky enough to have shoe shelves in your wardrobe, then that’s perfect for storing your women’s ballet flats. Although it may be tricky, especially for ladies who own a truckload of shoes it's also a good idea to keep your black leather flats stored in their original shoe boxes on shoe shelves if possible.


Doing this will keep your women’s flat boots protected from the constant movement on shoe shelves and avoid any damage from this movement.


However, of course, we know that it can be impossible to store every shoe in a shoebox, so the next best thing you can do for your women’s square toe is to keep your shoes together with similar shoes.


For example, try and keep your women’s leather flat stored together on a shelf on their own rather than storing them with footwear that’s worn every day like flip flops, slides, trainers and sneakers.


Doing this will show organisation in a wardrobe, but it also will help keep them dry and clean and prevent any outside elements from interfering.


This will keep the dirt from the soles of your everyday footwear away from your beloved women’s winter white flats and will, in turn, prevent any damage to these delicate casual shoes.


No Shelving, No Worries!


Suppose you don’t have shoe shelves available, no worries! Again, you can always pick up a small makeshift shoe shelf from your local home storage or hardware store, which can be stored anywhere in your home.


However, if you are short for space, you can always use the floor of your wardrobe as a neat storage solution for your women’s black leather flats.


Stackable Shoebox Storage


If you choose to go with this option, we recommend picking up some stackable shoebox storage options. Again, these shoe boxes can be purchased from your local home storage and hardware store.


This is a great shoe storage option for your women’s black flat especially. Keep these dainty, delicate shoes in little compartments, which will keep them clean and damage-free!


Try and pick up some shoe boxes that have a mesh or clear fabric opening, which will make it much easier to find the women’s low heels you’ve been searching for!


Make More Room


If you aren’t lucky enough to have much storage in your bedroom, there’s no use crying over it, do something about it! Be smart with storing your dress shoes (and clothing for that matter). Start by rotating clothes in your wardrobe.


Store away your winter shoes like knee high boots, and winter heels. Store them in ample shoe storage zip-up bags and boxes.


Store them away until next winter, and do the same with your summer shoes and clothing. Heeled boots, jumpers, jackets and coats are bulky and chunky and will take up tons of unneeded room, so pack them up and store them away until next winter.


Trust us. You will love yourself for it; create more room in your wardrobe for more women’s flats!


Top Tip


Try and keep organisation and continuity throughout your wardrobe. Try and keep your shoe storage as consistent as possible to keep your women’s range of flat in tip-top shape!


Our one top tip regarding storing your women’s flats will have to be: do not store all of your women’s apartments in one large bin or basket.


Although it may seem like a great storage idea, it can do a world of damage to your women’s peep toe flats. Think of scuffs and scratches, and not to mention it will be a nightmare to find matching shoes!


If you can enforce some sort of organisation and consistent shoe storage in your wardrobe, you will notice that your women’s peep toe online exclusives flats will no longer look like they’ve been through the wringer!


You will also notice that once you've started organising your shoes, you will find more room in your wardrobe, which can only mean one thing, more shoes! So start implementing our top tips for shoe storage today!