The Men’s Sneaker Trends Of 2021

We’d be crazy to say that men’s classic sneaker haven’t been on-trend this year. If anything, men’s top sneakers have made a major comeback into the fashion world, with a wide range of new styles and modern takes on the generic, go-to style.


With all the upcoming latest and greatest trends for guys, every man needs to have an updated hi tops shoe closet so you can look and feel the part. We’ve been crushing on a selection of men’s hightop sneakers, seeing as they are super versatile, trendy and can get tailored to anyone’s needs.


Spendless Shoes offers a wide range of mens shoes, ensuring we stay on top of the trends to keep up with every mens footwear needs.


So, if you’re feeling stuck on what new pair of running shoe to add to your wardrobe, or if you need a closet refresh, check out our top 5 picks of mens sneakers online trends for 2021 below!


1.   Run Like The Wind With These Mens Training Shoes!


A trend to suit every man with a passion for fitness. You can’t go wrong with a wardrobe packed full of on-trend low mens trainers.


Men’s white sneaker is generally an easy choice to make when on the hunt for your next best pair. Comfort, breathability and a stylish appearance are only some of the many attributes that can get found in our range of men’s cupsole sneaker.


It’s easy to see why these have been on trend this year, right?! We offer a range of men’s leather sneaker that can suit all types of fitness lifestyles, whether it’s running, jogging, bike riding, or team sport. There is an athletic shoes for everyone. Not only do these men and womens sports shoes offer amazing benefits for each fitness level, but they are also offering a much more stylish physical appearance.


Trainers now see a more vibrant touch to the design of each sports watches and shoe, with bright colours and geometric patterns detailed across the shoe. This addition makes for a trend worth jumping on board with this year.


Plus, those bright colours will help your family locate you on the field in a game of soccer! Most importantly, men’s home gym sneakers get made with a cushion-like inside and plenty of bounce in the shoe’s base. This trend is one not to miss!


2.   The Style That Caters To Your Everyday Needs!


Every guy strives for ultimate style and comfort, and with the easy-to-slide-on wide fit shoe, every man will be ready to take on the day. This classic slipon shoe is perfect for a day full of running errands, mowing the lawn or taking a nice walk in the park with family and friends.


It’s a trainer outdoor play shoes that needs to be in every man’s wardrobe, making life a breeze and keeping your feet feeling amazing. mens accessories and sneakers are a challenge to find at times, which is why the casual, slip-on shoe is the best to own.


Comfort is a must when it comes to men’s canvas sneaker, especially when you need a pair of sneakers in black that can get easily thrown on without ruining the vibe of your outfit.


The slip-on men’s dress shoes are versatile and super comfy, with a padded base and a relaxed fit, so getting in and out of them is easy. If you’re seeking a casual look that doesn’t minimise your level of comfort, then these easy-to-wear men’s forum low sneakers will be your new favourite shoe.


If you’re worried about colours clashing or the shoes looking too casual, do not fear! This range of men’s dress shoes generally comes in a neutral colour range, featuring your blacks, blues and whites. They’ll blend right into your daily get-up so you can feel comfy all day long.


3.   High-tops Are On-trend And Ready To Find Their Place In Your Wardrobe!


Get that high-on-life feeling with the high-top range of men’s star hi sneakers. You’ll be able to channel your inner cool with this style of shoe from morning to evening. The high-top trend is on every guy’s radar, making it a great addition to dress up your outfit. This style of men’s sneakers is a must-have for every man who loves to keep up to date with the current trends and fashion looks.


High-tops are a unique and fun shoe style that can go well with almost every designer brands outfit. Taking inspiration from the basketball courts, high-tops are commonly worn men’s sneakers through games and training. The benefit of wearing high-tops during a game was to help prevent ankle injuries. So, not only are high-tops a super stylish selection of men’s sneakers, but they also offer a range of injury-preventative benefits.


The collection of men’s sneakers is well and truly evolving into something bigger and better for all guys to enjoy, with old sneaker trends becoming new again and updated styles from recycled canvas becoming the latest must-have.


4.   Add A Little Style To Your Shoe Collection!


Is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about men’s sneakers a pair of big, chunky, all-white joggers in designer sneakers that the stereotypical dad would wear?


However, the range of men’s tennis shoes are rapidly expanding, and particularly the classic ‘dad’ shoe now comes in all different shapes, heights, colours and styles. Our range of comfortable, everyday-wear trainers is now hot property within the shoe market, allowing guys to step up their shoe game with current trends.


The laid-back shoe offers a flat base, with sleek detailing and a broad range of monotone colours, including beige, navy, grey, brown, black and white. It’s a dress shoe with the features of men’s sneakers and goes so well with a pair of chinos, activity trackers and a warm jumper for those cooler nights.


The best thing about these shoes is that they are also great to wear all year long, making them a great addition to summer and winter styles.


Men’s sneakers that offer such appealing qualities like these, you know they are not worth missing out on. A men’s sneakers trend we will love for a lifetime!


5.   For Those Who Seek Adventure At Every Corner!


Fellas who have a passion for gym bags and adventure at heart will be thrilled to know that their shoe style is currently on-trend. Seeing as not many people have been able to travel internationally this year, exploring our very own backyard has become the next best thing.


The only way to accomplish a great outdoor adventure is to ensure that your feet are well protected with size guides for the right fit and ready to take on any surface, whether gravel, dirt or grass.


Womens accessories and men’s sneakers are essential accessory to any outdoor adventure, including the infamous walking shoes, so finding sturdy, well-protected shoes are a must! Sturdy, extra-padded and a robust sole for superior grip is at the forefront of these men’s sneakers.


Now, all your adventure needs are good to go!


Take your pick!


Our men’s sneakers top 5 trending shoes of the year is the best place to start when looking for your next best pair. Whatever style tickles your fancy, Spendless Shoes will be your one-stop shop for shoe care and men’s sneakers.