Tips for Finding the Best Boys' School Shoes

With several kinds of boys' school shoes on the market, it is overwhelming to find the best ones. However, giving only the best to your son is critical because you don't want anything to hinder their academic experience. Besides, kids' school shoes will provide them with a pain-free and comfortable journey—proof that parents will protect their children at all costs. 


Now the question is, how do you find the best school shoes around?


The first step is to go to Spendless, because the brand covers all your child's academic footwear needs. Second, you must find the best time to go and discover the features of each style. Finally, let's call in the reinforcements. 


The team from Spendless gathered all you need to know to make the shopping experience for school shoes easier for you and your son. So let's head straight into it.


Tip 1—Find the best time to go shopping. 


Shopping for boys' shoes is stressful, so eliminate other stressors that can worsen the experience. Avoid crowded times. As such, take your child shopping for boys' shoes during the weekdays, as weekends are crowd-drawers. 


And do it in the afternoon or evening because these times are when your child's feet are at their largest size. Your child's activities during the day—standing, walking, running, jumping—make their feet swell, and you want to account for that growth when buying their boys' shoes.


Tip 2—Get the correct measurements. 


Your child's comfort throughout the academic year will depend on the correct sizing of their boys' shoes. To find the best one, ensure you get their measurements correctly. Then, you can take your child to a professional, a podiatrist, to get their correct size. 


And don't be surprised if, within two months or more, you will need a new pair of boys' shoes because your child had a growth spurt.


If bringing them to a professional is not an option, the next best thing is to get them in-store. Brands usually have trained staff take their measurements, then let your child try on the different boys' shoes and walk around the store to get a feel of the fit. Remember to bring the socks he'll be wearing with the footwear so that when he tries them on, he can get a feel for what his daily experience will be.


If, for some reason, that option is not available, you can do it yourself. As mentioned, take your child's measurements in the afternoon. Please remember to measure the width and length of each foot separately. 


The broadest part of the boys' shoes must correspond to the widest foot part. And there should be a 1 cm gap between the longest toe and the edge of the footwear, so your son will have enough room to wiggle their toes. 


We have a wide size range at our store, which means it will be easier to look for the perfect pair for your son.


Tip 3—Know the features. 


Finding the best school shoes for your son is more challenging than finding the cutest style. Kids’ academic footwear needs to have specific features checked to ensure it can provide the comfort and support they need for almost 7 hours daily. 


So let's look at some of the features:


  • Look for school shoes with wide-toe boxes. Most of the available styles at Spendless are rounded toes, which is what you want. You can also opt for squared-toe footwear. Aim for school shoes that allow their toes to spread naturally, which impacts their balance and stability. Never go for types that squeeze their toes, which can cause deformities.

  • Ensure that there's a way to adjust the fit of their academic footwear. The best way to do that is to look for footwear with fastenings.

    Spendless has two kinds of fastenings for its collection of school shoes—touch-fastening straps and laces. They give your child control over how tight or loose they want their footwear's fit.

  • Check the flexibility of the school shoes, ensuring they follow the foot's natural movement when they walk, run, and do other activities. For example, since your child's foot bends only until the ball, the footwear should too.

    Anything more than that means the school shoes cannot provide the expected support and comfort.

  • Press on the back of the footwear to check if the heel counter is firm. It should not fold in when you do because they provide stability. In addition, they must not move much and would not rub on your child's foot, which can cause blisters and irritation. 


Tip 4—Consider online shopping. 


While we know your child must try on their boys' shoes in-store, many online stores provide a detailed size guide to ensure you get the correct fit for your son. If you can get their measurements correctly, find the corresponding Spendless size using the handy size guide. Knowing their sizes in the US, UK, and EU systems will make a more straightforward conversion possible.


The benefit of shopping for boys' shoes online is convenience. You don't have to squeeze it into your schedule and rush to the store only to find out it closed a minute ago. Shopping online means 24/7 access, and you can do it in your pyjamas. 


More importantly, you get more discount coupons and vouchers online. Signing up for the mailing list will offer additional discounts for the boys' shoes! 


Tip 5—Listen to your child.


Your son will wear the boys' shoes, so make sure you get their feedback and opinion. Tell them it's okay to say no if it hurts or they want something else. Involve them in the process so they will learn to value the footwear more. 


Also, please emphasise that they must be honest when the boys' shoes need replacing. As mentioned, they might get a growth spurt and outgrow their footwear. 


They must tell you because forcing themselves to wear ill-fitting boys' school shoes might lead to permanent deformities and health issues.



Apply What You Learned About Kids' School Shoes! 


Start putting these tips into action. Please find the best shoes for school for your son at Spendless, where their comfort is a top priority! Head to the nearest retailer or the online store.


 Shopping for the right pair of shoes can be challenging for parents. That's why there are so many options for sizes and designs of trainers at Spendless, including some trainers with bright colours and patterns.


These school shoes' longevity, softness, and structural integrity are only a few of their many benefits. In addition, the demands of school life, such as walking around during lunch and recess and remaining seated in their classroom for the entire school day, have been considered in their development.


Entering the details of your child once will give you a quick view of the huge range of styles of our kids' shoes. Online shoe shopping has never been more convenient than it is now, thanks to easy checkout and various payment options.


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