The Women's Flats That We Love

If you still don't have a pair ofwomen's flats in your closet, it's time to remedy that ASAP. Ladies love wearing these shoes for various reasons. First is comfort.


Whether you are running errands, walking to work, or hanging with friends and family, women's flats provide a level of comfort that boots cannot match.


Second, these pairs come in a wide range of styles and colours, which can match whatever you're looking for. The third is versatility. These shoes are suitable for every event you want to go to.


There's no need to bring an extra pair of shoes to change into because you can wear them to work and after-work events. It can work with jeans, a t-shirt, a pantsuit, or a fancy dress; a pair of women's flats will match your outfit perfectly.


Lastly, this footwear is an excellent option if you're always on the go. These shoes are easy to wear and remove, making them the ideal errand buddy or travel companion since they are lightweight and don't take up much space in the luggage.


Learn more about these divine shoes with the help of the Spendless team. Please read on!


Style 1—Loafers 


Loafers are the rage now. Ladies are gaga over these stylish and minimalist women's flats because they add sophistication to an otherwise simple look.


Check your socials, and several people wear them with visible socks. Before, ladies would only wear invisible socks with this footwear. But times have changed, and the new fad is in. 


Spendless has several designs available. However, two are the most prominent pairs now: mules and chunky ones. Both have closed-toe designs and chain detailing across the top. But the similarities end there.


The mules are women's flats with an open back that exposes the back of your feet. Corvette is an excellent style—a gorgeous slide loafer with massive gold chain detailing. 


Wear these pairs when shopping with friends or having brunch with family.


Ladies appreciate the benefits of chunky loafers, which changed the game in the workplace. These pairs give them the height they need without the discomfort that usually comes with heels.


Most of the chunky loafers at Spendless come with round-toe designs, which will keep you comfortable.


Add Lion to your wardrobe rotation because these stylish loafers boast a patent leather outer material, a thick, detailed sole, and a gold chain across the top.


Style 2—Mary Janes 


Remember the days when you were a young girl in school with Mary Janes, which are women's flats characterised by round toes and a strap across the top of the foot?


This classic style has made the rounds in school uniforms because it is comfortable and breathable. These two characteristics benefit adult ladies in the same way they make young students comfortable in school.


The top strap of these flats usually comes with a fastening to secure the footwear and provide adjustability. Mary Janes have a retro appeal that automatically elevates your everyday workwear.


Match these with your office dresses and skirts. Wear tights with Mary Janes to add warmth and style to your winter work outfit.


Choose Marion from the available Spendless collection. These flats are perfect for workwear and casual outfits, with low wedge heels and a top strap featuring a small, metallic detail that fastens on the outer side.


Discover what it means to combine comfort and style with Marion!


Style 3—Women's Classic Ballet Flats 


We all love classic shoes, and if there's one that best lives up to the name, it's the women's ballet flats. These shoes have been around for a long time because they are lightweight and flexible.


These characteristics ensure their longevity and are why ladies return to these women's flats!


The women'sballet flats collection at Spendless comes in four easy-to-match neutral classic colours black, tan, vanilla, and white.


Any of these flats will work well and complement your current wardrobe. These shoes bring a subtle elegance that can make you look chic effortlessly.


Tan is a good colour choice for this footwear because it's almost skin tone, which can make your legs look longer and slimmer. In contrast to black shoes, tan shoes don't break the long line of your legs.


Britta and Amber are excellent options for women's ballet flats. Britta has a pointy toe shape with a shiny outer material, made unique by a bow-like pattern on the top front of the shoes.


Improve your workplace experience by adding these flats to your wardrobe.


The second option to consider is Amber, with its slide-on style. The ruched strap across the middle section of these women's flats and the pointed-enclosed toe can elevate your casual wear.


Tan shoes will pair perfectly with jeans and a white sleeveless top. When styling this footwear with jeans, always leave a 1-2cm space between the jeans' hem and the footwear.


Fold the pants or choose capris to avoid keeping these gorgeous shoes out of view.


Style 4—Sandals 


Heel-type footwear is inappropriate for vacation; you need comfortable and easy-to-remove footwear.


You need to pack sandals, which are open-toed women's flats that usually feature straps that provide support around the ankle and foot.


Beaches and tropical islands are warm, so the breathability of sandals is a must! Dorset and Tasman are notable styles among the available women's flat sandals at Spendless.


Dorset has two top horizontal straps, o-ring decor, metallic studs, and chic material. Turn heads at the beach while remaining comfortable with this sandal's effortless slide-on style and flexible soles.


Meanwhile, Tasman will inject some fun into your look with its combination of a classic slide's peep-toe and a loafer's square-cut top. 


These women's flats have a trendy tassel detail, contrast stitching, and braided rope texture to add style to your look.


Choose the Style You Love!


Stylish and comfortable flat shoes don't need to break the bank. To complement your wardrobe, we have a huge range of designs, from suits suitable for the office to casual flats for a day out and about.


We have everything from ballet flats to bold statement brogues that can compete with brands like Marc Jacobs and Diana Ferrari. Colours like black, nude, and pink are available in leather and cotton.


Choose from any of the women's flats that you can browse on Spendless since all of them are lovable and the best in their category. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online!