The Perfect Women's Flat For The Office!

We know how hard it can be for you ladies when finding the perfect shoes for work. If you work in a corporate office, it's hard to opt for a classy pair of women's flats over high heels. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be an unspoken rule that you must wear high heels to work. But those days are long gone; we will show you some of our favourite women's flats that are perfect for any work environment. 


Read on, and we will show you how you can style our women's flats with your favourite work attire! 


Classic Ballerina Styles


Let's start with a classic shoe style, the ballerina style. These women's flats are very versatile in terms of appearance and can be worn with many workpieces. These shoes come in a round, point or peep-toe design, and its closed backs make these shoes a quick and easy slip-on style, meaning you won't need to fiddle with straps and buckles. 


Now, doesn't that sound like a dream when thinking about your busy mornings rushing out the door? 


This classic style in these women's flats can be found in smooth leather-look textures, pin-holed textures, lace and soft suede-look textures. That's not to mention the range of embellishments with these shoes like buckle details, bows, straps and clasps. 


These women's flats make great work shoes. Their cushioned soles will keep you comfortable throughout the day. If you have flush feet and need something with some slight elevation, then we have women's flats for you too! 


However, the classic ballerina style has had a revamp! Find your favourite women's flats in some slightly more open designs, such as pointed-toe slingbacks, pointed-toe and closed back designs with ankle fastening buckles, or similar styles with cutouts at the side. 


We think these styles are perfect for the office; the pointed toe feature will always take your outfit up a few notches and instantly sophisticate any look. Why not give these modern styles a try the next time you're on the hunt for work shoes? 


Don't be afraid to pair these women's flats with your usual work attire. We think these chic styles look fantastic with high-waisted slim leg pants and a tucked-in printed flowy blouse. This will give you a sophisticated look for work without wearing high heels! 


Lace-Up Loafers


Loafers are another classic women's flats style, so why not add this to your work wardrobe? A lace-up loafer is a perfect alternative to high heels for work. They still look smart and sophisticated. These closed shoes have open, airy sides and cutouts for a trendy twist and the lace-up fit will keep your style looking classy and smart for the office. 


Our loafers look best when dressed in your slim or wide-legged high waisted work pants, and complete the look with a loose-fitting button-down blouse. These women's flats also look great when paired with tailored office skirts and dresses. One of our favourite casual Friday looks has to be styling these loafers with ankle grazer jeans. Tuck in a relaxed tee and throw a long line blazer over the top.


Our lace-up loafers come in a range of colours, styles and textures, so come into Spendless Shoes and find the perfect women's flats that are perfect for the office! 


Not Convinced? 


So, our women's flats didn't quite get your seal of approval for work attire. That's ok; we know it's hard to step outside your comfort zone when you've been wearing high heels to work for years. Well, what if we told you that you don't need to step too far out of your comfort zone? 


That's right, you can essentially keep wearing high heels to work without wearing the uncomfortable chunky court heels anymore! 


Kitten Heels 


How? Well, the answer is kitten style heels. Its low heel height is essentially like wearing women's flats.  Its slight incline is a saviour for your feet, especially when it comes to long work weeks in uncomfortable sky-high heels. Add some variation into your work wardrobe, start working some kitten style heels into the mix, and take a load off. Your feet will love you for it! 


Our kitten styles are perfect for the office; at Spendless Shoes, find yourself in work shoe heaven with countless shoe styles suitable for the office. Get yourself some pointed-toe slingbacks in a basic black or neutral nude to suit anything in your work wardrobe. Although these aren't exactly women's flats, they can certainly pass with their small 4.5-centimetre heel. 


How about a pointed toe shoe secured with a strap at the back and a buckle over the ankle?  These will keep you in place and secure throughout the day. We think these pointed toe kitten styles work best when worn with your slim-legged pants and a tailored shirt. 


As much as we love these pointed toed women's flats for the office, we can't get enough of these paired with your best weekend wear either. Be sure to wear your best cutoff jeans that showcase your ankles with these shoe favourites! 


Of course, if you are looking for a kitten heel that is a little less corporate, opt for a slip-on style with thin straps that sit across the front of your feet. Its short five-centimetre block heel will keep you feeling comfortable and fully supported throughout the day. 


Pair these women's flats with your best flowy midi dress or skirt; these make the perfect summer shoes for the office. 


Our women's flats are perfect shoes for the office; stay comfortable and stylish all season long! Isn't it time to ditch the sky-high heels and opt for a more sensible shoe? Our versatile women's flats will have you wearing these styles to the office as well as on weekends! 

Who said that women's flats were boring? Well, Spendless Shoes are here to prove them wrong. 

Shop our collection of women's flats, and we guarantee that your new shoes will be office gossip!