Tips for Keeping Your Men’s Boots in Tip-Top Shape

The downside of finding the perfect men’s boots is that you can wear them out from constant use. But, on the other hand, you love the pair so much that you keep using them even for a more formal occasion. And because finding them wasn’t easy, you want them to last longer than they should.


Yourmen’s boots have been with you through the harshest weather, keeping you dry on rainy days and warm on winter nights. And you can’t imagine what it feels like to lose them.


Thankfully, there are ways to keep them in tip-top shape. Our team at Spendless will share easy tips you can follow. Then do them consistently to ensure your boots remain protected. Read to learn more!


Step 1—Protect them upon purchase.


Start protecting your Spendless boots upon purchase, even before you use them. First, use a waterproofing spray that will repel rain and winter weather. Next, ensure you get to apply the spray on heels, soles, and grooves. 


This invisible layer will keep the liquid on top of the material until you wipe it off, stopping it from bleeding into the shoe. Next, check out thewater and stain protection spray from Spendless.


Step 2—Moisturise the leather.


This step applies to boots made of leather material. Treat your leather shoes like you would your face. Moisturise it so it won’t dry out and crack in the cold. Maintain the shoes' shine by doing this regularly. This is how you keep its brown and black colours from fading!


Step 3—Clean salt stains immediately.


You typically wear your boots during winter, exposing them to snow and slush that causes them to have salt stains. Leaving salt stains on your shoes can quickly damage them. 


To avoid having your shoes buckling off, clean the salt stains as soon as you get home. Then, apply a salt stain remover and leave it to airdry overnight.


Step 4—Beef up the footwear’s durability.


Your boots work extra hard during the winter, so you must equip them by adding a thin protective rubber sole to the existing ones. This service is available at several shoe repair shops. 


Keeping your soles protected is for your good because you want them to perform their task, which is to keep you steady and upright on wet surfaces. 


Failing to beef up the soles of your boots might be costly, especially since accidental slips on wet surfaces can cause permanent injuries.


Step 5—Check the footwear constantly.


The best way to keep your boots in tip-top shape is to maintain their mint condition. Constantly check the heels and soles and replace them before they are beyond repair. 


The longer you wait to fix your boots, the more it will cost. But, again, repairing them costs less than paying for a new pair or hospital bills because you had an accident.


Step 6—Maintain their shape.


Invest in shoe trees to uphold the shape of your boots, preferably having the same height as the shoes. If you don’t want to spend money on shoe trees, use newspapers as an alternative.


Scrunch them up and pile them inside your boots. Used wine bottles can also be an alternative to keeping the shape of your footwear.


Step 7—Dry them.


Winter can be harsh, and your boots face a beating. With rain, snow, and slush everywhere, your shoes will usually get wet. So dry your shoes as soon as you can.


Newspapers have moisture-absorbing qualities that can hasten the drying process inside your boots. Air dry them and keep them away from any direct heat source, as this will crack and ruin the material. 


Step 8—Re-Apply Creams, Protectors, and Moisturisers.


If you constantly wear your men’s boots during winter, the safest interval for re-application of protectors, creams, and moisturisers is weekly. You’d want to boost the protection as they get wet and stained each day, which will chip off the layer you’ve applied prior.


Apply creams on leather boots to treat scuffs and colour fading. As we mentioned, it’s wise to check your shoes constantly and apply repairs immediately.


Step 9—Keep them smelling fresh.


Moisture breeds fungus and bacteria that can cause a foul smell to emanate from your men’s boots. One way to prevent this is by sprinkling household baking soda directly into your shoes.


Shake your boots to distribute the powder. Please do not put too much in, as it may damage the material.


Let the baking soda sit in your boots for 24 hours to give it enough time to absorb the odour. After the duration has passed, shake out any excess.


If you do not want to put baking soda directly in the boots, create coffee ground packets and place them inside the footwear. Making the packets is easy.


 First, you need a small piece of cloth and a string to tie it up. Then add a few drops of essential oil to add a pleasant fragrance.


Step 10—Wipe them down.


Dust and dirt can destroy the material of your shoe. Whether or not your boots get wet, wiping them down at the end of each day is an excellent practice. It will remove any dust or dirt stuck on your shoes before they harden and become difficult to remove.


Step 11—Store them properly.


If your budget permits, invest in shoe closets or bags to store your men’s boots away from direct heat sources. Sunlight or extreme heat can harm leather, causing it to crack, fade, or dry out.


More importantly, if winter’s over and you’re planning to store your boots until you need to use them again, ensure you have cleaned them thoroughly, free from salt stains, dirt, and other grime.


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