The Perfect Shoe if You Do Not Like to Wear Heels?

Do you hate wearing super high shoes and need a stylish and more comfortable change? If this is relatable to you, then you have come to the right place. Spendless Shoes know exactly how to help when it comes to choosing the right pair of kicks for you. We can find the right style of footwear for you when you need it most.


The perfect shoe that will suit you if you prefer comfort over style is block heels. These pumps will ensure that your feet stay feeling comfortable from morning until night. The best part about these new arrivals shoes is that they are also super stylish. So, you can get the best of both worlds with a pair of block heels in your wardrobe. If you are keen to learn more about these comfy pumps, then keep on reading. 


We have gathered our top picks of comfortable block heels that are on-trend this season. Take a quick view of our selections below. You are sure to find your next favourite pair of block heels.


Style #1 – Cake-Stand 


One style of block heels that we are obsessed with at the moment is the cake-stand design. This type of shoe is super unique and is becoming a hot property real-quick. The cake-stand block heels feature a uniquely designed base, similar to a general cake stand base. 


This style of sole is new to the fashion scene, which is why so many girls are experimenting with a pair of them. You will find that so many girls are rocking a pair of cake-stand heels this season, and we love the results. 


The best thing about these pumps is that they look great with just about every outfit. No matter what look you decide to style these with, you can be sure to find that they are the finishing touch to every fit. 


Cake-stand block heels are what every girl needs in their lives asap, so here is your sign to invest in some of these pumps. For a customer creating shoe collections, this is the time for you to go to the store to get these are the must-have kicks!


Style #2 – Clear Straps


Check out the latest style to come on-trend this season. You will find that a pair of block heels with clear straps are the way to go with your next fit. These shoes offer a fun alternative to the regular high-heeled pumps that you may be used to. 


They are never fun to wear, so we have the perfect solution for you. A pair of block heel sandals with clear straps will be the style of shoes that you need in your life. Your outfit will get taken to new heights once you pair these pumps with your next look. 


The best thing about block heels with clear straps is that they blend into the background quite easily and are of varying heights available. This is ideal for when you wear a vibrant, colourful outfit and has a lot going on. 


You might want your outfit to be the standout feature of your look, so investing in a pair of these block heels can help you achieve that. You will not regret purchasing a set of these shoes, so make the most of this trend and feel stylish and comfortable all day long in these pumps. 


Style #3 – Kitten Pumps 


If you love to wear a pair of stilettos but hate the pain that they inflict on your feet, then we have the perfect alternative for you. A set of kitten block heels will give you a similar look to the stilettos, featuring a slim base. 


These are super small in heel height compared to the classic stilettos, so you are sure to be comfortable and stylish from morning until night in these block heels. There is no better feeling than wearing a stunning pair of pumps that do not force you to compromise your comfort levels. 


We love the fact that you can wear these kitten block heels with just about any outfit as well. Whether it is your corporate office attire or a mini dress for a weekend event, you can trust that these shoes will take you there looking super glammed up. 


Wherever you plan on wearing these shoes, you can rely on them so that you will look flawless all day long. These kitten block heels are the perfect alternative to a pair of high-heeled stilettos. It is so much fun to wear these pumps through the warmer seasons of the year and feel comfortable the entire time. Woohoo! 


Style #4 – Leg-Tie Block Heels 


Step out of your comfort zone and try a pair of leg-tie block heels. These are the perfect alternative to your high-heeled pumps. Say goodbye to pain and hello to comfortable and supported feet. 


You will feel one hundred times better when you get to wear a pair of leg-tie block heels. There is no better feeling than slipping into shoes that make you feel like walking on air. These block heels are perfect for the warmer months of the year as they only look best with outfits that show off your legs. 


So, use these pumps as an excuse to show a little skin and flex your newest pair of leg-tie block heels. We love to see these shoes get styled with a range of flowy dresses and mini skirts with cute crop tops. The options are endless when you wear these pumps. 


Style #5 – Slip-On Pumps 


If you want to ditch the high-heeled stilettos and wear a comfortable alternative, then you need slip-on block heels in your life as soon as possible!


These pumps are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. They offer the most flexibility, breathability, and versatility when it comes to a pair of pumps. You can easily slide into these shoes daily without any worry in the world. They are the perfect pair of pumps to wear with just about every outfit, so you will never have to compromise your style for these block heels.


Slip-on block heels tend to feature a range of easy-to-wear straps and super cool designs. This look ensures that your feet will remain feeling comfortable and supported all day long. The slip-on shoes are perfect to wear for your everyday activities, so when you need a pair of comfortable pumps, you know which ones to pick. 


Slip-on block heels are the best type of shoes to close checkout, and you will find that stocking up on a few different styles and colours will give you a variety of options to choose from in your wardrobe.   


Say Goodbye to the Stilettos, and Hello New! 


Your new pair of block heels will make you question why you ever wore a pair of stilettos in the first place. These pumps are the type of footwear you need in your life as soon as possible. Thanks to our top picks of block heels, you will now have an idea of what styles you would love to get your hands on! Head to the Spendless shop website today and treat yourself to some comfy pumps.


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