These Men's Boots Are It This Season!

It's that time of the year when you need to check your closet, give it a once-over, and figure out what needs to go and which new ones deserve a spot. Since the temperature has dipped, you must look for clothes and men's boots to keep you through the entire season. 


Shopping for winter shoes can be difficult because there are several choices available. Aside from seeing various styles, it would help to find men's boots that tick all the features—versatile, comfortable, stylish, and affordable. 


Durability is also essential because the shoes should withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather.


Our team from Spendless is stepping in to shed light on the IT men's boots this season. So let's skip the tiring and time-consuming step of reading and browsing through many styles. 


The experts will take us straight to the style you need to get and deserve a spot in your shoe closet. If you're ready, let's do it!


What are men's combat boots?


Men's combat boots have been around for a long time but are rising in popularity lately. It's a trend that you should join in.


Men's combat boots were originally called military boots. When people went to battle, they provided comfort, warmth, and protection, which were critical against the rough terrain of the battlefield. If you want durable men's boots, this style is IT!


Fast forward a few years, and they transcended the battle arena into the fashion scene. Men's combat boots were the staple footwear for punk and grunge rockers before everyone else took part.


At present, guys with different interests are taking notice and adding these shoes to their wardrobes, and so should you. Wearing men's combat boots adds a bit of ruggedness to your vibe.


Why buy military boots from Spendless?


Since various brands sell men's combat boots like pancakes, what makes buying the Spendless brand different?


Spendless offers flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay later. Knowing that you are not going over the budget lessens the guilt. You won't end up berating yourself for wasting money to join a trend.


Secondly, the men's combat boots at Spendless may look like all others, except for one massive surprise—the side zipper. Most people get turned off by tying laces, especially with the number of holes these shoes have. 


Thankfully, Spendless thought of adding a side zipper to their men's boots, allowing you to wear your shoes within seconds. Then, you only need to touch the laces to adjust the fit when needed.


In addition, the men's boots have a laced upper, contrasting soles, a glossy finish, and pull tabs to make putting them on easier. The design is also available in a timeless black that works with any color palette.


More importantly, finding your Spendless size is a breeze. Be sure you know your Spendless size because sizes in shoe brands vary. For example, men's combat boots are available in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. 


If you know your measurement in any of these systems (UK, EU, and US), check the handy size guide as it converts to Spendless size.


What to wear with these shoes?


One roadblock that stops guys from experimenting with a new wardrobe addition is the stress of figuring out what to wear with it. For example, men's combat boots are trans-seasonal, meaning you don't have to wait until autumn or winter to wear them. 


You can wear these shoes all year, which gives you more bang for your buck. So now, let's head to styling.


The men's boots must always be visible, so avoid wearing long, baggy jeans. Instead, choose pants that end around the ankle. 


Suppose they are longer than that. Cuff or roll them until the ankle. Pairing with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and trench coats will complement the rugged vibe of this range. 


The colour of your clothes also matters. When wearing these men's boots, stick to darker colours like black, grey, brown, and earthy tones. That said, here are some styling tips for different clothes in your closet:


Jeans—jeans and men's combat boots go together like milk and honey. So go for slim-fit jeans that show off your shoes.


Suits—if you want to make a statement at a special event you're going to, wear a suit with men's combat boots. Ensure it matches the shoe colour, so how about giving grey a go?


Shorts—while not everyone would consider this combination, you can try the bulky cargo shorts with these shoes. Add black socks that poke at the top of your shoes to complete the daring look.


How to protect them?


Since we're heading into winter, protecting your men's boots against the natural elements is necessary. The season can be extra harsh, but your shoes must survive. Here are some ways to ensure your men's boots get through this season with ease:


Use water and stain protection spray on your shoes before wearing them. Reapplication of your men's boots weekly is essential. Hence, they always have an invisible layer of added protection that prevents stains and water from seeping through the material and destroying it.


Coming home from a rainy or snowy day means your shoes are wet. Dry them naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun and heaters.

Moisture can cause fungal and bacterial build-up, leading to a foul smell in your men's boots. If your shoes take longer to dry, place scrunched-up newspapers inside to hasten the process. Never store them when they are still wet.


Maintain the shape of men's boots with boot trees. Alternatively, use wine bottles and scrunched-up newspaper to maintain the perfect fit of your shoes.


Store your shoes in closets or racks to keep them from getting dusty. If your house doesn't have enough floor space, place your men's boots inside shoe bags and hang them behind the door. Dust collection makes them look worn and dirty.


Get the Best Style this Season!


Head to the nearest Spendless shop or online store to get your hands on the IT men's boots of the season! Catch an ongoing sale, or check our newsletter for updates! Thanks to convenient payment methods in Australia like Zip Pay and Afterpay, you can now have your very own pair of combat boots.