Tips for Getting Your Son to Love His New Boy's School Shoes

Often, the first day of classes after a long break can be dreadful for kids. There are several possible reasons.


One is that they miss their carefree days of playing and sleeping because they must return to their learning institutions. Or they do not like their boys' school shoes, and wearing them makes them uncomfortable. Their footwear may be painful and not meet their tastes.


The good idea is to take your son with you when you go shopping for his school shoes.


One mistake parents and guardians make is leaving the kids behind when shopping. The child must come with you because 1) they must fit the school shoes and 2) they wear them for almost 30 hours a week, so they must have a say.


They will be motivated to care for and prolong the life of the footwear if they have a say in the matter and get what they want. If the pair becomes their favourite school shoes, they will feel responsible for them and care for them willingly.


So, the question is, how can you get your son to love his new school shoes?


Our team at Spendless will give you a crash course on how you can do that! Read on to learn more!


Allow Your Kid to Choose His Pair of Boys School Shoes


Give your child a voice. They would value their footwear more if they chose the boys' school shoes themselves.


Letting them choose makes them think you trust them to look out for themselves, boosting their independence and self-confidence. In addition, they are likely to demonstrate that they are dependable and can take good care of their school shoes.


Change their mindset about shopping for footwear and turn it into a bonding experience they'll look forwards to every year! Your child will have a blast selecting from the many designs of boys' school shoes at Spendless!


He will be proud that he had a hand in choosing his school shoes, whether lace-ups, pull-on boots, or double straps, and he will take good care of them.


Make a Yearly Shopping Experience of Shopping for Black School Shoes Boys Will Enjoy!


Kids enjoy playing games, so converting an annual ritual into one he'll look forwards to will make him treasure the product. In addition, he will have happy memories associated with the pair of school shoes, which is why he loves them.


Turn the shopping experience into a treasure hunt, where your child will look for footwear with the specific characteristics you will provide him. His school shoes, for example, should provide comfort and support to your child's developing feet.


Our team at Spendless gathered all the characteristics that must be present in a pair of shoes. Here are some of them.


  • The best-fitting footwear.


Their school shoes must have the proper length and width. Measure each foot accurately in both aspects before buying.


An accurate measurement is critical because most children have one foot that is longer or wider than the other, so their comfort depends on this. Check the size guide to compare eu cm size to determine their corresponding Spendless size.


Spendles shoe sizes are  5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11. Verify your correct sizing by checking the handy size guide.


  • Leave enough space.


Ensure enough space between the longest toe's tip and the top of the school shoes to allow enough room for the feet to grow. The ideal distance is 1 cm, or about a thumb's width.


  • Confirm if your child can do the toe wiggle test.


You've found the ideal pair of black school shoes if your child can wiggle his toes while wearing them. Then, when they have enough room, their toes can spread out, and they won't have to claw, which could hurt their foot health in the long run. There are many benefits when kids wear shoes that fit correctly.


  • Afternoon is the best time to shop


The feet are at their largest size in the afternoon after a full day of walking, standing, and running, among other activities. So, it's best to consider that swelling when measuring your child's feet to ensure their school shoes fit perfectly.


Let Your Child Understand the Benefits He Gains from Wearing Proper Footwear


When your child realises how footwear enhances their educational experience and improves foot posture with each passing year, it motivates them to love and look after their boys' school shoes more.


Are you ready to start your shopping game?


If yes, head to our online shop or the nearest Spendless store in Australia. We have a huge range of black school shoes and high school shoes for boys!


With our flexible payment systems, you can buy your child's footwear and pay for them later, making the task a breeze for parents and children. So go ahead and put a pair in your shopping cart.


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We hope that your child enjoys their first day of school.