Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Stylish Men’s Casual Shoes

Shopping formen’s casual shoes isn’t only about getting good-looking ones. It should also be about what the footwear can offer you. You must look hard at your lifestyle to know what shoes you need. 


Finding the perfect pair relies on knowing your priorities and how current styles and trends can support them. 


Savvy shoppers compare styles and prices, read feedback, and watch reviews. You need to ask critical questions, such as if these can take you to more than one event or if they can make or break your look.


If you’re searching for tips on how to find the perfect pair of stylish shoes, that’s what you’ll get. You must evaluate several things to narrow down the best one for you. 


And since Spendless understands the difficulty of sifting through the excellent choices available, the team will lend a helping hand. So read on to learn more!


Tip 1—Evaluate Your Taste


If you’re the type to get sweaty feet quickly and prefer breathability, you should consider getting more open styles. The collection of men’s casual shoes available at Spendless is broad, catering to different likes and tastes.


Men may find superb casual shoes in the most fashionable styles at Spendless. You will look and feel your best with our selection of footwear. Why not evaluate the Spendless brand against shoes produced by industry leaders like Julius Marlow, Hush Puppies, Colorado, Florsheim, and other brands?

Desert boots and lace-ups are also fashionable options that you should think about for your next pair of shoes.


And if breathability is what you need, you should consider the garden clogs. These shoes have been popping up everywhere, beyond the gardens people initially used them for. 


They’re quick to dry during rainy and wet weather, have holes for breathability to keep your feet fresh all day, and are low maintenance. 


These are some of the easiest to clean. What’s better is that they’re easy to wear and have thick soles and a support strap to offer comfort and support to the wearer. 


Most guys find these shoes functional for water sports and activities, as they can get wet and, as mentioned, are quick to dry.


Tip 2—Know Your Size


Comfortable shoes should fit you well. Unfortunately, some people insist on getting a style, even if there’s no available size because it’s famous and everyone has it. Never sacrifice comfort for style, especially if it can harm your feet.


Note that the men’s casual shoes at Spendless come in the following sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. You must measure your feet in the afternoon to get an accurate size. Use our size chart for additional help.


A day of walking, standing, running, and all other activities causes your feet to swell and grow a few centimetres. You need to account for that growth when choosing the size of your shoes to remain comfortable while wearing them.


Alternatively, you can use the Spendless handysize guide if you know your size in any of the following systems – US, UK, or EU (cm). Then, convert that to your Spendless size and get the ideal casual shoes.


Tip 3—Discover Your Lifestyle


While all the Spendless casual shoes are versatile, and you can wear them on every occasion you feel like wearing them, it’s still good to find what you love to do and find appropriate footwear. 


This way, you can take advantage of your shoes and get your money’s worth. For instance, if you love nautical activities or those requiring you to be near bodies of water, you’d love the relaxed style of boat shoes, also called topsiders. 


This footwear’s original purpose was to ensure that sailors and boaters remained steady while they walked and worked on wet boat decks. 


The soles of these shoes have a firm hold on slippery surfaces, which has always been very useful. 


And if you look closely at the footwear, you’ll see the lace that goes around one side of the shoe, the back, and the other. This type ensures they won’t easily fall off your feet. 


Over time, guys have taken topsiders from the sea to land, usually on laidback outings and hangouts. These casual shoes may have branched out, but they are undeniably the go-to style for guys who love yachting and boating.


On the one hand, if you’re into travelling, the top characteristic of your footwear is that it's lightweight and easy to match. The slip-on sneakers available at Spendless will be perfect for you. 


These do not take up much luggage weight or space and match the outfits you’ll bring on the trip. Shorts, chinos, jeans, round-neck shirt button-downs, and slip-on sneakers can elevate them.


Tip 4—Choose Your Colour


Open your closet and look at the colour palette of your wardrobe. Which colour stands out the most?


From there, choose the pair that will match perfectly with your existing closet. 


Most of the available styles at Spendless are trans-seasonal, which means you can wear them all seasons, so you need to know if they would work with your winter, spring, summer, or fall clothes. 


The range of casual shoes at Spendless is available in six easy-to-match colours: black, blue, brown, natural, tan, and white. 


Of all the colours, we’d recommend getting a white one. Have you noticed the continuous rise in popularity of white sneakers? 


These deserve a spot in your wardrobe based on their comfort, versatility, and stylish features. Everyone loves them, and you can’t go wrong wearing them. 


You can wear them anywhere, even with a suit, on formal occasions. We’ve witnessed grooms wearing these shoes on their wedding day and having the most relaxing time. So, why shouldn’t you?


Time to Scale Your Shoe Style Up!


May our tips bring you one step closer to your dream men’s casual shoes. And if you’re searching for the best ones, only one place has them: Spendless! 


Head to the nearest store or online shop and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later! 


Use the clear filters on our site to help you narrow your choices, and as you add items to your cart, it would be smart to pick up a pair of socks at the checkout!