THE Women's Casual Shoes You NEED!

Finding that footwear that you can proudly say has all that you need can be challenging. Some ladies sacrifice comfort to look good, while others pay excessively for convenience. 


But did you know you can have style, versatility, affordability, and comfort in one kind of women's casual shoes?


There's no need to choose one when you can get all of them in one. We're not kidding! These women's casual footwear styles have been around for ages. Although sometimes ladies overlook them for flashier styles. 


These shoes keep coming back in fashion, proving their longevity. Do you know which one we're talking about?


Let's call our team from Spendless to shed light on the mystery. The brand has several women's casual footwear styles in its collection, but the team knows which kind keeps returning. 


If you're ready to discover THE one you need and deserve a spot in your closet, let's start!




If this is the first time you have encounteredloafers, it's time you get a crash course on these famous women's casual shoes. 


Loafers are the first choice when someone creates a capsule wardrobe, often called transeasonal footwear, because their versatility allows ladies to wear them across the seasons. 


You can wear these casual women's shoes everywhere. Think of them as chameleons that transform to fit at work, after work, or at laidback events. 


Some are calling loafers a more polished version of sneakers. No wonder ladies are scrambling to get their hands on these casual women's shoes. Have you joined the trend?


Spendless categorises loafers under the flats section. The collection has five colours: black, natural, orange, tan, and white. These women's casual footwear do not have any fastening, which makes wearing them a breeze. 


Slide your feet in, and you can head out the door in seconds. While there are several options, the current rage in the fashion world is a pair of chunky loafers.


What are chunky loafers?


Look at your feed or out on the street; you'll find ladies wearing loafers with thicker soles. These women's casual shoes have the same classic silhouette you know and love, but with chunky soles that provide comfortable height. 


The chic, timeless, and classy loafers got a well-deserved upgrade.


Before, you wouldn't get caught wearing visible socks with loafers in public. You wear the no-show kind with these shoes to protect your feet from rubbing. 


However, the emergence of the chunky loafer transformed the landscape. Ladies are now parading in visible socks with these women's casual footwear. Some took it up a notch by wearing colourful ones with prints and shapes.


How to wear loafers


We mentioned that loafers are elevated sneakers, so the best way to style these women's casual footwear is to wear clothes you typically wear with sneakers. Look at different outfits in your wardrobe and how they'd fare with loafers.


1. Jeans


If you're a jeans kind of girl, choose the straight leg or skinny cut so that it hits the top of the women's casual footwear. Ensure the loafers remain visible because the whole point of looking that gorgeous is for others to see them.


2. Dress


The rule of thumb when wearing this footwear with dresses or skirts is that the length must end around the mid-leg or shorter. Showing some skin between the dress and loafers gives a better silhouette.


3. Shorts


Loafers and shorts are a fail-safe option when you need to look stylish instantly. Throw in a jacket, put your hair up in a messy bun, and add one of theclutches at Spendless to complete the look.


4. Blazer


Loafers are women's casual footwear you can wear to the office and work functions to remain comfortable and professional. 


Blazers and loafers go well together, like milk and honey! Wear a grey checked blazer over a black dress. Add tights to the mix if the weather is chilly.


Which Spendless style to get


We mentioned that Spendless has quite a collection of casual footwear for women. We guarantee that all of them are excellent. But if you have limited space in your closet, here are some women's casual footwear that deserve that spot!


Jaguar is as sleek as the animal of the same name. This casual footwear features a thick-heeled sole, a shiny finish, and silver chain detailing. 

Run as fast as a Jaguar when you chase your deadlines and remain stylish and comfortable as you do.


Vancouver is a mule-style loafer. This casual footwear has an open back that exposes your ankles. These mules are easier to wear because you slide your feet in. Wear these women's casual shoes to brunch and achieve that chic vibe.


Winona is a more relaxed version of loafers. This casual footwear will remind you of everyone's favourite driving footwear. Since driving while wearing high heels is risky, several ladies keep an extra pair of footwear in the car to change into. 


Winona is that pair! This casual footwear has decorative stitching around the sides and top and a beautiful cut-out pattern over the whole thing!


Will they break my budget?


As mentioned, loafers tick all the boxes, including affordability. It would help if you had these women's casual shoes because they provide the essential ones without pushing you to exceed your budget. 


Spendless Shoes in Australia is perfect for women looking for trustworthy, cheap footwear. We offer a price range that works for various consumers. (There are espadrilles and sneakers for everyone.)


At Spendless, loafers fall under five price ranges: $0 - $20, $20 - $30, $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+! 


More importantly, the brand has flexible payment systems, allowing you to purchase your casual shoes now and pay them in instalments later! 


The user-friendly website enables first-time purchasers to browse the collection and create an account for easier checkout.


And if you prefer to shop online, you can get discount vouchers and coupons to lower your total. Isn't that great? Why pass up on this chance?


Note that subscribing to our newsletter can provide access to exclusive sales and discounts, making it easier to select and order your new favourite shoes. 


Spendless Casual Shoes Provide Your Needs!


Spendless sells trendy and comfy women's casual shoes. The Spendless brand stands out from competitors like Hush Puppies and Colorado by offering the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion.


It's time to gift yourself with the women's casual shoes you need. Head to the nearest Spendless retailer or the online store to grab your loafers now!