Tips for Men's Boots Maintenance

People think that their responsibilities for shoes end once they've paid for them and taken them out of the store. But, on the contrary, if you love your shoes, especially yourmen's boots, you'll do everything to keep them around longer. 


The footwear serves its purpose—to keep you warm, dry, protected, and looking good. But if these reasons are insufficient to motivate you to set aside time to maintain your shoes, what will?


Finding shoes that serve you well can be difficult. Some guys take three to five tries to get boots that fit well with their lifestyle.


 And when they do, they value what the shoes can offer. As a result, they buy the same style of boots repeatedly because they've grown loyal to them.


And while buying the same thing is okay, it won't hurt to keep the one you have around (and it's less expensive, too!). Do you know how to maintain your boots?


That's where our Spendless team steps in to lend a hand. We'll give you a crash course on making your boots last longer. If you're ready for a deep dive, let's do it! 


1. Start Protection Upon Unboxing 


Maintaining your boots starts when you unbox the shoes before you wear them for the first time. Then, invest in awater and stain protector spray available at Spendless for additional protection against rain, snow, and spills. 


It's a solution that sits on top of the material of your boots, preventing the stain or liquid from bleeding into the shoe, which gives you enough time to wipe them away. It's ideal to reapply the protector once a week. 


2. Wipe Them When You Get Home 


Exposing your boots to winter's natural elements can take a hit, so you must wipe them off once you get home. 


Remove all the visible dirt you can find, including the crevices and corners, because they can crack your shoe's materials if you leave them there to dry. 


3. Provide Proper Storage 


Leaving your boots lying around and exposed to floating dust can harm them. It would help if you had a designated area to store them properly. 


If you have enough floor or closet space, please invest in a shoe closet or rack. Please remember to leave enough space between the shoes to avoid

colour transfer.

However, if you have limited ground space, an alternative would be to use shoe bags that you can hang behind the door. Also, please remember to store your boots away from direct heat sources that can dry and crack the material.


4. Moisturise Your Leather 


Like our faces, leather needs moisture to fight the cold weather so it won't dry and crack. So if you own leather boots, you must moisturise them regularly to preserve the shine and make the leather last longer. 


5. Keep Them Dry 


Never store your boots wet, especially if you've exposed them to winter's natural elements like rain, snow, hail, or puddles. After wiping them off, leave them to dry naturally in the house. 


As mentioned, never dry them with direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters because they might dry the material. 


Moisture can cause bacterial and fungal buildup that is unhealthy for your feet and boots. Moreover, it can cause a foul odour. Drying your boots may take time, so to hasten the process, you can use household materials like newspapers. 


Scrunch them up and leave them inside your shoes. Replace them every few hours for faster results. 


6. Clean and Polish as Often as You Can 


You often clean your home to maintain it, so do the same for your boots. Choose an area within your place that's okay to get wet and dirty. Protect the area by spreading newspapers on the floor. Remove the laces and wash them separately.


It would be best to have a soft brush or old toothbrush, a clean cloth, and a cleaning solution to clean your shoes. Start by using your soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the surface of your boots. 


Dampen your clean cloth with the cleaner and then wipe across your shoes in a small, circular motion. Ensure you brush the tongues and flaps as well. Let the solution sit on your boots for a while.


As for shoe polish, ensure that the colour is closest to that of your shoes. Then, apply the polish to your boots in the same manner as cleaning them—in a small circular motion. 


Once you've covered the entire shoe, let it dry before you buff it in a quick, sideways movement. 


You'll know it's working when you notice a glossy shine from your boots. Pat a dry, clean cloth on your shoe to remove excess polish. 


7. Use Boot Trees 


Maintain the shape of your boots by using boot trees to keep them upright. Ensure the size and height are the same as your shoe. Alternatively, you can use scrunched newspapers inside your boots. 


Doing either will keep your shoes from sagging and having creases. You don't want your boots to lose some of their style because they've wilted. 


8. Keep Them Odour-Free 


As mentioned, moisture can cause a foul smell to emanate from your shoes, and we don't want that to happen. 


If you notice a funky smell starting to waft from your boots, sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes and leave them overnight. 


Remove the excess baking soda the following morning by shaking your footwear.


However, some people do not want baking soda directly in their boots, so you can create coffee packets to leave inside the shoes. Let them sit there overnight or until you use them. 


Then, add some drops of lavender oil to the packs to leave a good scent inside your boots.


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