The Sock Boot? Is It Worth The Fashion Hype?

We know you’ll fall head-over-heels for our most stylish women’s boots! If you’ve been paying any attention to the 2020 fashion scene, then you’ll know that sock booties have been garnering a good deal of attention. But are these sleek women’s boots worth all of the hype? Spendless Shoes is here to give you a  quick overview of the design before we share our opinion. 


How to spot sock-style women’s boots!

You may think that this is your first time hearing about the style, but there’s a decent chance that you have seen them before and simply didn’t know the right name for them. So, let’s discuss some of the notable features you can find on women’s boots like these. The first thing to look out for is the skinny ankle sock, as this is the element that truly defines the aesthetic. The form-fitting ankle is higher-cut than the ones on most ankle-high women’s boots and fits snuggly. This, along with the tall block heels and rounded toes, creates a slender profile for your feet. 


These women’s boots are incredibly versatile! 

There are so many different ways to wear sock-style women’s boots, which means you can experiment to your heart’s content in 2020. On a regular day, you can dress down your booties with jeans, a top, and a simple jacket for a fashionable casual look. Later on, if you have a dinner date or evening event, you can change up the look of your women’s boots by matching them with a party dress or your favourite formal attire. Making the most out of these sorts of shoes is oh-so-easy, and we know you’ll have heaps of fun coming up with new combinations. This season, we recommend women’s boots with cut-off or cuffed jeans so you can show off the ankle feature. 


The faux suede material is a fun element and practical feature!

Let our women’s boots make your outfit more exciting! A fun texture like faux suede will instantly give your ensemble the boost that it needs. Not everyone is into clothes with flashy prints or patterns, particularly in winter, when trends tend to be more subtle. However, it is always good to have the option to spice up a simplistic outfit if you want to, and that’s where our women’s boots come in! Faux suede will make your shoes more eye-catching, and your look more interesting overall. Not to mention, the soft synthetic material also makes your women’s boots warmer. On the coldest winter days, you’ll be glad to have that cosy fabric for your feet and ankles.  


The elegant block heels will still keep you stable!

Since these women’s boots come with thick block heels, they’re an instant hit with formalwear. Don’t be intimidated by the height of the platform! Since women’s boots like these are nice and wide, they provide hours of uninterrupted comfort. You can spend all day up on your feet or out-and-about with the broad platforms there to support you. Plus, women’s boots with block heels don’t have trouble walking on uneven surfaces, which means taking them to an outdoor venue is no hassle. 


So, are sock booties worth getting excited about in 2020?

Our verdict here at Spendless Shoes is: yes! We think women’s boots from this collection deserve all the hype! And, if you’re missing a pair in your collection this winter, then that’s an issue you’ll want to remedy soon. Don’t let your women’s boots fall behind the times! Stop and shop at Spendless Shoes for all the best sock booties. You’ll find a set to spend the season in; we know it!