The Men’s Casual Shoes That People Just Keep Coming Back To

Creatures of habit are happy when they find an ideal item they can keep using, be it clothes, watches, sunglasses, or men's casual shoes. It becomes routine, and you keep reaching for them automatically. Which one is your favourite? What are the plausible reasons you keep coming back to that specific style?


There was a time when almost every guy wore men's casual boat shoes. Other names for this style are topsiders and men's casual deck shoes. And, while fashions come and go, this type of footwear remains popular. 


The guys keep returning to these men's casual shoes from Spendless once they lose interest in other styles. People seem unable to let go of this pair of shoes.


Please continue reading if you want to learn more about topsiders! Our team at Spendless is here to explain the phenomenon. We will start with how these men's casual shoes came about and why they remain popular after all these years.


What are Deck/Boat Shoes?


The name of this style comes from the fact that sailors and boaters needed shoes that would keep them from slipping on the boat's deck. Its characteristic sole keeps the wearer steady as they walk around and do their tasks.


Look closer at these men's casual shoes to see metal eyelets on either side. Did you know that they serve a purpose? These eyelets help drain water and keep the footwear from waterlogging.


Fast-forward to present times, and you'll typically find them on guys who love nautical activities. So if you like walking on sea-sprayed surfaces, join the fad and wear these men's casual boat shoes. 


Be one of the people who keep coming back to these men's casual boat shoes.


Why are they famous?


The guys return to these men's casual shoes because of their softness and comfort. You'll want to wear this footwear when you need to walk a lot when doing errands or travelling. 


Even when the activity is not nautical-related, the footwear still provides the support and grip that guys need to stay steady and stable.


Another reason these men's casual shoes stay popular is how easy it is to wear them. While you'll see laces on this footwear, you don't have to tie or untie them to wear the shoe. 


They serve more as decoration and part of the design of these men's casual shoes.


The ease of use makes this style a favourite when travelling, especially when you must go through airport security checks and remove your footwear. In addition, this footwear only requires a little luggage space and weight.


More importantly, these men's casual shoes look better as they age. So the more times you use them and the longer you keep them, the greater their overall appeal. 


Who would want to buy new footwear when you can have men's casual boat shoes that improve with age?


How do you style them?


Styling this footwear is a breeze; think nautical and preppy outfits. But then again, fashion keeps evolving, and more stylish outfit combinations have popped up for these men's casual shoes.


One outfit combination you must consider is white jeans and a graphic print shirt, which will give you trendy elegance. However, some people prefer an easy-to-wear outfit combination, so here's one for you. 


Take your faded jeans from hiding, fold the ends until the ankles, and wear these men's casual shoes. Accessorise the look with shades.


People keep returning to these men's casual shoes because they are versatile and can be worn several times. They are ideal for relaxed gigs, but you can also wear them for beach and garden weddings, especially when the weather's hot. 


Wear these men's casual shoes with suit trousers and a linen shirt, and complete the look with a leather belt.


There's nothing more nautical than a pair of shorts and a striped shirt. While wearing socks with these men's casual shoes is a no-no, you can wear invisible socks from Spendless instead. 


Wearing socks to avoid blisters and constant rubbing is essential. With your laidback nautical outfit settled, you can now walk around the dock and enjoy the breeze with these men's casual shoes. 


How can you prolong their life?


We all love things that can last, but sometimes we must take extra steps to achieve that. Unfortunately, constant use of these men's casual shoes that you keep coming back to will make them dirty, so the Spendless team gathered some tips to help you prolong the footwear's life.


Step 1—Remove the Laces


Not all men's casual boat shoes have laces, but if yours do, remove them and clean them separately.


Step 2—Wipe the Footwear


Use a damp cloth to clean off any surface marks or dirt. But if certain stains stay on your men's casual shoes, you can clean them with things you already have at home. 


For instance, two parts water and one part vinegar can remove stubborn salt stains, while a spot of dish soap and a brush can remove scuffs.


Step 3—Dry the Footwear Properly


Avoid drying your men's casual shoes in direct heat sources like the sun because the material might get too dry, which can cause cracking and fading. Instead, let them air dry for 24 hours. Stuffing your footwear with newspaper can help speed the process.


Step 4—Keep them Odour-Free


Since you'll be wearing your men's casual shoes most of the time, your sweaty feet and sprinkles from bodies of water can leave moisture that can create a foul smell. 


Baking soda can help contain the issue by sprinkling some inside the footwear. Let it sit for 24 hours, then shake off the excess when you decide to wear them again.


Join the Trend!


We hope the information on these men's casual shoes has inspired you to join the trend. Once you discover how suitable the footwear is, you'll be one of those who keep coming back to it.


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