The Men's Sneaker Everyone is Loving

Almost everyone owns a pair now, whether they are collectors or just people who want to wear something comfortable. So yes, men's sneakers are the first thing that comes to mind when people search for cosy footwear.


And we can't blame them because the design aims to keep your feet supported and cushioned as they carry your weight all day. And have you seen the current designs available at Spendless Shoes?


Spendless Shoes has three categories for its sneakers: skate/casual, trainers, and sports-specific. So which one do you want? Or are you still mulling it over? 


If yes, you'll know why sneakerheads, people who collect and own multiple pairs of these shoes, can't stop themselves from purchasing every new style.


Everyone loves each style of men's sneakers differently, depending on their interests and how they fit into their daily activities. Our team at Spendless can help you pick the best one for your needs and lifestyle. 


Allow us to describe each so you can decide what's best. Then, start reading to begin learning!


Style 1 – Skate/Casual


When you click on the skate/casual category of sneakers at Spendless Shoes, you'll find 16 varied products available. There are slip-on types, and there are those with laces.


You will also see high-top sneakers and the usual low ones. Which one appeals to your taste more?


The colours available can match most of your wardrobe, as they don't clash with any shade. So choose black, brown, grey, or white, and we guarantee they will look good on you!


While skate shoes were initially for skateboarders, non-skaters are welcome to purchase a pair and use them for everyday streetwear! Look at them, and you'll see why people are gaga over them.


Style 2 - Trainers


The trainers showcase 11 products you can use as you work your way through your fitness goals. These sneakers from Spendless Shoes come in four colours that match your sports attire. These colours are black, blue, grey, and white.


The design of this footwear is ideal for training and workouts because it gives your feet the support and cushion they need while making high-impact moves. When you wear the right shoe for an activity, you can do it better and change directions faster.


Please remember that if you wear inappropriate sneakers when you work out, you can get injured, which will derail your attempt at getting fit. The obvious and common injuries include ankle strains and fractures.


We recommend using trainers specific to a workout because they are perfect for exercises you likely do three times a week or more.


Style 3 – Sports Specific


By looking at the category's name, you can tell that the sneakers are for specific sports and activities. For example, are you a soccer player or a hiking enthusiast?


The two sports-specific men's sneakers in this category are for hiking, football, or soccer. You will love these shoes if you love to play these sports.


Both new and experienced hikers should wear men's hiking sneakers from Spendless Shoes because they give you the support you need to stay safe and stable. Additionally, the shoes have extra padding around the ankle to prevent rubbing and injuries from friction. 


In addition, it will allow them to reduce the impact on your body's joints as you go through challenging trails and terrains.


The superior, rigid sole of the shoe is a blessing because it gives you the grip you need to stay steady. These will keep you upright as you climb steep inclines and rugged terrain.


The second kind of sports-specific shoes is for football and soccer players. These come in vibrant orange, letting your opponent know you're on your way to stealing the ball!


Look at them closely, and you'll notice spikes, called cleats, protruding at the bottom. These must-have cleats help athletes cut correctly, sprint more quickly, and push with stability.


These characteristics keep you safe as you enjoy your favourite sports. Plus, they're pleasing to the eyes. Purchase a pair of these, and you will make everyone turn green. These shoes are adorable!


What drives people to collect men's sneakers?


As we mentioned, sneakerheads (men and women alike) are all over the globe. Check your social media connections, and you'll likely find some whose posts are about their shoes.


Ask them; they will likely have different reasons for collecting this type of footwear. One reason is the hype and the idea of owning the coveted style people love. 


Another reason is the interest in the story behind the design of this footwear, whether in honour of someone exceptional or support of a more significant cause.


While some will dub this a waste of money, especially if you own more than three pairs, you can always tell them that you only have one set of feet and need three different styles for specific occasions. 


So we highlighted the three different styles of running shoes at Spendless, all of which cater to a particular activity.


Yes, they are versatile, and you can wear them for different occasions, but you can't wear football shoes with cleats to Sunday brunch. In the same way, you cannot wear men's skate sneakers to the gym because you can get injured.


How do you decide which style to choose?


We suggest narrowing down your interests to prioritise which one to buy. Of course, you want to get the most bang for your buck, so you must know which style of men's sneaks fits your lifestyle. 


For example, if you love playing sports and working out, it's OK to get two different ones that you (and your feet) will love. It's a good thing that the sneaks from Spendless Shoes are affordable because they allow you to get more than one without breaking your budget. 


Join in and be a sneakerhead! 


We've shared the collection of men's sneakers that everyone loves. So now, the critical question is: which one did you love?


If you've made your choice, head to the online shop of Spendless or the stockist nearest you and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later!


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