The Men's Sneakers Isn't Going Anywhere… Check These Styles Out from Spendless!

The popularity of men's sneakers grows stronger every day. Ifthe thriving community of sneakerheads is proof, you'll know that the audience and target market for these shoes isn't going anywhere soon. And why should they?


Men's sneakers are oozing with comfort and style, making them the go-to footwear of many guys. What features do you usually consider? Does it include colour, size, materials, and price?


Men's sneaks aren't going anywhere, so let's embrace them and get to know them better. Three categories exist at Spendless: skate, trainers, and sports-specific. 


The team from Spendless is here to walk us through the brand's various designs and why each one deserves a spot in your closet. We'll highlight specific men's sneaks if you want to grow your shoe collection. If you're ready, let's head right into it!




Durability is a top trait of men's skate/casual sneak. These shoes were initially for skaters who love riding their skateboards. These men's sneaks must be durable to endure the wear and tear of the sport.


The Spendless collection comes in four neutral and easy-to-match colours: black, brown, grey, and white. Among all the colours, white has been the most popular shade of men's sneakers.


Almost everyone has a pair in their closet, despite the colour being hard to maintain. Guys love white men's sneaks because they transcend generational boundaries. 


Try to observe people when you're out; you'll likely notice several wearing this shade because of its simplicity and neatness. Consider Response, a pair of slip-on men's sneaks from Spendless.


Although guys usually choose a laced version of the in-demand white shoes, take a moment to discover Response. 


These men's sneaks feature stitch detailing on the upper and multiple elastic black straps, expanding as you slip your feet inside. The subtle elegance of these shoes adds to the appeal. 


Arnold is a classic high-top pair of men's sneaks with a lace-up design, contrasting stitches, and a slim shape.


If there's a style that best depicts a skater's shoe, this is it! Imbibe the skater vibe by wearing these men's sneaks with skinny jeans and an oversized shirt!




Guys who love working out and keeping fit are the target audience for trainers. These men's sneaks are ideal if you love high-intensity workouts like CrossFit and HIIT because they can provide the comfort and support your feet need.


Strenuous activities like these will put your feet in rigorous movements, so looking for trainers with features supporting your actions is essential. What do you need to check?


Your men's sneaks must provide support, stability, and traction, especially if the physical activity requires you to move laterally or side to side. 


The quick stops and the jumps will put intense pressure on your toes. Cushioning and flexibility are critical so the footwear can absorb the impact and reduce the possibility of injuries.


The collection of trainers at Spendless comes in four colours: black, blue, grey, and white. These choices will match perfectly with your athleisure workout clothes.


And since these men's sneaks are attractive and comfortable, you can head straight to other events after the gym.


Nimbus deserves more than a second glance because these trainers are gorgeous. 


The predominantly blue colour with splashes of yellow accents of these men's sneaks will make other gym-goers green with envy. Motivate yourself to be more active with these shoes.


Remain comfortable because of features like breathable mesh material, arch support, and shock-absorbing soles. These men's sneaks will give you breathability to keep your feet fresh all day.


Support for the arch and impact absorption will ensure you remain injury and accident-free.


If you're not a fan of flashy colours and attracting attention from fellow gym addicts, choose Elevate instead for your shoe collection.


These black men's sneaks have a thick sole for extra support, mesh material for breathability, and laces for a secure fastening process. Ensure your safety while getting fit; use Elevate in your physical activities!




There are workout enthusiasts, and there are sports addicts. Staying healthy and active is essential, but always remember to protect your feet, the foundation that makes it all happen.


With sports-specific men's sneakers, guys who love soccer and hiking can play without worrying about accidents and injuries. These two sports are popular in the country, so we expect these shoes to remain in style for a long time.


Soccer and football players (and spectators) can get their hands on Tournament, an aptly named men's footwear for the sport. These shoes have cleat spikes that keep you steady while on the field.


Cleats offer traction on soft surfaces like mud, grass, or field turf. And because soccer or football requires sudden stops, direction changes, or sudden bursts of speed, these protrusions protect the wearer from possible injuries.


We don't want you twisting your ankles or falling flat on your faces!


Hikers are in for a treat with Spendless hiking men's sneakers. These shoes have features that will guarantee safe, comfortable, and injury-free physical activity for rookies and experts.


No matter your expertise in the sport, you need to wear Border. These Spendless men's sneakers have extra padding around the ankle, a robust sole for grip, and an overall sturdy design to get through challenging terrains.


At Spendless, men and women can choose different kinds of sneaks.


Spendless can hold its brands against influential names in the industry, such as Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, Puma, Vans, and Nike.


Spendless Shoes has the best running shoes and sneaks for less money without compromising quality or comfort like Adidas men's sneakers can offer.


Shoe Maintenance is a Must!


Your beloved men's sneakers would require proper maintenance for longevity. It would be a waste if your special and favourite shoes were in the bin because you couldn't care for them.


Care tips for shoes involve cleaning, drying, and storing. Keep your shoes clean by wiping them down each time you get home. Remove visible dirt, including hard-to-reach ones, from the men's sneakers.


Use water and stain protection spray on your shoes upon unboxing, and reapply it often. It prevents the stain and liquid from seeping through the material, giving you time to wipe them off.


Moisture is the enemy of your footwear. Do not let it linger by drying your shoes naturally, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters.


Lastly, store your men's sneakers in closets, racks, or bags to prevent floating dust from settling on them.


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