The Spendless Block Heel Everyone is Talking About!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about women's block heels and how this footwear is best for your feet. People have been raving about block heels being a godsend because their creation paved the way for a more comfortable heel option.


Women can now get the elevation they want without experiencing pain or discomfort. So, why have you stumbled upon this page?


You're likely looking for the all-day wear block heels that everyone is talking about so that you can join the trend and be a proud owner and wearer of THE ONE. 


But then, all you must do is sit tight, relax, and read on to learn more! We won't waste your efforts coming here, as our team at Spendless Shoes will share which one it is.


What are Platforms?


Everyone is talking about these block-heeled footwear because they uplift you, literally and figuratively, while maintaining a pain-free experience.Platform block heels make you stand out from the crowd, especially if you need some boosting. 


Even your mood improves when you see this much-talked-about pair of shoes; we can't blame you.


When you see this footwear, you wonder how something so high can be as comfortable as your typical flats. The answer stems from the ability of platforms to level your feet the same way flat footwear does.


The platform in front of the shoe elevates the front part of your feet, minimising the angle of incline your foot typically experiences with high shoe styles. 


Add to that how the block heels at the back cover the whole back part of your foot with their thick, broad heel. So, the heel spreads your weight out evenly, which takes the pressure off your feet, legs, and lower back.


Why are Platforms Famous?


Surprisingly, the support for platform block-heeled footwear has soared in recent years, even after people got used to wearing flats, sneakers, sandals, and slippers most of the time. 


There's a belief that people prefer wearing a shoe style closer to the ground, but these proved everyone otherwise.


People who miss wearing high shoes could expect more stability because of the larger surface area of the platform heels. So why hassle yourself with stilettos now that you have an option like these block-heeled footwear?


Second, platforms are fun and have personality, which adds to the list of good things about them. Once you've seen the ones included in Spendless' collection of block-heeled shoes, you'll get what we mean. 


The platforms come in vibrant colours, which inject life into an otherwise bland outfit. You can ensure a livelier closet with colours like black, nude, white, hot pink, and green. These come in a range of styles to suit your taste like sandals and boots, making them ideal for all seasons.


Another reason is the retro vibe that platform block heels add to the overall look. You can liken these to wine, as they improve with age! Once widespread in the 1970s, wearing them now ties the styles of the past with modern times.


Tips on Wearing Platform Block Heels


Tip 1: A styling option for platform block heels in the summer is to wear them with white outfits or floral prints in contrast to your footwear. A girls' white top with a rose-printed skirt and the pink platform block heels from Spendless will do the trick!


Tip 2: You can wear platform block heels at the office, experimenting with the following outfit combinations: trousers, blazers, and plain tops. Other work combinations include suits or two-piece dresses.


Tip 3: An ideal spring and early fall outfit combination would be midi skirts and crop tops. Platforms mixed with this combination will make your legs appear longer and your body slimmer. If you feel crop tops are not for you, you can swap them with white shirts tucked in your skirt.


Tip 4: Maxi dresses, particularly the flowy ones, look fabulous with platform block heels. Since a maxi dress tend to be long, we suggest choosing styles with slits, so the beauty of your shoes can peek through occasionally, creating an intriguing silhouette. This casual outfit combination is ideal for vacations at tropical resorts and villas.


Tip 5: Boots that come with platform block heels are the best choice of footwear for winter. Platform boots combine function and fashion by keeping you warm and dry while looking like you stepped out of a magazine! 


The available ones at Spendless Shoes are all gorgeous and can turn a dull winter around. Choose from three kinds: ankle, long, and knee-high.


Caring for Platforms


Now that you know which block heels Spendless people are talking about, it's essential to understand how to care for them.


  • Avoid deep bends or squats because they can cause the block heels to pull away from the sole.

  • When your platform block heels have fastenings, like zippers, you must unzip them completely when taking off or putting them on to avoid destroying the fastening.

  • Use newspapers to hasten the drying process of your platforms. Wipe them down if they get wet outdoors. You can also use newspapers to preserve the shape of your boots. Alternatively, you can use wine bottles.

  • Clean and protect your platforms as often as possible. Water and salt stains can dry and crack shoe materials. We suggest waterproofing your block heels, especially the boots, upon purchase, even before you wear them. 

  • Always wear the correct shoe size. Ensure there's enough room for you to rotate and flex your foot! Too-tight platforms will exert more pressure on the seams and might ruin your prized shoes.

  • Always store your platforms in the right place. Invest in shoe closets or bags where your block heels are safe from direct exposure to heat sources, which can dry and crack their material. In addition, hiding them in these storage areas will protect them from floating dust that may cling to the shoes. 


Join the Block Heel Shoes Conversation!


Now that you know which block heels are everyone's favourite topic, why don't you join the conversation and get one (or two) for yourself? Go to the Spendless store near you or shop online for platform shoes that will literally and figuratively lift your look.